Money From Raila Haters and Opponenets To Losing Mitt Romney Campaign In The United States

05 Nov

It is illegal under American law for a presidential candidate—and candidates for other federal offices as well to receive donations from outside the United States.

Apparently someone in Kenya doesn’t know that or know but pretend they don’t for I learned today from a reliable source that apparently someone or a group of individuals recently decided to pump a lot of money into the Mitt Romney campaign.

The logic: If Mitt Romney wins, he will see to it that Raila is not elected as payback to his “cousin” Obama.

Besides being laughable, this development if true as my usually reliable source insists it is reveals a number of things, and merely confirms others:

First, it clearly shows to what extent the anti-Raila forces are desperate now that it’s even more clear Raila is on an unstoppable winning path.

I have blogged before that those bent on “stopping” Raila from being reelected as president would say or do almost anything to achieve that now elusive goal.

However, I didn’t think breaking other countries’ laws was in that equation but apparently it is—unless they feign ignorance of the law, which is no excuse anyway.

Second, it’s simply amazing and one can only shake their head in disbelief how these anti-Railaists and those bent on “stopping” Raila from being reelected have absolutely neither principle nor substance to run on other than this notion they simply don’t want Raila to be reelected as president.

To now hope that Mitt Romney, of all people, would help them in their scheme to “stop” Raila is actually a matter of concern as we may be dealing with individuals who may have lost it mind-wise and we are therefore basically dealing with loose cannons capable of exploding anytime to everyone’s harm.

The only consolation is ICC was not mentioned as a factor or reason for these geniuses to contribute to Romeny, namely, the money was not contributed in the hopes Romney can win and help there, which neither he nor any other president other than the president of Kenya can be of any help, anyway.

News flash: Mitt Romney will not be elected as president of the United States thanks to his doomed candidacy and a life-line thrown to Obama by the name Hurricane Sandy now all but assuring him victory tomorrow, which means these schemers have basically wasted their money donated to Romney—well, the public’s money as hardly any of it is theirs having stolen or otherwise inappropriately siphoned it from the public purse.

Finally, even if Mitt Romney were to be miraculously elected president, there is nothing he could do to stop Raila from being reelected but this time sworn as our fourth president if the people maintain he is still the best man for the job as every indication is they still do and will through Election Day.

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One response to “Money From Raila Haters and Opponenets To Losing Mitt Romney Campaign In The United States

  1. stephen oyier odongo

    November 6, 2012 at 10:49 AM

    let those haters do their best bt raila wil b the kenyas fourth president.


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