The 3 Amigos UK, Ruto and Kalonzo So-Called “Fresh Unity Talks” Is Nothing But That: Just Talk

05 Oct

It’s being reported today in the Standard, among other media, that Uhuru, Ruto and Kalonzo, of the 3 Amigos, if you would, are in “fresh unity talks.”

This is a political tactic intended to test the resolve of Raila and ODM supporters, especially among the political class.

All what they are doing is to create the impression they have this unity of purpose and will be a shoe-in in efforts to have the wavering among Raila supporters buckle and jump ship.

It’s not a bad strategy, mind you but here are a few facts that would undo this strategy:

First, none among them, except Kalonzo who would accept any deal, even shoe shining the nominees shoes–none of them can agree to play second fiddle for the other and they have to do that because they have not and cannot have a mechanism to have one elected by suffrage in time to comply with the elections law.

Second, even if they were to somehow agree which one of them becomes the lesser man and field a trio team, it does not follow that the rest of their communities would rubber stamp such an alliance.

Remember, the reason we had PEV had very little to do with the elections outcome and everything to do with injustices that have not been addressed and neither are they going to be addressed merely by a ganging up of these three or more men.

Third, notwithstanding the alliance, Kenya is a large country with enough room for such an alliance to exist yet have Raila and ODM prevailing at the polls.

Finally, there is, of course the wild card and that is ICC.

Given all of these, I would urge the wavering Raila and ODM supporters to be circumspect and carefully weigh the pros and cons lest they become another Mudavadi.

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