President Obama Loses Big In First Debate

04 Oct

I did not watch the debates but as soon as they were over, a die-hard Obama supporter frantically tried to reach me via phone but I was not available and can now see several missed calls from him. His text says it all, “Obama just blew his chance to put away Romney. He bombed!”

Alarmed, I quickly started perusing the best news outlets which can give you the most favorable news about Obama, MSNBC, Huffington Post, etc and they are all saying the same thing: Romney won and won big.

The danger of this is this, Romney is from tomorrow going to carry the banner “the Come Back Kid” much as Clinton did in 1992, except, and this is the irony, Clinton actually lost a primary (I think New Hampshire) but somehow went on to declare himself the “Come Back Kid” and with that attitude, he sent George Bush Senior to early retirement.

Let’s home the same thing doesn’t happen with Romney.

The one sure reason why it may, is because Americans have the shortest memory of all people I know.

Forget about the polls from yesterday; when the news splash say Romney floored Obama as they no doubt will, there will be a stampede of voters thronging to his side and suddenly Obama becomes hapless.

The only thing that’s going to save Obama from this point on is to arouse even more of his base.

The 47% Romney dismissed as irrelevant in his campaign strategy and hope they show up in large numbers to negate gains Romney is likely to enjoy with the momentum coming from this obvious victory many did not think he would pull off.

A prayer wouldn’t hut; Romney surely will pray as well, but it appears his prayer has already been answered.

It’s now game on and only each man’s destiny will prevail according to God’s will.

In other words, it’s all now in God’s hand and given He doesn’t do favors, His will simply shall come to pass but the two have to do what they humanly can for that’s really what life is all about; at least among believers.

Say a prayer but do your best.

Obama did not do his best.

Was this God’s will?



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