Ndhiwa By-Elections; A Win Win For Raila and ODM Regardless of Who Wins and That’s Good Everyone

15 Sep

Although all indications are that ODM candidate Augustino Oyugi Neto will be elected as MP for Ndhiwa beating his close rival KANU’s Tom Alila by a comfortable margin, let me reiterate what I stated at the conclusion of the ODM nomination process that Alila’s election would also be a good thing because both candidates have demonstrated they have the requisite leadership qualities to be effective representatives of this otherwise muted constituency.

The only downside with Alila’s victory would be what others may view as victory of clanism over substance but Alila can easily rise above this were he to be the one elected and chat a path toward nationalism by working with his party boss and others to make sure Raila is reelected but this time sworn as our fourth president.

Now, I have a great satire I initially wanted to pen about this to put in perspective pre-outcome what a Neto loss would mean or more precisely why it would have happened (in hindsight satirically speaking) but I have opted not to rather let me stick with that which I know is the more likely and that is, Neto’s victory come Monday.

We do not elect parties to parliament; we elect individuals who represent the party, it therefore doesn’t follow if a KANU candidate is elected in Ndiwa, he cannot work with Raila and ODM to bring about the transformational changes Raila and the party intend to bring for the benefit of all in the country.

Having said this, and given the PM has said he will not seek the presidency if Neto is not elected, I would urge all Ndhiwa residents and, indeed, everyone else to get used to saying or hearing the words Hon. Augustino Oyugi Neto for it’s as good as done if the master politician and palm reader of politics on the ground has all but said so in those words.

Good luck to all the candidates and may all the by-elections on Monday held in a manner as desirable as we anticipate in the upcoming general elections, namely, open, transparent and peaceful.


Since posting this blog, I have learned from an impeccable source Raila did not mean to say ““Ka ok umiya Neto kaka jaod bura maru to kata an ok abichung ekom maduong cha(If you do not give me Neto as your MP, then I will not vie for the top seat),” as reported by the Standard Online, rather, he meant to say if Ndhiwa does not elect Neto, he may as well not vie for the presidency which was merely another way of expressing his confidence Neto will win as opposed to making it an either or proposition as the Standard reporting suggests.

The same source tells me the PM recognizes Neto has challenges that may make it possible for the KANU candidate Alila to win, a prospect as I said which is not bad either because Alila is a formidable candidate in his own right and in the new political dispensation, we want and must commend and appreciate strong candidates who win on account of their leadership ability and not necessarily merely because they belong to one party or another or because they are supported by influential people.

In other words, individual character and leadership ability is what should matter the most when choosing our leaders and not tribalism or ethnicity or being “toshad” as has been the case in the past.

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