Response To More Rants and Raves From A Well Known Raila Hater and Basher

12 Sep

The following is a response to a well known Raila hater and basher in other Kenya forums but is migrated here for easy reference.

It is once again with great pleasure I take this opportunity to edify you as it’s my obligation to do so for all my fellow Kenyans in the deep with lack of knowledge when it comes to mambo siasa on the ground.

You say, “every ODM clown and moron on this forum has been telling us to practice for a Raila Presidency.” As the one who wisely thought about this wise counsel, let me first take the opportunity to correct your misguided notion that this wise counsel can ever possibly come from a clown or moron; no, my nephew. This wise counsel comes from those graying and full of wisdom such as yours truly so you had better stand up at attention and repeat the majestic words, complete with a salute for either you’ll be doing so in front of His Excellency President Raila Amolo Odinga after you get on your knees and he forgives you or you’ll be hearing it for a long time beginning March 4, 2013.

You say, “Kwani who between Uhuru and Captain Bandia has already assumed the presidency with phony opinion polls and violent outbursts to boot?” Two things here (1) Neither one of these has assumed the presidency yet but one can rightly assume Raila will be reelected but this time be sworn as our fourth president and (2) polls are only “phony” when not in favor of your preferred candidate; were the polls to show Uhuru is leading, you’ll have already bored us stiff reminding us that but we in ODM are humble albeit very pleased but don’t keep on bragging about the fact every poll taken thus far shows Raila is the man to beat and that he will be reelected as president if elections were to be elected today. With that, one can rightly assume that Raila will be our next president.

You ask, “Who is going around the country intimidatint [sic] folks who refuse to be bamboozled by captain bandia’s desperados?” I am unaware of any; can you tell us who? The only thing I know Uhuru and Ruto early this year tried to sow seeds of discord as documented in Uhuru and Ruto Are Sowing Seeds of Discord and Laying Ground for 2nd PEV Unless Stopped. Fortunately, the two were stopped from going down this reckless and dangerous road.

You say, “Here you have Uhuru Kenyatta being all inclusive and going out of his way to meet Luos and campaign in Luo land as a national leader and campaigning for TNA’s  candidate and you guys are convulsing and shaking in your boots because Uhuru dared suggest he will win the elections.” Speaking for myself, I am happy Uhuru is campaigning in Luoland and was given the warm welcome as he or any other candidate other than jokers seeking publicity should. I am certainly not convulsing or shaking because Uhuru suggested he could win. My view is, anyone who is qualified to vie for the presidency and thinks he or she has what it takes should do so and may the best candidate win. I just don’t see how UK wins and neither do most Kenyans, including yourself.

You say, “By the way I commend those Luo guys for their conduct during UK’s visit, they displayed maturity and I am very proud of them even if they may not vote for him in the end.” I am with you there ditto for you saying, “I have always known Luos are a great people” but I am not with you when you say, “except for the likes of Dr. Abonyo and Mau Rice Jasmine Oduor and Jalkani who give them a bad rap.” Just because you don’t like or disagree with these three does not mean it’s a bad rap for Luos anymore than is it a bad rap for Kisiis for them not to like or disagree with you. This projection of individual traits or deeds to a whole community is at the core of tribalism we must learn to avoid such. BTW, it’s Maurice Oduor; let’s at least be respectful in how we refer to people. I no longer call Wamalwa Eunice so kindly do the same thing.

BTW, as an aside and talking about Wamalwa, I was at an event not too long ago (Prezzo’s party at the Carnivore) and as I was walking to join my friends, I saw him seating there with them so rather than risking calling him Eunice or him landing one on my cheeks for having referred to him as such, I and my crew took seats in a different nearby area. One of my friends, however, insisted I must join them so I reluctantly did.

You say, “Hiyo upumbavu ya ODM where ya’ll believe you are entitled to things and the presidency or else there will be war muwache kabisa, ni upuzi.” Nobody in ODM that matters believes that we are entitled to anything other than what all Kenyans are entitled to and we certainly don’t believe that we are entitled to the presidency and most definitely do not believe there will be war unless our candidate is elected; there will not be such a war or even any hostility when the person elected is elected in an open and transparent elections. What we are saying is let no fool think they can grab power as was done in 2007.

That’s not upumbavu or upuzi but a stern warning and fact.

Upumbavu and upuzi is when you say, “The last I checked Raila Odinga had managed to relegate a once national party to a Luo Nyanza outfit.” Thanks to the superb leadership of Raila, ODM is the only party with nationwide appeal and certainly the only party with the most MPs in Parliament from all parts of the country and don’t even bring in the nonsense that Ruto and Co left; they are all officially ODM and actually will soon likely declare their complete reversal of course and rejoin and fight with Raila to defeat those who would rather eviscerate the constitution.

You say, “Luos are number Four in population in Kenya, so how does he then become president on what account when everybody else is running away from him?” This is reasoning along ukabila line and, as I am sure you know, yours truly does not believe in ukabila. As I have repeatedly said, Raila has a 47 County Campaign Strategy (47CCS) he is pursuing and will successfully do so and be reelected but sworn this time as our fourth president.

As for “everybody else running away from him” you obviously know that’s a false statement there is no need to say anything more than just stating the obvious that the departure of a few members for purely selfish and opportunistic reasons is no reflection of neither the party nor Raila.

That being said, you can begin to count from next month how many of those who left or have been seating on the fence will now firmly declare Raila tosha.

You say, “Through intimidation and violence? Let me guess, “Destroyer 5 and his catapult? Not even the violent outbursts you guys are so famous for will get him to State House, sahahu watch.” Others may be foolish, reckless and naive all combined to think they can get to State House by any means including force, Raila and ODM only know and are pursuing a campaign strategy for Raila to be peacefully reelected but this time sworn as our fourth president.

You say, “Uhuru Kenyatta has ten times the chances of becoming Kenya’s next president than your captain Bandia~ please believe it…” Uhuru himself will tell you without any hesitation that you’re in lala land on this and don’t even believe this yourself.

You say, “and you  know what, Uhuru Kenyatta just will be the next President of Kenya~ watch. Then what, mng’oe reli ama mchome Kisumu?” If Uhuru or anyone else other than Raila is elected in an open and transparent election, we will accept defeat and some of us have already committed to doing whatever we can to help him or her govern.

You say, “Wacha upuzi nyinyi, eti prepare for another round of 2007?” What all peace loving Kenyans are saying is let nobody be fooled to think they can grab power again in the country. We just won’t let them. That’s not upuzi but a fact.

You say, “Kwani nyinyi peke yenu ndio wanaume mnatisha waKenya hapa?” Stating that Kenyans will not again tolerate violence or flagrant stealing of elections has nothing to do with manliness for men and women will join hands in rejecting such a move and by all means as we should for the sake of the country we love and cannot allow to return to the dark days of PEV.

You say, “Wacha unyokonyoko yenu, jaribu and see what happens..upumbavu mtupu!

This kind of language is wholly inappropriate and is not acceptable in an intellectual or at least mature discussion of issues.

I know you can do better.

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