Deconstructing Miguna, His Words, Lies, Distortions, Embellishments, etc Part I

02 Sep

In this interview, Miguna makes claims ans assertions that definitely need to be exposed for what they are: either lies and distortions or embellishments of fact.

Here we go:

Presenter:  … What was the point for you when you said enough is enough:

Miguna: I think that after the constitutional review process, when Raila abandoned the the 3-tier parliamentary devolution structure, I decided Raila Odinga had gone too far. He was irredeemable.”

Analysis: Too far from what and irredeemable as to what?

Besides that, what is a “3-tier parliamentary devolution structure?” and when did Raila abandon it as you claim? Miguna, you can throw around words in the hopes of confusing and befuddling the unwary but, unfortunately for you, what you say in public and is recorded is not confined to the unwary or otherwise those you can so easily confuse and befuddle.

You obviously meant a “3-tear “devolved government structure,” which members within ODM were genuinely divided as to whether that was a good idea as opposed to the 2-tear system that was ultimately adopted.

Only you and others who think like you or, more precisely, who have an ax to grind with the PM would want others to believe Raila’s ultimate support for the current 2-tier devolved government system is being “gone.”

Gone from what?

Miguna: I thought in all these other things [Raila] could come back, but the moment he told me that all he needed was the imperial presidency, … that he needed undiluted power of the presidency,..

Analysis: This is a shameless, bold lie.

How did this exactly take place, when and where?

According to you, Raila says “Omera, all I need is an imperial presidency. I want undiluted power of the presidency.

Let me tell you as one who studied and obtained his undergraduate degree in political science before proceeding to law school that no politician, let alone Raila, would say those words to someone who is not a close and trusted advisor–and by all accounts you were not, and even the fact that Raila was prevailed upon by others to hire you and did so “out of pity” more than a year after he assumed office as PM–that fact alone speaks to how not close an adivisor you were and if there is any doubt about that, it is removed by the fact that you were sent to physically work as far away from the PM’s main office as possible.

This is also the reason many of us knew from the very beginning that you had no beans to spill because you had not worked in the government long enough or deep enough to tell us anything about it beyond bar gossip.

Be that as it may be, this claim that Raila told you he wanted an imperial presidency is just another made up after the fact revisionist “recollection” to make you look or come across as the perfect, flawless and indispensable “senior advisor” you “were” that also made Raila the enigma he is as you shamelessly claimed in Kisumu the other day.

Miguna: “…yet publicly [Raila] was telling people, that he needed power to be dispersed, and all along he said he stood for a democratic country, governed by the rule of the law and the constitution, where the citizens held their leaders to account,...”

Analysis: True and still remains to be true what Raila said as he believes in it and is vying for the presidency to fulfill his promise to have the constitution fully implemented in order to achieve this.

It is, of course, a lie that you realized Raila was “gone” when he was saying this while purportedly telling you privately the made up lie you’re peddling that Raila wanted an imperial presidency.

Miguna: “He was too greedy for power, and he was too greedy for money.

Analysis: When exactly did you come to this conclusion and, more importantly, what did you do upon reaching that conclusion to separate yourself from the man you otherwise loved, admired and defended to no end?

Anyone who knows Raila, including yourself before you were shown the door, knows that Raila is neither greedy for power nor is he greedy for money.

Looking at someone directly in their eyes and blurting out a lie with a straight face does not make it true and neither does repeating it no matter how many times and this notwithstanding Goebbel’s teaching you appear to wish to exploit that if you repeat a lie often enough it would eventually come true.

You don’t have the luxury of time as such for you have already turned off many who would have otherwise bought the lies because of your lack of retrain in telling these whoppers and outlandish, vindictive assertions without any factual base.

Miguna:I realized the man was gone.

Gone from what and, more importantly, why did you continue working for a man “gone” from whatever that is that you want to make us believe he therefore became not worth being the leader he is?

Miguna:And the moment I realized that [Permanent Secretary, PM’s Office] Isahakia was being cited severally, including through court cases, judgments of corrupt deals, and he was still keeping this man as his permanent secretary.

I suppose this is still in response to the question when did you say enough is enough?

So, what did you do then? Did you quit rather than work under the supervision and direction of PS Isahakia you now claim was guilty of these things you charge about him?

Miguna:Caroli’s story is as long as the river Nile, and that is his chief of staff. I realized No, he can not be an agent of change, and I discussed this with Salim Lone.

“At one point when Salim wanted to leave, and I had not reached this point, and  I went to Raila to plead his case –Salim had told me no, am leaving, am tired…”

I am sure Salim Lone has read or will now get to read about this so, let’s all give you the benefit of doubt on this while we await Mr. Lone’s corroboration of this, even though I doubt he will.

Miguna:and when I told Raila Salim wanted to leave, he laughed it off, saying: Salim had been saying that for the past one year, he will not leave.”

Really? Why stop there? Why not go on to what happened when you told Salim this? Or did you not tell him because no such a conversation occurred between you and Raila?

Miguna:So Raila believes that he is god, he is a demi god, you can not leave him.

I know you say some of these outlandish things on live TV or before a rolling video-camera; but, do you ever watch a replay of what you have said and tell yourself, “oh, that’s a big one; even I can’t believe it!!!???

Ati Raila believes he is a god? And that no one can leave him?

You see, when you say outlandish things like this and the other one that you are the one who has made Raila who he is, even hardcore Raila haters dismiss you as simply unhinged and I am sorry to say that but it’s true.

They may not say it publicly, but every sane person with common sense will have to conclude this is simply nonsensical and unbelievable.

BTW, I have no time to go through the archives but, when you loved, admired and defended Raila; did anyone ever call you a sycophant or say Raila was your idol or god you worshiped?

If so, what did you make of such accusations?

Now, flip the roles.

You are now the one calling Raila a god and his supporters all manner of names, including sycophants and groupies.

How comical is that, if not tragic?

Miguna: I also saw that when he called me for a meeting, and wanted me to go back to his office, he wanted me to go and meet him at the office, and I told him no, we can only meet in a neutral place, and I chose Serena, I saw, when he heard this, I saw his body language he couldn’t believe it...”

In one of her eloquent pieces in peeling your own mask, Peeling Back Miguna’s Mask journalist Sarah Elderkin provided an accurate account of what actually happened respecting your meeting with Raila, thus,

[i]The meeting between the Prime Minister and Miguna at the Nairobi Serena hotel on December 27 last year came as a result of appeals by Quarcco on Miguna’s behalf to the PM in the preceding days. These appeals were, in fact, the culmination of similar appeals from other people.[/i]

You obviously want to have people believe, nah, this was not the case, the PM himself called and begged you to come meet him and being the very important person you are relative to the PM, you dictated where the meeting had to take place, Serena.


We went past what to believe about what you say long before you started saying it.

Put another way, Ms. Elderkin’s account of what happened about this meeting is simply what is accurate and true, everything else including your own account is not or is only to the extent it’s not contradicted by Ms. Elderkin.

Presenter: [Interjecting Miguna] …”nobody had ever said no to [Raila]” (before Miguna purportedly told Raila, no, he could not meet him at his office as he purportedly requested).

Miguna: “[parroting the presenter] …because nobody had ever said No to him.

Hebu fafanua since when and how did you manage to track and keep this record about who said yes or no to Raila all his life?

Just for the heck of it, let’s do a small recap:

  1. You made Raila who he is as a leader and person.
  2. You made formation of the coalition government possible
  3. You are the only person who has ever said No to Raila

Is there anything else left you can say to make you more important? Oh, I see, there is and you will have to find time and squeeze that in in the remaining time of your 15 minutes of fame just because we must not have any doubts?

I am sure there is someone out there who can match you with this level of self-elevation to importance but even they are saying to themselves, nah, can’t beat that!

Miguna:Miguna never crawls back.

There are times even the most accomplished, confident and cocky characters have had to eat crow.

Miguna:And he believed he had reduced me to my knees because he had illegally withheld my pay, and by the way he is still holding my pay, he illegally withheld  and locked up my personal items, he is still doing so. He did that to reduce me to my knees.”

Ms. Elderkin, who is more believable than you, says much as she and others did not approve the manner in which you were shown the door, many prevailed on Raila to have you reinstated–albeit to some other job as you were clearly not getting along with people at the PM’s office, according to other sources.

Miguna:He knew I had come back to Kenya from Canada where I had practiced law for a while, and he knew i had not established myself back in Kenya, and he knew how corrupt Kenya was, and how fighting for him had alienated me from some people who could probably give me cases and things like that, so he thought it was just a matter of time before Miguna crawls back.

Ms. Elderkin has eloquently addressed this assertion in the above cited peace and others there is no need to address it any more other than to say, you should be grateful Raila gave you the opportunity to curve yourself a long-term career in government and even outside of government were Raila not to be in government but you blew it by your own conduct.

Even after you were unceremoniously given the boot, many of us sincerely pleaded with you to take time off and chart a different course than the destructive one you’re on but you gave us the middle finger.

See, e.g., Miguna May Be Hurting But He Is Being Disingenous As To Raila penned more than a year ago, or Does Miguna Have Beans To Spill? penned in January this year where I implored you, thus

In sum, Miguna should forget about spilling beans that don’t exist and pursue a strategy where he can regain much of everything he is about to lose if he continues down the path he is and if I may add, even confused and confounded G7 or whatever latest outfit seeking to “stop” Raila is, they know recruiting Miguna to their camp only has but so much value not worth the effort.

I don’t know whether or not you’re in the payroll of anyone but it’s widely believed and there are tell tale signs and plenty of anecdotal evidence that you are but, strictly speaking, there is nothing wrong with that; just own up to it and accept the fact it would make no difference in the end.

In other words, you are not the first person to be sacked from government and neither will you be the first anti-Raila project, which many believe you are.

What really betrays you in everything you have said and done thus far notwithstanding your lofty pronouncements and declarations is this interview following the Serena meeting with Raila and Quarcco, the intermediary who sought to intervene in your behalf in behalf of himself and others, according to Ms. Elderkin:

In that interview, you said:

“Unfortunately, the statement that was released by one Caroli Omondi on behalf of the PM on December 28, 2011, 24 hours after our agreement did not accurately reflect and adhere to the terms of our agreement.”

In other words, despite all of these “evils” you now says are resident in the PM himself and his office, you were still willing to nonetheless return to work for the PM and with the very same people you now insult, trash and condemn.

So much so you were even desperate to do so:

“[i]Unfortunately, as of the time of this press conference, by letters and subsequent short txt messages to both Mr. Omondi and the PM have not been responded to.”

Being ignored added salt to injury.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

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