RIP The People’s Watchman Martin Shikuku, Hello Politics As Usual

01 Sep

I applaud the venerable and now late Martin Shikuku’s funeral organizers for dissing Mudavadi in having Speaker Marende introduce the PM to address the mourners. This was an appropriate break from protocol in Mudavadi’s own backyard to show Raila is the man to beat as all polls show much to the chagrin of Mudavadi who quite frankly looked very boyish and amaturish in his remarks.

How can someone seriously urge a crowd not to consider voting for a comedian to elective office? Since when does being comical or funny become a disqualification for holding elective office? Is Mudavadi’s lack of sense of humor and boring character now something he wishes to avenge by railing against Raila’s good sense of humor and charming character?

Well, whoever is advising him to go down that road is as dumb as whoever advised him to decamp from ODM and if its the same person or persons, then more so the reason he should fire him or them and start thinking for himself for that way he may finally start making the right calls on many of these things, including returning to ODM, which he should seriously consider if he wishes to remain relevant in Kenyan politics after 2013 general elections.

I like what both Speaker Marende and Hon. Wetang’ula said at the funeral, namely, Raila and Mudavadi should avoid exchanging fire with each other and that Mudavadi should not seek the presidency merely on account of being a Luhya, respectively.

I would only add to Weng’ula’s statement to say neither should Mudavadi or anyone else seek the presidency simply to deny Raila the Luhya vote–or the vote of any other community for that matter for doing so is primitive and undemocratic.

Let every man and woman go out there and make the case why he or she should be elected president, governor or whatever and let the people make the choice, not ganging up against one based on these primitive notions of tribalism and negative ethnicity.

Note to the late Shikuku: Samahani wasamehe awa wanasiasa walileta siasa kwa mazishi yako dhidi mapendekezo yako; they couldn’t help it and hope you understand.

Someday we shall be able to bury our departed national figures or their family members minus the politics but even then it won’t be completely without politics much as we wish it otherwise.

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