Happy Birthday Retired President Daniel Arap Moi

01 Sep

I doubt there is anyone more hated or resented in Kenya than our former president Daniel Arap Moi and not without reason. The man literally run our country to the ground and we are fortunate people woke up in 2002 and permanently rejected him and his politics.

There are those who were baying for his blood after the Kibaki government was sworn in following the 2002 elections but anyone who knows anything about these things knew then as now there was nothing to be done of any serious measure to hold Moi accountable for his sins, mismanagement and abuse of the country.

In a recent but historic case, Moi was ordered by the court to surrender land he grabbed in Rongai constituency while serving as president.

This is just but a tip of the iceberg.

Assuming a president who is determined to end corruption and impunity is elected in 2013, and further assuming we continue in the progress we are making in judicial reforms, one can anticipate there will be future legal actions to at least try and have some accountability for some of these illegalities we were subjected to as a country during the Moi regime–at least to the extent legally possible.

No one is suggesting and I am certainly not suggesting that Moi should be locked up or held to account for every sin he may have committed as president; just an effort to return to the public some of the loot as we witnessed the other day in the court order regarding the grabbed land in Rongai.

His continued good health is therefore something we all should wish for him so that he may cooperate fully and, on a very sincere and strictly as a fellow human being and mzee we all should and must respect no matter their sins for the Bible tells us we have all fallen short in one way or another, I wish him a happy birthday, long life and good health.

That being said, I would want to believe were Moi to do it all over, he would do it differently and doubt he’ll be as brutal and without compassion for the suffering of our people as he was.

If I were Moi or advising him, I would await the new administration to take office, call up the new president along with the new AG and strike a deal in which he agrees to surrender some of the loot in exchange for being left to enjoy the rest of his retirement and life without being dragged to court to answer to some of these things as he likely would or should–unless lovers and beneficiaries of status quo and impunity grab or maintain power.

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