Morons Payukaring About ICC and Terrorism In Kenya

30 Aug

There is a well known moron and likely Al Shabaab sympathizer going around drafting, printing and distributing leaflets in various Mosques falsely claiming that the killing of the Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo was the work of Mossad who he claims were authorized to carry out the extra-judicial killings by the government following the PM’s visit to Israel.

This moron has not a single piece of evidence for such an outlandish and false assertion and is obviously doing this at the urging of his masters in addition to his own hatred of the PM.

Upon being informed about Rogo’s murder, the PM issued the following statement:

A few hours ago, we got this surprising news of the fatal shooting of Sheikh Aboud Rogo in Mombasa.

I am shocked and saddened by this horrific and tragic shooting that came in a day and a time the country is celebrating the second anniversary of the new constitution and hosting a conference on peace.

It is even more shocking that Sheikh Rogo was killed while taking his sick wife to hospital. I offer condolences to family and friends of Sheikh Rogo, and more so to his widow, Haniya Said Saval.

I am equally saddened by the violence and the destruction that has followed the shooting incident. I want to appeal to our people in Mombasa to exercise restraint and allow the government to get to the bottom of the matter.

We are committed to bringing whoever was responsible to justice. I appeal to our people not to use this sad act to inflict more pain and suffering on our country. Let us come together in calm instead and join hands in order to get to the bottom of the murder.

The statement speaks for itself but the aforementioned moron has chosen to completely ignore it while advancing his demented conspiracy theories about Rogo’s killing.

As if that was not worse enough warranting jail time, the moron now postulates that the ICC should investigate Rogo’s killing obviously completely without any knowledge or understanding about the ICC and its jurisdiction.

This ignorance notwithstanding, it’s obvious this moron could care less about law and ICC jurisdiction for that matter his objective being to throw around acronyms like ICC together with Raila’s name in a moronic but futile effort to fool the unwary that there is anything to this demented conspiracy theorism of his, not to say anything about the bone-headed and complete recklessness of such payukaring.

The days of impunity are numbered in Kenya and those who break the law shall be held to pay regardless of how high or low in life they operate or find themselves.

This particular moron spreading malicious lies and outlandish claims about Raila is scrapping at the bottom for survival and probably gets paid 100 bob a day by his masters to smear Raila because they know he’s that desperate for cash.

What a pity.

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