Happy Birthday Mama Ida

24 Aug

I saw the following posted by another blogger in Jukwaa by the name Nereah and thought I share here as posted:

I am sure all of you here in jukwaa will join me, nereah of amadi, in toasting to the good life and happy returns to lady dr ida betty odinga, a truly kenyan leader in her own right who long before the media discovered her, had contributed to the success of kenya by moulding the a chunk of transformational kenyan female achievers like sister betty murungi ;D and at least one jukwaa notable.

she inspire women,both young and old as a parent,wife, teacher, philanthropist,coimmunity organiser,industrialist,corporate chieftain,activist,mentor,farmer,business and first lady.

she is the very kenyan girl,born in the heart of rift valley somewhere in baringo and of mixed parentage and who has proudly raised her children first and foremost as kenyans….away from the toxic sludge of ethnicity and negative energy that some clueless detractors have unsuccessfully sought to ptray of her family.

and so, we salute and toast to the next first lady of kenya,the woman behind agwambo..

happy birthday mama winnie ;D

I share the same sentiments and join Nereah and all others in wishing Mama Ida a happy birthday and many, many, many more.
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