Nothing Other Than The Predictable In the So-Called Miguna Book Tour In Kenya or Elsewhere

23 Aug

Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself, so goes a popular political refrain many successfully heed.

I applaud the Kisumu police for making sure no scene occurred beyond what did, which I am sure Miguna and his handlers were hoping it did.

He can now move on to the rest of the country where there will be little or no confrontation.

In some areas, he will be welcome with wide arms–and even complete with red carpet.

But Kisumu and what they had hoped to milk it for is over–but not completely as I would not be surprised if they don’t plot to return or give it another crack.

In case you are wondering what I am talking about, I posit Kisumu was deliberately selected so that if there was a serious incident, it would have become a fuse to activate this volcano that has proven to be so stubbornly dormant and not activatable at all.

If that didn’t work, nothing else will.


I said here before and would repeat Raila could not have been more fortunate to have Miguna as the former aide who wrote this book for the man is not only self-destructing before our own eyes, he is also doing a good job in making him the character of interest in connection with his book, not Raila or his other real or perceived enemies.

Napoleon once said never interfere with an enemy while he is in the process of destructing himself and this counsel has been gleefully applied in all kinds of political settings much to the chagrin of those self-destructing.

Miguna is self-destructing there is no need for Raila, ODM or any of his targets to interfere or help him at all.

Let them watch from a distance and even enjoy the charade.

Supporters should also be encouraged to watch from a distance.

They definitely should not do anything that Miguna and his handlers are salivating they do so that they may pounce on it in hopes to revive this dead horse.

When it’s all said and done, however, Miguna would have actually helped Raila get reelected.

That’s true odd as it may sound because it’s Miguna we are talking about.

A Miguna sycophant posted on the Internet how there was a crowd of 500 at the Kisumu venue naively or ignorantly trying to create the impression this means something to write home about; it’s not.

As one blogger responded, he (the blogger and staunch ODM) was among those in the audience.

I always laugh when I hear this fallacious touting of how many people were at some audience–and this really applies even to rallies as well because those doing the touting forget or assume everyone there is there because they love them and can’t wait to hug and kiss them.


Many may be there as in this case just curious to have a peak at the madman.

It’s no different a phenomena than this: Madman Thrills Crowd

In other words, even a madman draws a crowd.

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