I Am Not A Raila/ODM “Gun for Hire.”

23 Aug

I have repeatedly and on numerous times addressed this false claim that I am paid by Raila and/or ODM to do what I do. Indeed, so much so, I have even previously blogged in Why I Support PM Raila Amolo Odinga For President giving specific reasons why I support Raila the much I do but this claim about being paid continues to be thrown around.

I earlier today came across this same bogus claim that I am a paid gun posted in various Kenyan fora by someone I know very well and responded to him as follows:

Two things:

First, nobody pays me to do what I do.


Two, as I have repeatedly said but obviously people like you are deaf of hearing or hear but choose to believe what you want to, I do what I do for the love of my beloved country and Raila and ODM happen to be the beneficiaries because they are aligned with my philosophy about life and politics.

When I labored for hours a day for  weeks back in 1994–all for free and voluntarily so campaigning for a little known politician and former professor at my alma mater University of Maryland, College Park by the name Parris Glendening, my friends thought and insisted I was getting paid otherwise I would have had to have been crazy doing so.

I was not getting paid and neither was I crazy but I was very happy when my former professor and friend was elected as Governor of Maryland.

When in 2004 I joined efforts–at my own expense–to have a little known politician in Illinois seeking to be elected as US Senator, same friends wondered why I would waste my time trying to help someone from Illinois elected as US Senator.

I even recall people I called on to attend a fundraiser for him telling me he was not of Kenyan origin because the name Barrack Obama did not sound Kenyan.

When I organized and funded the launch of the Nyachae campaign in the US back in 2002, everyone except those who like me would do the same thing assumed and said I was given money by Nyachae to do the US launch.

I was not.

When I campaigned for Raila and spent several months at home during the 2007 elections, everyone except those who like me would do the same thing assumed I was in the pay of Raila or ODM.

I was not.

As I continue to support Raila and ODM, I have heard and actually now tired that I am a “hired gun” for Raila and ODM.

I am not.

On the other hand, I have on several occasions including as recently as a few days ago been approached by the same people to abandon Raila and join their losing team.

I have declined and will continue to, not because they’re on the losing end, but because they don’t offer anything I believe in that I can support with the same fervor for if I were and it was greater than what I have for Raila, I would do it for free.

My point is this: For me, it’s not about money or getting paid but believing in a cause.

That cause right now is helping Raila getting reelected as president as well as having ODM once again sweep the country for Raila is the best qualified of all those vying to take our country to the next and higher level of progress and accomplishment and ODM is the party to do this under.

Rather than wasting time on non-issues and irrelevancies as to whether I am a paid gun or not, focus on discussing things that actually matter.

That’s what I do.

I could care less whether you or others against Raila are paid to do what they do for if they are, someone better demand a refund for they are not doing a dime’s worth–which is a good thing for those of us who support Raila.

Let me hope this is the last time I hear about this nonsense of being a Raila/ODM gun for hire for I am not.

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One response to “I Am Not A Raila/ODM “Gun for Hire.”

  1. Nyagah Njagi

    August 24, 2012 at 11:38 AM

    great stand,how can i meet Pm Raila

    rev c nyagah



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