Miguna Miguna’s Hyping His Return Home on August 16 Is Much Ado About Nothing As His Book

14 Aug

Miguna Miguna

I have been away on travel, including to motherland but am back and hope to pen an update on what I saw and heard about things politics in the time I was home.

Meanwhile, I have seen a “press release” by none other than Miguna Miguna announcing to the world yet again that he will be returning home on August 16, 2012 to which I thought I share my thoughts on it–not that I have to as this is already a so yesterday issue, namely, Miguna and his book.

My prediction has been he will not return home as he keeps telling the world he is and that remains to be seen (see related blog here).

Having been on the ground and talked to people from various backgrounds, I can confirm much of what most of us have been saying about Miguna and his misguided publishing of his book has been vindicated.

His return to Kenya is of no consequence to the extent it would do nothing but make worse most people’s impressions of him–minus the anti-Raila brigade, of course–if that’s even possible and what they make of his now largely despised book.

Wiser counsel is for him to remain out of the country and even try to peddle his book to the few anti-Railaists in the diaspora with still an appetite to buy the book for even many don’t really care to anymore.

As for Kenya, it’s a waste of time as the book has already flopped as yours truly and others predicted.

No one wants to be seen with the book lest they be dismissed as fond of gossip and the salacious.

Indeed, having the book on one’s hand is no different than being seen clinging to a porn magazine in some quarters.

Those who don’t mind being seen as such can’t afford it.

Those who can afford it and don’t mind reading in the privacy of their homes or away from public don’t have to because they can read it for free online.

Such is the nature of these things and if Miguna had not figured this and asked for a hefty advance, it shall all been for naught.

I said in one of my blogs that MM has a better chance of being welcome in Othaya to vie for Kibaki’s seat than anywhere especially in Nyanza where he’s as much welcome as a skunk at a picnic but judging from what I have been hearing along the circles I hang-out, Miguna will be lucky to find a single person who would wish to be seen with him and I can even venture to say even those who were with him before are having second thoughts and won’t want anything to do with him–what with the manner he has betrayed confidences of all manner of people and thrown even friends under the bus just to advance his one man self-destructing mission.

Anyway, my take is Miguna probably has perhaps less than a handful of a few remaining friend–and I of course don’t include Raila haters who by definition do not qualify as friends but it’s too late to even ask those who are friends with him to pass any counsel to him.

You know Miguna would have no friends among men when even women find it despicable that he deemed it appropriate to discuss–true or false–bedroom affairs of anyone, including politicians, let alone their wives.

It’s simply baffling though not surprising what he was thinking about when writing some of these things that make him come across as nothing but a vindictive man with an ax to grind and nothing more.

As it that in by itself was not worse, he tops it off by “Come baby Come,” which officially reduced him to a joke in addition to the vindictive man with an ax to grind.

By any objective measure, the harm Miguna has inflicted upon himself is permanent and irreparable.

When the man says he is retuning home to a 47-County book tour, it only goes to confirm how much harm and damage he has suffered from his uncontrolled rage and vindictiveness.

I wish him no ill but hope he soon steps out of this world of maddening rage and vindictiveness he is obviously living in and and return to the world the rest of us live in whereby people draw lines of reasonableness and common sense beyond which they don’t cross lest they look silly, petty or simply mad.



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3 responses to “Miguna Miguna’s Hyping His Return Home on August 16 Is Much Ado About Nothing As His Book

  1. kimani waweru

    August 14, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    Infact i fear for poor miguna. I can feel him hoping it was a bad dream. But that is the extent Raila haters and executors of ‘ABR'[anybody but raila] project can go-USE AND DUMP. Poor miguna and Musalia are good examples of who tony Gachoka should consult.

  2. Ruoro

    August 17, 2012 at 1:24 AM

    That is your opinion. Have you been paid by Agwambo or are you Raila’s lawyer? Who are you to tell us what this book is about? Let us read and judge for ourselves! It’s becoming increasingly boring that everyone wants to protect Raila. Hell he is the PM! Let him survive by his own devices! Quit this babysitting nonsense! Aaaaaaaargh!

    • ibrahim ombere

      August 19, 2012 at 3:03 AM

      That is another one!


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