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Miguna’s Whining About Human Rights Organizations and the Media Is Desperation Creeping Upon Him

Miguna Miguna has issued a press statement titled “Have The Human Rights Ogranizations and Writers’ Groups Been Compromised” which I address to him in response as follows:

Miguna, you have said a number of things in this statement which even though the initial inclination for anyone who follows your unfolding drama from our side of the aisle is to ignore—and wisely so, let me nonetheless address what you have said if anything to once again put things in perspective for those who may have just landed from outer space and read your statement.

For easy following, what you said in your statement is in italics.

On February 14, 1989, the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa (a death edict) against the celebrated British writer Salman Rushdie following the publication of Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses in 1988. The book became a centre of controversy worldwide, resulting in threats on the book, its author and on the author’s supporters. In its wake, some innocent people lost their lives, others suffered serious injuries and property worth millions of dollars was destroyed.

When you are done running around through the day peddling your shameless propaganda and lies, please take a pad and jot down a few things that may reasonably and objectively make your book different from Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses or the author himself.

If you can’t do so or are unwilling to for any number of reasons, let me save you the time and paraphrase a famous line from an American Vice Presidential candidate in 1988 by the name Senator Lloyd Benstein when one hapless Republican VP candidate by the name Dan Quayle who, when he attempted to compare himself to John F Kennedy, the statesman and senior Senator to him retorted, “Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy!”

Well, Miguna, we know who Salman Rushdie is and we know what he wrote that offended radical Muslims like Ayatollah Khomenini to the point of issuing a fatwa against him. You are no Salman Rushdie and neither is what you have written so offensive as to warrant anyone sane to call for your head.

Rather, those who you have smeared, defamed or offended beginning from the main target of your smears and defamation himself all have actually chosen to dismiss you as a madman and may not even pursue a case of defamation against you because they believe you might successfully invoke the defense of insanity in a civil suit where even the Supreme Court would have to agree in affirming such a defense for the first time in history.

BTW, it is now becoming annoyingly boring in your persistent and shameless elevation to comparison to figures way above your scale; last time it was Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Makhan Singh, Achieng’ Oneko and  Bildad Kaggia, to which yours truly kindly implored you not to compare yourself to these heroes as such out of respect to them now you have seen it fit to compare yourself to Salman Rushdie.

Please desist from invoking such comparisons for none of them come close to what you have done or are doing.

But Rushdie didn’t relent. Nor did the world abandon him in his quest to write freely and to exercise his freedom of thought, conscience, speech, expression and association.

True but what has this to do with you and your flopped book?

Most publishers, writers, journalists, artists, musicians, international human rights organizations, writers’ groups, editors’ guilds, human rights defenders and world leaders were rightly united in their condemnation of the intolerance, the threats, the intimidations and violence against Rushdie, his works and against his freedom of thought and expression.

Again, true but what has this to do with you and your flopped book?

On Saturday, July 14, 2012, I launched my political memoirs, Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest For Justice In Kenya at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi. The book is about my life, my political growth, the crystallization of my beliefs, ideology and philosophy and my experiences working as the senior adviser for coalition, constitutional and legal affairs for the Prime Minister of Kenya as well as being the joint secretary to the Permanent Committee on the Management of the Grand Coalition affairs.

The first part of your book maybe about your life and your political and ideological growth but the rest of it is nothing but made up stuff, regurgitations of bar-room rumors, embellishment of facts and in some cases outright lies that add no value to any serious political discourse.

Peeling Back The Mask traces my struggle against adversities and privations; the collective struggle and resistance of Kenyans against totalitarianism; the struggle for a new constitutional and democratic dispensation in Kenya; and exposes the pervasive culture of impunity, corruption, nepotism and abuse of public office within the grand coalition government.

News flash: your “struggle against adversities and privations” is not unique to you and neither is the “collective struggle and resistance of Kenyans against totalitarianism” or “the struggle for a new constitutional and democratic dispensation in Kenya” something only you can speak to; in fact, millions of others who continued with the struggles after you safely exited the country to this day can and have so we fail to note why you think your contribution in this part of our history is something to write home about.

However, rather than engage in reasoned debates on the issues addressed in my book, detractors and politicians who have built their careers on lies, hypocrisy and myths have resolved to violently attack me and the book.

You may have been too busy penning your “memoir” while working for the PM you failed to notice there has been and continues to be rigorous debate among Kenyans about the future of our country to this day, including debate on the very issues you claim you have raised in your book.

In other words, Kenyans did not need your book to start debate these issues which are well known to all those who care to follow even remotely the goings on in our country and that debate will culminate in the next general elections when we all go to the polls to choose our leaders for the next five years, if not longer.

They have organized, sponsored and hired goons to disrupt my book tour events in Kisumu and Mombasa; events they were not invited to.

There is no evidence that anyone has done so but credible sourcing indicates if anything, you or your handlers are the ones who organized and staged the Mombasa scene where you lost your shoe and cap.

On Sunday August 25th, 2012, a group of hired hooligans forced their way into the Castle Royal Hotel in Mombasa and violently attacked me, disrupted my function, destroyed property and stole five books. They were openly and loudly chanting the name of the Prime Minister, Raila Amolo Odinga, and taunting and threatening to lynch me for not supporting him.

Again, credible sourcing and even a lay examination of the footage from the event confirms this was a staged event intended to do desperately link Raila and ODM with your travails but all to no avail.

Two days before that – on Thursday August 23, 2012 – a group of hired goons, chanting the name of the Prime Minister, disrupted my book promotion event in Kisumu. Like in Mombasa, the paid thugs physically assaulted me while chanting the name of Raila Amolo Odinga and threatening to lynch me if I did not stop promoting my book.

All reporting even from your die-hard supporters indicate the Kisumu event was very orderly and peaceful until you started insulting your audience upon which tempers flared and a few attendees wanted to land a few fists in your lips to shut you up.

There is no evidence any of this was organized by anyone but that is not to say anyone should condone resorting to fists or other forms of violence to express displeasure with your defamatory, reckless and insulting comments about Raila and Luos. You should be allowed to do whatever you are doing and be answerable only in the court of public opinion for those who find it offensive or in law courts for those who find it defamatory.

They claimed that I was the only one trying to prevent Mr. Odinga from becoming president in the forthcoming general elections.

This assertion is patently false because you’re not the only one trying to prevent Raila from becoming president in the next general elections.

You’re just saying it to make yourself that important when you’re obviously not.

Mr. Odinga will never ascend to the presidency through intimidation, threats or violence. He can only do so by persuading Kenyans to vote for him based on his record, policies and intentions, all of which have been exposed as frauds!

It’s true Raila will not ascend to the presidency through intimidation, threats or violence; he will do so on account of his leadership ability and successfully making the case he is the best qualified to be our next president among all those vying.

You assert that all of Raila’s record, policies and intentions have been exposed as “frauds.” Now, you claim to be more intelligent and smart than everyone else; can you re-read what you are saying here and see for yourself why it doesn’t make any sense or, put more politely, why it’s another lie of yours?

If that’s too much to ask, let me make it easier for you:

Raila spent nearly a decade in detention for his quest for reforms in the country; what was fraudulent about that heroic experience and sacrifice?

Raila successfully led in defeating passage of the watered down draft constitution Kibaki and co wanted to shove down our throats in 2005; what is fraudulent about that exemplary leadership?

Rather than demanding and insisting that he be sworn as president or that we have new elections after Kibaki lost but was sworn as president in 2007, Raila agreed to form a coalition government with the man who stole the elections; what is fraudulent about that statesman-like resolve?

When Kibaki attempted to yet again shove down our throats something we did not want this time in the illegal attempt to appoint his cronies to important constitutional offices, Raila stopped him dead on his tracks; what is fraudulent about that noble effort?

Should I go on to show you how your assertion that “all of Raila’s record, policies and intentions” have been exposed as “frauds” is full of you know what?

Your hyperbole and lies will in the end be the undoing of yourself besides yourself.

The attacks were barbaric assaults on my fundamental freedom of thought, conscience, expression, association and movement.

I agree with you that it’s barbaric to assault or attack anyone for expressing themselves or associating with others but, as noted above, there is credible information and evidence the Mombasa scene was staged so you may want to try some other line of drawing sympathy than this one.

But even more chilling is that fact that the police watched helplessly as I was being attacked and took no steps to protect me, to prevent the physical assaults on me, and are yet to arrest and charge the goons who were captured by media cameras (and videos) committing these serious crimes. Why is Keriako Tobiko, the Director of Public Prosecutions, suddenly gone quiet? Where is Mzalendo Kibunjia, the chair of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission?

None of this is necessary in a staged event—successful or not.

To date, Raila Odinga has not condemned these primitive attacks on me; attacks that were perpetrated in his name.

Raila need not condemn your specific incident whether staged or not because he is on record as having said neither he nor ODM condones any acts of violence in political discourse and that applies in your case.

I am sure you’ll be thrilled to no end but still continue in the course you’re on were Raila to come out and specifically condemn what happened in your case but if I were him I would not do so because it’s meaningless to do so and getting you thrilled or mollifying his enemies is the last thing I would want to do besides not making it any more meaningful or useful.

His silence implies that he condones these barbaric attacks.

No it does not; it merely means it’s not worth it for the reasons stated above.

A purported statement condemning the attacks that was released by the ODM Secretary General, Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o, was promptly contradicted by another one released by the Raila Odinga Presidential Campaign Secretariat. Both statements attempted to blame me, the victim, for the violent attacks on me.

The statements speak for themselves and you’re the only one whining about them because the truths in them sting.

Coming from the Prime Minister and so-called ‘leading presidential candidate,’ the message Mr. Odinga is sending through his campaign secretariat and Orange House is that no one has the right to disagree with him; that he is above the law.


People disagree with Raila all the time and often find out later they were wrong and wish as Mudavadi does now that they had not.

You, too, will someday, if you haven’t already started regretting for going down this path following your unceremonious sacking.

Mr. Odinga’s obvious encouragement of attacks on his real or perceived opponents signal at all right thinking Kenyans of how intolerant and dictatorial he would be if he were to become president!

False again.

There is no more tolerant and democratic leader in Kenya today than Raila.

Look how long he put up with you.

You may say otherwise until your face turns yellow but that will not change the truth and fact that he is and nearly all Kenyans agree.

I say nearly all Kenyans because there are those like you who for having an ax to grind or ukabila will never see or say anything positive about Raila, even when the positive is unobstructedly in-front of their faces.

It is disappointing that the media tried to caricature the violent attacks on me and presented it as something to laugh at.

One couldn’t actually help but laugh at some of the footage.

The media does not invent scenes, it records them, even when they are staged.

They slanted the news of these two barbaric incidents and falsely projected them as an indication that ‘Kenyans did not like me or my book.’

The poor sales of your book and poor attendance in your so-called book tour speaks for itself as to whether Kenyans like or don’t care about your book.

The media has refused to expose the attacks as orchestrated by Raila Odinga and his goons for cheap political mileage.

It’s a lie that Raila orchestrated the attacks on you therefore there is nothing for the media to expose other than the fact the whole tour thing is a joke or at least not what it was billed to be.

You are understandably frustrated nothing has gone as you had hoped in generating publicity for you in this so-called book tour but this happens a lot in life.

Get used to it and enjoy whatever little time is left in your 15 minutes of fame.

Instead, they have tried to mislead the public into believing that my function in Nakuru was also violently disrupted when the truth is that the three ODM officials who tried to heckle me there were muffled by the more than 2,000 peaceful Kenyans who attended and bought the book.

The Nakuru function is now ancient.

The attention span for some of these things is a few days.

Soon even you will be forgotten.

The successful events in Kericho (August 22nd in the afternoon), Karatina (August 27th), and in Nyeri (August 27th) and Murang’a (August 28th) towns were either completely ignored by the media or the images of the tens of thousands of people that welcomed me in these places were suppressed and censored. Why?

This is an irrelevant question whether your premise if true or false for the reasons stated above.

A cynical and false propaganda that I am being financed by Mr. Odinga’s political opponents and the NSIS is being peddled desperately without any basis whatsoever.

It’s widely believed and there is anecdotal evidence you are a project of Raila opponents and haters.

Concocting stories, hurling abuse at me, threats, intimidation and attacks by hired goons will not deter me!

Soldier on, ABR soldier!

The new Constitution was not meant for Mr. Odinga and his goons alone!

The constitution is for all Kenyans it’s pointless for you to keep harping on this preposterous notion that it’s not or that only Raila enjoys its protections and rights.

Why has Mr. Oding’a goons been able to disrupt my functions in broad day light and have physically assault me without eliciting condemnation from the Kenya Publishers Association, the media, human rights organizations (local and international), human rights defenders and writers’ groups?

Because every indication is this was a staged event.

Why is there a conspiracy of silence?

There is no conspiracy of silence; it’s just that everyone has chosen to ignore you.

The attempt to silence me through humiliation, physical assault, concocted stories in the media and propaganda, are a brutal attack on my constitutional rights and they must not be tolerated.

No one is trying to silence you; go on and do you thing and we are sure you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

I challenge the media, human rights groups and our so-called human rights defenders to stand up and be counted or forever be consigned to spectators in the evolving culture of intolerance.

It does not mean when people reject your antics or ploys they are intolerant in the correct use of that word in political parlance.

Put another way, being tolerant is not the same thing as putting up with nonsense.

I will continue promoting my book and advocating for justice. The campaign against the culture and merchants of impunity will go on! Kenyans are awake!

Again, go on doing whatever you think you’re doing and nobody should stop or interfere with you on that.

As far as the campaign against impunity goes, Raila is leading in that war but what you’re doing cannot be said to be fighting against impunity; you’re actually the very beneficiary of impunity!

I will be in Thika town on Sunday, September 2nd, 2012 from 10am at Lizziki Hall, Thika Arcade, First Floor. I will stop-over at Ruiru and Juja on my way to Thika.

Good luck.

Given your disappointing performance thus far, I’ll be surprised if you’re given a red-carpet welcome in Thika but milk it for what’s worth.

It’s your right.

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Morons Payukaring About ICC and Terrorism In Kenya

There is a well known moron and likely Al Shabaab sympathizer going around drafting, printing and distributing leaflets in various Mosques falsely claiming that the killing of the Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo was the work of Mossad who he claims were authorized to carry out the extra-judicial killings by the government following the PM’s visit to Israel.

This moron has not a single piece of evidence for such an outlandish and false assertion and is obviously doing this at the urging of his masters in addition to his own hatred of the PM.

Upon being informed about Rogo’s murder, the PM issued the following statement:

A few hours ago, we got this surprising news of the fatal shooting of Sheikh Aboud Rogo in Mombasa.

I am shocked and saddened by this horrific and tragic shooting that came in a day and a time the country is celebrating the second anniversary of the new constitution and hosting a conference on peace.

It is even more shocking that Sheikh Rogo was killed while taking his sick wife to hospital. I offer condolences to family and friends of Sheikh Rogo, and more so to his widow, Haniya Said Saval.

I am equally saddened by the violence and the destruction that has followed the shooting incident. I want to appeal to our people in Mombasa to exercise restraint and allow the government to get to the bottom of the matter.

We are committed to bringing whoever was responsible to justice. I appeal to our people not to use this sad act to inflict more pain and suffering on our country. Let us come together in calm instead and join hands in order to get to the bottom of the murder.

The statement speaks for itself but the aforementioned moron has chosen to completely ignore it while advancing his demented conspiracy theories about Rogo’s killing.

As if that was not worse enough warranting jail time, the moron now postulates that the ICC should investigate Rogo’s killing obviously completely without any knowledge or understanding about the ICC and its jurisdiction.

This ignorance notwithstanding, it’s obvious this moron could care less about law and ICC jurisdiction for that matter his objective being to throw around acronyms like ICC together with Raila’s name in a moronic but futile effort to fool the unwary that there is anything to this demented conspiracy theorism of his, not to say anything about the bone-headed and complete recklessness of such payukaring.

The days of impunity are numbered in Kenya and those who break the law shall be held to pay regardless of how high or low in life they operate or find themselves.

This particular moron spreading malicious lies and outlandish claims about Raila is scrapping at the bottom for survival and probably gets paid 100 bob a day by his masters to smear Raila because they know he’s that desperate for cash.

What a pity.

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Kenyans Must Once Again Come Together For The Sake Of Our Beloved Country

When it became apparent that Kenyans could not stand colonial oppression and rule anymore, a few men and women, mostly Kikuyu got together and said the white man must go.

The white man was not ready to leave, however, so he responded with even more brutal force and abuse of those in rebelling, officially crushing the Mau Mau movement in 1956.

Although tens of thousands of mostly Kikuyu fighters, including Dedan Kimathi lost their lives and others like Jomo Kenyatta languished in jail for years for playing key roles in the Mau Mau movement, the idea of freedom from oppression and abuse had caught fire in Kenya and in time, the white man was forced to give up and grant us our freedom.

This was our First Liberation.

If Kenyans thought they had freed themselves from the yoke of colonialism and had arrived in Canaan with the swearing in of Jomo Kenyatta as our first President at independence in 1963, they soon would find out they had merely switched from oppression by the white man to oppression and abuse by their fellow Kenyan.

Among the first casualties of Kenyatta’s oppressive regime was none other than Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who refused to form a government as offered by the British on grounds he could not do so until and unless Kenyatta and other political prisoners were released.

Kenyatta rewarded Jaramogi Oginga Odinga for his act of kindness and consideration by making sure he reduced Jaramogi to political irrelevance.

He would later during the famous Kisumu incident publicly declare that he spared throwing Jaramogi in jail or worse because he was his “friend.”

What a friend, indeed.

Oddly, though, even as Kenyatta was exercising enormous power over the entire nation, cowering everyone and suppressing all human rights in a markedly oppressive manner, the country was actually doing good economically with the fastest economic growth occurring in the period between 1969 and 1974.

Not all Kenyans were benefitting from economic activity, however.

The gap between the rich and poor was increasingly getting larger, thanks to increased corruption and concentration of wealth among mostly those around Kenyatta or within a sniffing range.

When compassionate politicians demanded that Kenyatta account for the disparity in prosperity in the country or at least take measures to reduce corruption, they were either intimidated to silence or simply had their lives snuffed like was the case in JM Kariuki’s assassination on March 2, 1975.

By the time Kenyatta passed on in August 1978, Kenyans had basically resigned to being oppressed and accepted status quo.

Then came one Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, our second president.

To say Kenyatta’s regime was oppressive, corrupt to the core, unresponsive to the people’s needs, greedy in land-grabbing and undeterred in the commission of other economic and political injustices would be leaving nothing to say about the Moi regime other than to say it was 10 times worse.

To be sure, Moi did not start out as president anywhere near where he ended; in fact, in his very first speech as president, Moi said all the right things, including explaining his Nyayo philosophy as being informed by his desire to have a one nation united in love and peace.

Instead, there was misery and more misery among virtually all Kenyans.

So much so two months after Moi with a hapless Parliament amended the constitution to officially make Kenya a one party state, military officers working with some in the opposition attempted to overthrow the Moi regime but failed thanks in part to their inexperience.

However, as in the case of the Mau Mau movement that started the quest for independence, the 1982 coup attempt reignited people’s passions and quest for freedom once again and thus the birth of the Second Liberation.

So determined was the country in ridding us of Moi, led by the group Charles Mugane Njonjo deemed fit to call the “Seven Bearded Sisters,” when Moi attempted to shove down our throats his pet project Uhuru Kenyatta in 2002, the country soundly rejected the move and instead overwhelmingly elected Emilio Mwai Kibaki as our third president, who was earlier toshad and his presidency made possible by one Raila Amolo Odinga.

While the Kibaki regime has not been as oppressive as the two before it, it has either been equal or worse in all other respects.

In theory, we have a coalition government but in practice, it’s really a Kibaki regime we are talking about because Kibaki and his half of the coalition government controls all the key portfolios that determine how the government functions.

Even though as Prime Minister Raila is charged with the responsibility to supervise and coordinate all ministries, in reality he is as powerless as you and I to stop a number of unhelpful and even disastrous things happening in government.

That’s the card he was dealt with at the formation of the coalition government but, even with those impediments and obstacles along the way, the PM has managed to do a very good job in bringing about the progress and development he has.

Where the PM has put down his foot, he has prevented Kibaki from acting illegally and unconstitutionally as was the case in the aborted efforts to appoint Kibaki’s cronies to important constitutional office in violation of the law.

Where the Raila and Kibaki have worked together as required under the Coalition Agreement, they have produced extremely desirable results for the benefit of all such as in passing the constitution, the appointment of the Judicial Service Commission and our Chief Justice.

All this points to two things:

First, when Raila and Kibaki work together and put the interests of the country first, not their respective political or personal interests, we all gain.

Second, and more importantly, as the First and Second Liberation movements clearly show, when united, Kenyans can effect fundamental change respecting how we are governed as was the case in the First Liberation and the now ongoing Second Liberation.

In order for the Second Liberation—and hopefully the last one—to come to total fruition, we must once again come together as we approach the next elections and soberly and peacefully decide who is best suited and qualified to lead us in finally breaking with the past for good and heading to a future of nothing but peace and prosperity for all.

To do so successfully, we must as was the case in the First and advent of the Second Liberation think of ourselves first as Kenyans and not as the tribes or ethnic groups we belong to.

We have proven over and over that we are quite capable of doing just that and the only thing stopping us is us or more specifically, the backwardness in some of us who refuse to let go of tribalism and negative ethnicity.

So, let’s just do it and we shall be glad we did.

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Annoying Hypocrisy of Some Kenyans

In the United States and Britain–two leading democracies others try to emulate their style of democracy, politicians are often pestered to account or answer for what others say or do that may be deemed inappropriate, wrong, unacceptable or simply controversial.

However, this is usually confined to what surrogates say or do, not what everyone in their respective parties says or does that is offending as such.

In some cases, however, it is necessary and appropriately so to demand that a party leader and others within the party take a position respecting what a party member says or does that’s offensive.

For example, when a moron by the name Todd Akin—a member of Congress in the US, said that a woman cannot get pregnant if “legitimately raped,” there was an uproar across the country and the Republican party hierarchy, starting with its presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney threw the man under the bus and have thus far tried to distance themselves from him.

I say thus far because, if the moron survives the onslaught and calls for him to step aside and no longer pursue the US senate seat he seeks, the very same people condemning him will either abandon their condemnation and publicly resume supporting him or they’ll for sure quietly support and cast their votes for him.

That’s the very definition of classic hypocrisy but it’s alive and well not just in the US but everywhere, including Kenya.

This kind of hypocrisy is infuriating, especially when done with such a straight face and convincing zeal and there is little anyone can do to rid us of it other than to call it out when it manifests itself.

When Miguna was accosted in Mombasa the other day in what others are not without basis suggesting it was a staged event to up publicity for Miguna and his book while dragging Raila’s name into the fracas, many on these fora and some on the ground have started demanding that Raila must condemn these “hooliganism” and violence.

Let’s step back and soberly and objectively examine this demand:

Supposing it’s true as others suggest that the Mombasa incident was stage managed to up publicity for Miguna while dragging Raila’s name into the fracas and negatively so, where is the wisdom in demanding that Raila condemn the act and what sense does that make?

On the other hand, supposing this was not stage managed and instead a handful of individuals took it upon themselves to express their displeasure with Miguna for what he has done or is doing, does someone seriously want to say by Raila saying his supporters shouldn’t do that that they therefore wouldn’t do so?

As Americans would say in a clean version of this, “give me a break!!!”

Raila is on record and so is ODM that violence of any kind has no place in politics.

It is therefore hypocrisy of the highest order when anyone demands that Raila and ODM condemn what happened to Miguna in Mombasa when we know for a fact that these very same individuals will not call for such a condemnation if Miguna was being accosted for penning a book contemptuous and critical of their presidential candidate of choice and don’t let them lie to you that they would.

That’s what I find infuriating and annoying about some of this hypocrisy.

I would give credit to many of those engaged in this infuriating and annoying hypocrisy the fact that few of them, if at all, have actually come forth to say or accuse Raila of having orchestrated or approved this acts of “hooliganism” –and I say hooliganism in quotation because one cannot rule out the possibility this was a stage managed event.

To be sure, Miguna in his predictable rant following the Mombasa event issued a statement in which he desperately tried to link Raila to what happened to him but even his own sycophants would find that one hard to believe.

Talking about believing, isn’t it telling that Balala, before disappearing from the stage at the Mombasa event, told Miguna to his face he couldn’t buy all the lies in the book?

I read somewhere Balala said this in Swahili intentionally because Miguna does not understand or speak Swahili so he was clueless what Balala was saying and even nodded in agreement!

We all should commend Balala, however, for speaking the truth on this one.

Back to this infuriating and annoying hypocrisy, no one believes we can ever do away with hypocrisy in political discourse or in general, period but, we certainly must remain guard against it, especially where it has propensity to cause harm.

When Kenyans on these fora who one can rightly assume are more educated and informed than your average voter on the ground start making these preposterous demands that Raila must condemn what happened to Miguna in Mombasa lest he be deemed to have approved it, it’s not only annoyingly hypocritical for the reasons stated above, it’s also disturbing in that it shows how far we are from reaching an elevation in politics where such simplistic albeit annoying hypocrisy has no place.

We can and must do better.

Let Miguna go around the country trashing Raila in the name of promoting his book for sooner than later, he, too, would come to the realization all these efforts are for naught.

In another blog here, Nothing Other Than The Predictable In The So Called Miguna Book Tour, I said the following which is worth repeating:

I said here before and would repeat Raila could not have been more fortunate to have Miguna as the former aide who wrote this book for the man is not only self-destructing before our own eyes, he is also doing a good job in making him the character of interest in connection with his book, not Raila or his other real or perceived enemies.

Napoleon once said never interfere with an enemy while he is in the process of destructing himself and this counsel has been gleefully applied in all kinds of political settings much to the chagrin of those self-destructing.

Miguna is self-destructing there is no need for Raila, ODM or any of his targets to interfere or help him at all.

Let them watch from a distance and even enjoy the charade.

Supporters should also be encouraged to watch from a distance.

They definitely should not do anything that Miguna and his handlers are salivating they do so that they may pounce on it in hopes to revive this dead horse.

When it’s all said and done, however, Miguna would have actually helped Raila get reelected.

If the PM and ODM must mollify the annoying hypocrites demanding that they condemn the act of “hooliganism” in Mombasa, then let them issue a terse one sentence statement to that effect and sit back and watch how the same hypocrites find something else to whine about.

It’s a classic damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation but I would stick with not doing in this case for there is nothing Raila or ODM can say or do about this Miguna drama that is not a magnet to attract even more nonsense and hypocrisy from these naysayers and haters.

I would rather focus on the bigger things in the bigger picture, including preaching a message of peace and unity, ending tribalism and ending corruption and impunity as the PM is currently doing.

Most Kenyans have shown they are ready to receive and accept that message what Miguna and others are doing is a distraction and if there is any condemnation to be had, it’s for these divisive tactics futilely intended to derail Raila’s quest for the presidency which all Kenyans of good faith must condemn.

These vindictive, divisive and hateful tactics against Raila shall fail nonetheless.

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The Truth In Miguna Miguna’s Statement About His Travails In His So-Called Book Tour

Miguna is circulating on the Internet and elsewhere a statement dated Saturday, August 25 in which he attempts to spin what’s thus far happening in his book tour which is more of a Raila trashing tour than a book tour.

I have taken the liberty to put his statement in its proper context and address this directly to him as follows:

I am issuing this statement from the Moi International Airport, Mombasa at 7:30pm with a broken heart... ”

Are you heartbroken because your efforts to bring down Raila have failed as others by others have before or are you heartbroken because the book itself has has flopped and nothing in your so-called book tour is going as planned?

[But am] determined and [have] unflinching focus; a focus for the full and undiluted realization of our rights and freedoms enshrined and entrenched in the Constitution; the right and freedom to think, to express ourselves and to associate with whomsoever we want as long as these are expressed in a peaceful and legal manner.

These rights are already guaranteed in the constitution and are being enjoyed by all Kenyans without any inhibitions or impediments even by you and the incidences involving or appear to be hooliganism cannot be ruled out not to be stage managed in efforts to sully or otherwise maliciously try to drag and link Raila with the hooliganism he has nothing to do with.

Much as your book has flopped, these efforts, too shall fail for Kenyans are smarter and know better.

By “Kenyans” I here mean those objective and not prone to fall to antics designed to appeal to divisive tribalistic instincts driven by blind hatred.

“A few hours ago, a marauding and organized gang of Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s supporters sent to my book tour event at the Castle Royal Hotel in Mombasa forcefully entered the event after it had started and violently disrupted it, assaulted me and members of my book tour team and caused serious physical and financial damage. This barbaric attack was both unprovoked and unjustified.

What evidence do you have that these “marauding and organized gang” is Raila’s or was sent by him?

Is this not continued defamation of Raila that, if he were not the statesman he is, he would otherwise take you to court and hold you accountable?

Or do you think as there is no doubt you have yourself convinced fully that if it falls from your lips or emanates from your fingers typing into a keypad then it must be unchallengeable truth?

News flash: Only Raila haters buy hook, line and sinker what you say.

The rest either reject it outright or take it with a grain of salt as they should.

In your continued rage and blind pursuit of a goal that clearly you cannot meet, namely, bringing down Raila, you have failed to notice Raila has long since dismissed you as a madman and would have nothing to do or say about you and that includes caring whether your book tour is a success or not.

Your desperate effort to link Raila to your troubles is just that: desperate efforts to link Raila to your efforts, which shall fail much as your “volcanic” book has proven to be anything but.

In fact, the book has revealed more about you and exposed you for who you are to those who did not know you but not in the manner you anticipated and tells us nothing about anything else with even remote explosiveness as you falsely claimed in hyping its content pre-publication.

I therefore take this earliest opportunity to condemn it unreservedly in the strongest terms possible.”

This comment I find comical but not surprising coming from you because a victim does not condemn what happens to them; others do in their behalf when the victimization is obvious.

I challenge the Goons’ Captain and Commander, Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga, to act as a statesman and recall his hooligans!”

Again, this is smearing and defamation of Raila for (a) you have not an iota of evidence that Raila has had anything to do with your troubles and (b) Raila himself has dismissed you as a madman better ignored it’s preposterous and very like you to continue insisting you’re that important for Raila or anyone to stoop to the level of sending hooligans to interrupt your peddling of a book that has obviously flopped and will have no impact on Raila or anyone but you for that matter.

The second liberation was anchored on the realization of a new constitutional order and practice. When we were fighting for, were detained, tortured and persecuted during the dark totalitarian reign of terror, our intention was to broaden and deepen the democratic space; not to shrink it.”

No one begrudges your speaking out against the Moi regime and paying a price for it, which many others did as well, including Raila himself.

Your life was spared and you managed to safely exit the country and remained out of the country and its affairs until returning in 2007 highly anticipating to work for the man you admired, loved and defended until you were unceremoniously shown the door last year.

That man remains the same man you admired, loved and defended until you were unceremoniously shown the door last year and this remains true no matter what you now say about him in your desperate and blind effort to exact revenge for what happened to you; even in revenge, there surely must be proportion.

You have over-revenged and the whole thing has blown up in your face which you cannot blame anyone but yourself.

We were fighting for and suffered humiliating treatment, harassment, indignity, and other gross violations of our human rights in order to create an open, tolerant and egalitarian society governed by the Rule of Law.


But that’s not a license to lie, besmirch, smear and defame others at will or without fear of consequences.

For more than two decades, freedom fighters like Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Makhan Singh, Achieng’ Oneko and  Bildad Kaggia endured inhumane treatment and sacrificed so that we can live in relative peace, prosperity and in a thriving democracy.

Again, true but if you are trying to put yourself and your antics as belonging in the same group of heroes, then we kindly urge you not to out of respect for those heroes.

You don’t even come remotely close and you know it–well, let me take that back for you may actually believe you do.

The new Constitution was not for one man; it was for all of us.


We did not fight for it so as to elevate Raila Odinga to the presidency of this country.”


FYI, nobody thinks or believes that we fought and passed the new constitution to elevate Raila to the presidency.

While Raila Odinga is free to roam the countryside, towns and cities, he has obviously directed, organized and authorized his hooligans to subject me to inhumane treatment; to harass me and to deny me my rights of thought, movement, expression and association.

Again, you have no evidence and neither does anyone because its false that Raila has “obviously directed, organized and authorized his hooligans” to subject you to “inhumane treatment; to harass you and to deny” your rights of thought, movement, expression and association.

Sorry to burst your bubble but Raila doesn’t think you’re as important as you obviously think you are.

In fact, he thinks and has publicly said he believes you’re unhinged and have become a madman he wishes and has, in fact, decided to ignore you much to your chagrin for you clearly and desperately wish he engages or responds to your antics.

He won’t beyond what he has.

When Raila Odinga’s thugs force their way into the county meetings I am holding to promote my book, [i]Peeling Back The Mask: A Quest For Justice In Kenya[/i]; …”

There is no such a thing as “Raila Odinga’s thugs” and this is a lie you’re obviously desperately trying to repeat as many times in the hopes of it being taken as true.

It won’t except among those who like you hate or can’t stand Raila where neither truth nor facts matter.

“…to discuss national issues such as the extremely high and intolerable unemployment among our youth, the prevailing tribalism, nepotism and runaway corruption not just at the Prime Minister’s Office, but also in other government institutions; …”

I know you dismiss everyone but you to be stupid or otherwise not intelligent but you’ll be surprised when you come back to reality that most people are, in fact, intelligent and not stupid so they know your book is not about these issues you’re claiming to be your concern but the book is nothing but a vengeful effort to get even with Raila for dropping you as one of his aides.

Raila Odinga inexplicably feels personally threatened.

He doesn’t.

He actually thinks and has publicly said you’re a madman.

You’re no more threatening to him than a madman in any village.

In fact, most madmen are not that threatening at all.

They’re just madmen.

Instead of responding coherently to the book and my open challenge regarding corruption at his office, his response is to send marauding goons after me.”

There is nothing in your book for Raila to respond to and we know you’ll be thrilled were he even to say anything about you and your book beyond what he has said but he shouldn’t and am sure he won’t.

Unfortunately for him, many of us are determined to live according to the dictates of the new Constitution.

If you think lying about others, issuing empty threats and challenges and defaming people is living according to the dictates of the new Constitution, then this is worse for you than I previously thought.

We have resolved to subject all public servants, including Raila Amolo Odinga, to searing vetting and interrogation. We shall not be cowed, intimidated and muzzled.


But there is the right and legal way to do this and the wrong-headed and illegal way of doing this.

Needless to say we must go with the former but you’ve opted to go the latter way and if we are to go your way, then we might as well do away with the law and strictly engage in judging and evaluating leaders based on lies, innuendo, conjecture and rumors. [/quote].

Raila Odinga and his goons must respect the supremacy of the Constitution. He is not above the law.”

For the last time, stop this desperate attempt to link Raila with your troubles in your so-called book tour for he has nothing to do with it and it’s condescending albeit not uncharacteristic of you to lecture Raila about respecting the Constitution he so gallantly fought for its passage and double so for telling him he is not above it or the law flowing from it.

Make no mistake about it: I will not be intimidated and muzzled by anyone, including Raila Odinga!”

Others may intimidate and try to muzzle you but leave Raila out of it as he is not interested.

He has more important things to do such as making sure he is reelected but this time sworn as president.

You’re not anywhere on the list of things he has any concerns about or would spend even a moment to ponder.

Raila Odinga will not ascend to the presidency of this country through intimidation, threats, mayhem or through his goons!


Raila will ascend to the presidency by winning the hearts of Kenyans again as he did in 2007 and by meeting the constitutional threshold for being sworn as president.

We shall meet all the merchants of impunity head on.”

And Raila is leading in the efforts to take on the merchants of impunity.

I will continue my county book tour. My next stop is Nyeri on Monday August 27th, 2012.

Good luck.

I’ll be surprised if you’re not given a red-carpet welcome in Nyeri.

You might as well declare your candidacy for Othaya MP while there.

Thank You.


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Happy Birthday Mama Ida

I saw the following posted by another blogger in Jukwaa by the name Nereah and thought I share here as posted:

I am sure all of you here in jukwaa will join me, nereah of amadi, in toasting to the good life and happy returns to lady dr ida betty odinga, a truly kenyan leader in her own right who long before the media discovered her, had contributed to the success of kenya by moulding the a chunk of transformational kenyan female achievers like sister betty murungi ;D and at least one jukwaa notable.

she inspire women,both young and old as a parent,wife, teacher, philanthropist,coimmunity organiser,industrialist,corporate chieftain,activist,mentor,farmer,business and first lady.

she is the very kenyan girl,born in the heart of rift valley somewhere in baringo and of mixed parentage and who has proudly raised her children first and foremost as kenyans….away from the toxic sludge of ethnicity and negative energy that some clueless detractors have unsuccessfully sought to ptray of her family.

and so, we salute and toast to the next first lady of kenya,the woman behind agwambo..

happy birthday mama winnie ;D

I share the same sentiments and join Nereah and all others in wishing Mama Ida a happy birthday and many, many, many more.
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Ganging Up Against Raila Is Ill-Advised, Devious and Undemocratic Part II

In Who Is William Ruto Part VI; The Succession Game and Why The Scheme To Topple Raila Has Failed, which I penned more than one year ago, on June 13, 2011 to be precise, I noted the following which deserves a re-post as the analysis remains accurate and relevant, especially in connection with what this current series on ganging up against Raila is intended to convey.

For this reason, those who haven’t figured out where I am headed with this series would have to wait to read Part III to figure that out, which I am fairly certain they’ll be able to, whether they agree with it or not is a different question.

Here we go with my old but still relevant post about Ruto which should answer the question I left open in Part I of this series as to where Ruto stands or where I think he should:

There is no question ODM remains the largest, most organized and widely supported party in the country; there is also no question Raila remains popular across the country and so far is the man to beat to get to State House. This is the equivalent of having home field advantage.

Having a home field advantage is not by itself an assurance the home team must win the game but it’s nonetheless something every player and coach will tell you they’d rather have than playing in enemy or hostile territory, which is precisely where KSG and RSG find themselves playing when it comes to Raila even as of this writing, namely, on Raila’s turf.

Given this reality, KSG must have figured early after the last elections that the only way they could end up victorious against RAO is either (1) to topple or cripple him as the star of ODM or (2) remove his home field advantage, with the two not being mutually exclusive.

This is why Ruto was misled to leave ODM.

That is, Ruto was told “come on our side, we’ll help you destroy RAO in ODM and we’ll share the spoils: you by becoming the unquestionable new king maker in the country with continued access to power and money, our man UK the presidency.”

Although this ruse was enticing enough for Ruto to sever relations with Raila and leave him and ODM, which he has for all practical purposes and intent done, he will be the first one to tell you bringing down RAO may have looked easy on the drawing board but when it comes down to it, Raila is more firmly grounded the most and best Ruto or anyone is going to do, is to have Raila’s towering presence sway sideways half-an inch or so and in the process shake some leaves off his braches but that’s it.

KSG and RSG [Raila Succession Game] having put forth their best efforts but failed to topple RAO or even cripple him as the star player of Team ODM half-way through Game 1, its strategists must have figured the only other option is to confuse, deal and even buy and woo away ODM and RAO’s fans and turn enough of them into their supporters therefore negating RAO’s home-field advantage.

KSG once again, found in Ruto the appropriate mascot to do this—and I don’t use this term pejoratively, but, much to their surprise and quite frankly everyone else’s, KSG and Ruto are finding these ODM and Raila fans more deeply committed to their team than anticipated, and even for a number of those not as deeply committed, neither KSG nor Ruto has given them any good reason why they should abandon support for their team and specifically, neither KSG nor Ruto has offered anything in terms of assuring them a thriller game and a lasting celebration thereafter, given these fans are not impressed or interested in what the KSG and Ruto has to offer, compared to what ODM or Raila is offering, or can.

Which leads me to the other question posed, and that is, whether Ruto’s severed relationship with ODM and Raila is salvageable.

I most certainly think it is, for the reasons I state in ODM Prodigal Son Come Home; Extending An Olive Branch To William Samoei Ruto, which I post a good and updated portion of it as follows, for the reader’s convenience. (For full flavor and context, please read the blog itself).

The Book of Luke Chapter 15:11-32 tells the story of the Prodigal Son; a story about two sons and a father in which after the younger son so requests, his father divides the family property evenly between the two sons. The younger son sets off to have fun on wildly things and after squandering everything, returns to his homestead and his father welcomes him back much to the chagrin of his older brother who remained and labored for the father all the while the younger son was having fun but never accorded any show of affection or appreciation from the father.

I thought about this story when reading a Standard Online story appearing on that a cabinet reshuffle is afoot and that the PM is faced with a choice to keep or let go the suspended minister for education, William Ruto. The party is apparently divided with the handful of MPs allied to Ruto saying he should be allowed to return with the rest saying he should be shown the door he is already more than half way past anyway. The cabinet reshuffle has yet to take place as of this writing.

Going strictly by what is reasonable, this is an easy decision for Raila to make: show Ruto the door and let in a replacement from the Rift Valley–and there are any number of able and more qualified MPs who more than fit the shoes left empty with Ruto’s departure.

That’ll be a very easy decision to make had there not been such lies and distortions propagated by Ruto and Co against Raila in the Rift which in my view Ruto should basically confess to and save his political career by asking Raila to assent to his return to the cabinet. Doing otherwise is unwise.

Since posting this blog [the Prodigal Son, Come Home], Members of Parliament led by Hon. Frankling Bett have come forth to confirm that Ruto, indeed, has been lying about Raila and his role in the Mau evictions.

As I discussed in The News About Rift Valley ODM MPs Getting Set To Regain Ground in RV Is Good News, the MPs’ move is good news not just for ODM and Raila, but also for the country at large.

Meanwhile, in the previous Standard story, Ruto’s allies were quoted as saying Ruto “is not desperate” to return to the cabinet. That’s cannot be true.

Ruto would rather be a rebel ODM MP and minister than a rebel ODM MP without a ministerial portfolio, which itself is better than quitting ODM and being forced to seek re-election to parliament, an outcome which is not assured despite Ruto having everyone believe it is.

Quitting ODM and seeking fresh mandate is a pre-requisite, if being a PNU minister is what Ruto has been promised by those egging or advising him to quit ODM and join that party.

As I have stated elsewhere in my blog, Ruto has been a rebel ODM member for a long time but time is nearing for Ruto to make a decision whether he disembarks completely from ODM or he hangs on for what it’s worth to him.

The media has cast this as the PM’s major decision as to whether to keep or boot Ruto, given the impending reshuffle.

I say the bigger decision is for Ruto to decide whether he leaves ODM for an uncertain political future or seek redemption and stay on in ODM where his future is better predictable and altogether avoid the sharks that await him in the waters were he to jump ship.

Like the prodigal son, Ruto should simply return home to ODM, seek redemption to the extent possible and I am sure the party will welcome him back with no hurt feelings.

Obviously some may consider this prospect out of the question but in the final analysis, it is a better path Ruto should seriously consider given where things are headed politically for him.

Incidentally, just saying this reminds me of one Maasai warrior from Moi era by the name Stanley Oloitiptip. (You’ll have to read about the Oloitiptip connection on the blog).

In sum, Ruto has been trying to find shorter ways to get to the presidency.

He has been aggressive and direct about this.

There is nothing wrong with that; after all, ambition and a desire to get to your desired destination in a hurry is not necessarily a bad thing, but you must do it right, otherwise it’s undesirable and condemnable.

In other words, what’s wrong with unchecked ambition and trying to get to one’s destination in a hurry is if, when in doing so, you create havoc and misery along the way for others, while wrecking everything else to your destination.

Not a good thing to do.

Ruto can still get to his desired destination of State House; he just must make sure his vessel of choice is fully serviced, with all the necessaries to last the trip; since he knows he cannot make it there by himself, even with the support of his entire Kalenjin community, he must make sure he is in a vessel with a good Captain and experienced crew capable of navigating the turbulent waters of the high seas; he must be prepared to work closely with the captain and position himself to take over the role of Captain when the latter retires or otherwise no longer wishes to be at the helm, he must make sure there are no individuals aboard, including the captain ready and willing to throw him overboard for their own desired ends—if and when necessary; he must recognize and let the Captain pilot the vessel without interference and he must make amends with the Captain for anything he may have done to miff the Captain, if he must, and he must do so quick, lest the Captain becomes the one who has to have him thrown overboard to political abyss, if it is in the interest of the vessel and welfare of its occupants and the nation to do so.

End old blog.

Early this year, Uhuru and Ruto engaged in what everyone knew to be reckless and dangerous crisscrossing the country planting seeds of discord following the confirmation of charges against them and I documented this in the blog Uhuru and Ruto Are Sowing Seeds of Discord And Laying Ground for Second PEV Unless Stopped.

Thankfully and for reasons not necessary to get into here, these dangerous and reckless rallies ceased and the architects went back into the drawing board for other tactics to employ against their target, and the one man who keeps them awake 24/7 plotting against and that is one Raila Amolo Odinga.

Meanwhile, there have been reports in the media that Raila and Ruto have had talks or are talking.

I do not know whether that’s true or not.

What I do know is, it is in Ruto’s interest to align himself with Raila despite his huge ego and despite everything he has thus far said about such an alliance.

This is a far much better proposition and prospect analytically and politically speaking than anything else he may see ahead.

That is Uhuru and Ruto.

Hon. Martha Karua (HMK) or Opondi as another blogger calls her, I first met her at her office back in 2003 in connection with a case related to the 1998 bombing of the US Embassy in Nairobi.

HMK was the lead attorney representing the victims, I represented the lawyers in pursuing the case on the US side.

To be continued in Part III.

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