On Vacation and Other Notes

25 Jul

Beach Resort

I am increasingly receiving inquiries why I have gone “missing” on the blogs, including right here at UT and the answer is simply because I am on vacation. Those on Jukwaa know that I am nonetheless contributing there as time allows and do peruse elsewhere as time allows, too, should there be need to comment.

I was laughing but did not comment when I read some desperate “reporting” in one of the fora about Mudavadi and his visit to Kisii. While the boring speeches he gave were boringly reproduced in the “reporting,” the picture portrayed as this being some event worth noting was false.

No wonder the media did not bother to report on the visit because everything I am told it was nothing but a joke and that’s in every stop he made despite paying people to attend who did but in keeping with the true spirit of folk from the area, they would and told him ODM juu anyway much to his embarrassment.

Mudavadi should simply fold his so-called campaign and find better things to do with his time–unless, of course, being elected president is not his objective in which case he should still fold his campaign for even that whatever it is is that is driving him to jump off the cliff (and we have a good idea what it is) would not stop him from landing at the bottom of the rocky ground upon which he shall be politically shredded to lifeless pieces.

Mudavadi holds the dubious distinction as having been the shortest serving Vice President in our country.

He can now add another as one who also fell the furthest and fastest from the height of politics much because of his own choice enticed as he was and driven by the same impulses that led him to holding the first dubious distinction.

It’s said some people never learn.

Count Mudavadi on that list.

I didn’t mean to write Mudavadi’s political obituary today but there you have it; it was coming sooner than later anyway.

BTW, has my prediction that some noises being made by someone and his book were just that–noises that in time fade into the oblivion? I called for people to set to count-down clock for the 15 minutes of fame for this person to lapse and according to mine, those minutes are finished and the primary target of the book remains standing tall and strong as ever.

Can’t really say what a relief because many of us saw and predicted this to be the outcome and I assume the sobbing by those expecting the worst that never became is either underway or that, too, will come to pass.

It’s a nuisance that really never should have been.


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3 responses to “On Vacation and Other Notes

  1. Joseph Carilus

    July 26, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    Hello, I have loved your articles. However, I wonder if you factor the most likely political scenario that is steadily unfolding, in respect to Mudavadi. It is likely that Uhuru will rally behind Mudavadi as his VP. In the re-run, the entire G-7 brigade are likely to throw their weight behind a Mudavadi-Uhuru ticket, thereby ending the PM’s political career. The strength of this proposal is that it will milk all support bases of ODM/ Raila, while also neutralising Uhuru’s unpopularity that exists in regions beyond Central Province. What do you think?

    • Samuel N. Omwenga

      July 26, 2012 at 11:13 AM

      Thanks Joseph,

      I don’t have time to analyze the scenario you describe but look for me to do so in a future blog. All I can tell you is in Kenyan politics, anything is possible!

      Except where precluded by deeply rooted sentiments and beliefs and this in a nut-shell may be the ultimate reason why many of these schemes and plots will fail.

  2. Joseph Carilus

    July 27, 2012 at 5:25 AM

    Thank you for the reply. I believe you are keen enough to have noticed this development. For one, it is an open secret that statehouse had a hand in Mudavadi’s departure from ODM and Uhuru has profound influence in statehouse machinations. Secondly, after Mudavadi decamped from ODM, he has been being given financial support and logistical (including security) that parallels that of the VP. Third, ideas such as a compromise candidate have been flouted severally by Ruto and Uhuru’s camps. I hope you have also noted how Mudavadi is being sold to the population in Central province as a very viable option to Uhuru. Then again, Mudavadi himself said in Central, a fortnight ago, that his regime would be the most protective and friendly to Kibaki’s retirement. A while ago, during Saitoti’s funeral, Uhuru himself said that he can reconsider his quest for presidency. Nice time and have a pleasant vacation.


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