Miguna Miguna Book Launch and The Fallout

17 Jul

Miguna Miguna at his book launch

Many of us concluded immediately after Miguna started talking about his controversial book that it will not be the “earthshaking tome” he promised it to be and neither would it reveal anything of substance about the working of the coalition government as he equally promised.

Miguna simply did not serve long enough or deep enough in government to have had the ability to write such an earthshaking tome.

We instead concluded as we have thus far been proven right that, other than the very mundane and inconsequential tales within it, Miguna’s book is mostly nothing but a collection of lies, exaggerations, innuendo and distortions primarily targeting Raila and a few individuals Miguna believes wronged him while working at the PM’s office as an advisor on coalition affairs.

While peddling these tales, Miguna shamelessly but not uncharacteristically tries to elevate himself to a level of importance he is not.

Someone who has worked with Miguna in the past and knows him very well, Sarah Elderkin, sums it up this way, “Miguna’s lack of political wisdom, which in his case is replaced by the equivalent of bludgeoning people over the heads with an axe, is the reason he became a dangerous loose cannon and a terrible liability to both sides of the coalition arrangement.”

Ms. Elderkin adds that Miguna “arrogated to himself authority he did not have – and this is very evident in his prose. “I did this, I did that, I summoned people to a meeting” – and sometimes “we” did this or that,” leading to the question, who is this “we,” which Ms. Elderkin answers by way of noting Miguna’s behavior “ensured he had no friends in the PM’s office or in other arms of government…He had none of the authority he assumed, nor any of the leadership skills that he pretends in his overblown writing.

Some of us reached the conclusion Miguna’s book launch and aftermath will not be the earthshaking moment Miguna and others were touting not because we had seen an advance copy of the book or manuscript but because Miguna himself is a walking audio book for anyone interested to read or listen to and all one needs is simply to cross paths with the man for about 5 minutes and you will read or listen and know all there is to know about the man.

Indeed, I have yet to meet a single person who has interacted with Miguna in any way and for any length of time that does not say the same thing about him and that is, Miguna is an arrogant, boisterous and extremely condescending character or some variation of it.

I have met his friend and the MC for his book launch, Onyango Oloo but, quite frankly, I don’t recall the discussion coming anywhere near talking about Miguna and if we did, I am fairly certain OO would have used different albeit more favorable adjectives to describe him and such is life.

Not to pile on, Miguna to me has always come across as a man angry at something—even when there is nothing to be angry about.

The best illustration that captures this for me is the school-yard bully who everyone tried to avoid lest they got in trouble with him.

Now, I don’t know for fact that Miguna was one but the net import of how he conducts himself and how others see him is practically the same.

If you think this is an exaggeration or unwarranted attack, think about this and that is, how Miguna presents himself in the book: “I have goods on all of you ODM idiots; starting from you Raila on down about PEV and more; dare me and I’ll get you!”

Now, a school-yard bully does not dare anyone.

His mere presence is enough dare that no one but the bravest or otherwise other bullies themselves actually dare or would want to.

Miguna is operating on the same mindset, except by daring people as he has and continues to, he has shown the school-yard bully has more dare in him (the school-yard bully) than Miguna does.

To hear Miguna talk about his dare, you’ll never immediately know the information he purports to have—and the safer bet is he doesn’t have any—is information that pertains to death, mutilation and rape of innocent Kenyans.

For Miguna to say that he awaits a dare from any of these “idiots” to unleash this information in yet another pile of garbage is disturbing to say the least.

To be sure, most people may be tempted to dismiss this as the outbursts of a deranged person but this, in fact, is a more serious matter because it could as well be the fuel that reignites the passions of hate among those who may hear about it and revert to 2008.

This is particularly the case with those who would so reignited without taking the time to peel back the author and find out this is just nothing but another reckless attempt to get even with his perceived enemies without regard to consequences.

Miguna now says he has already provided this information about PEV to the ICC.

If that’s true, does he not know as a lawyer that the proper venue therefore to address that evidence is not in hotel rooms, bars, lobbies and vindictive books but at the Hague?

If he has not provided this information to the ICC—or any law enforcement for that matter, and he now buoyantly wants to use this information as he claims to finish his enemies with it, does this not tell us all we need to know—not that we didn’t before, about the man, his state of mind and to what level he has degenerated to?

The truth is, when it’s all said and done, Miguna would have proven to have propagated, schemed and executed one of the worst malicious deceptions in our country with his book rivaled only by Ruto’s Mau forest lies and those about the ICC he and Uhuru Kenyatta peddled to their death early this year.

To understand why I am saying this, everyone reading this must remove their partisan hats and let’s simply think through this whole thing as a matter of fact and objectively so.

We can start by agreeing there are at least three areas anyone from the “inside” writing a political or politically motivated book would shed some real light if they indeed, were privy to information heretofore not known to the public but providing it in good faith and these are: corruption, internal workings of the coalition government with a view to demonstrate what’s actually responsible for the stalled development and governance in general.

We can agree that a book that lays out the internal workings of the government or analysis of the various government policy papers with a purpose to identify faults in the governance structure will be of interest only to those in academia and a few political junkies.

No publisher would ordinarily be interested in such a book.

On the other hand, a book detailing corruption with first-hand knowledge and tangible evidence of same would interest most Kenyans if for any reason because even as we have known and continue to believe corruption is still rife in government, very little is ever actually known or even disclosed as to precisely how things go down with these corrupt deals.

The only information that’s thrown out there and regurgitated to the point of meaninglessness is the names of those suspected of the vice and amounts stolen, which keep going up and up to now staggering amounts.

When John Githongo came blasting with guns ablaze, he quickly run out of ammo and was told to take it easy and he has to the point one can bet many have forgotten who he is and what made him famous.

There many people, especially those who get upset stomachs at the thought of having Raila reelected as president, who have been waiting with bated breath to savor Miguna’s book and particularly the much anticipated “nailing” not Kibaki or anyone else for that matter, but Raila and his close aides with demonstrable evidence of corruption.

What Miguna has instead delivered and no one can really disagree with this, is regurgitated old stories and has quite possibly embellished them to make them “juicier” except the juice may be zapped out of the book in court actions and leave us all where we started, save for Miguna who may be a few bucks ahead, give or take how the court cases go.

To say Miguna has miserably failed to deliver on his promise to expose corruption at the PM’s office would be an understatement albeit not necessarily any cause for celebration by anyone—or at least it shouldn’t be by those who care about fighting corruption; it’s just a sad and pathetic state of affairs for one to raise people’s hopes and expectations so high only to disappoint mightily.

There are, of course, those who would buy hook, line and sinker what Miguna has written and take it as gospel truth—never mind virtually all of it that he deems “explosive” is actually innuendos, regurgitated, distorted and many cases good old fashioned lies.

Caroli Omondi, one of the individuals adversely mentioned in the book says he is prepared to sue Miguna and the Daily Nation over allegations made in the book about him and corruption.

Miguna is disappointed, not that Caroli is bringing the suit, but why Raila is not the one bringing suit against him!

In other words, being the high and mighty fish he is, Caroli is some small fish who should be thankful that Miguna merely defamed him and if he wishes to challenge the big man in court over his allegations in the book, then in Miguna’s words, “Bring it on!”

Miguna actually used a different but related phrase which means something entirely different and I will not reprint on this family oriented blog!

This yelling by Miguna to “bring it on” at it were is very telling and if one puts aside everything else that has been said by Miguna and others and even the question of whether there is any substance in this book or not, and simply ask the question why would anyone, let alone a lawyer dare in such a sophomoric manner everyone to sue him, the answer is very revealing.

Daring can be both admirable and condemnable and the latter is often preceded with a level of recklessness worth the condemnation.

It remains of what breed is Miguna’s daring but, common sense would dictate a premonition toward the undesirable kind because it would make more sense if one is on solid footing to let the book speak for itself and if sued, simply defend with truth and facts.

The angry manner in which Miguna is daring everyone to sue him really goes to show what’s been wrong with this book from inception: the book has more to do with Miguna and his travails at the PM’s office than anything he has been portraying it to be.

There is no question Miguna is on an angry mission to finish Raila and a handful of people he deems have wronged him like no other person has ever been wronged—according to him—so he believes doing what he is doing is the best way to exact his vindictive revenge.

In fact, Miguna has over-played his cards.

Someone else smarter and more attuned to the art of personal destruction in the same shoes Miguna is or has been and with the same information Miguna has would have seriously damaged Raila with a book.

Instead, we have had nothing but a “me, me, and I” Miguna circus that still continues to unfold.

Raila is supposed to be the target but the angry and confrontational manner in which Miguna has launched the book, complete with inappropriate, misplaced and vile language against those in ODM Miguna deems are his enemies, especially Raila who much as he may hate him, he owes the office of Prime Minister respect not to refer to Raila in the demeaning manner he has therefore confirming this has nothing to do with wrongdoing by the PM or those around him but total, blind vengeance.

Miguna would be better served by reading and heeding the counsel in the book of Romans 12:19 in which we are all instructed, “Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”says the Lord.

Few can say they have never been wronged; we all have in some way or another been wronged but uncontrolled vindictiveness and revenge is not the way to go against those who have wronged us, especially in a case such as Miguna’s where the wrong was not in substance but process.

There are any number of ways Miguna would have vindicated himself of whatever wrong he believes was visited on him short of creating the circus he has that ultimately will likely do him more harm than good.

But don’t tell that to Miguna who many of us have since the very beginning implored him to take time off to reflect on his life and perhaps return a changed man to make some appreciable difference than he thinks he has.

According to Miguna—and this is why he is unimpressed with akina Caroli suing him—this is a battle of the titans between he and the mbuta himself, aka, Raila Amolo Odinga.

If he can succeed where many actually powerful and mighty have failed, then Miguna will ride the chariots of victory and declare to the world he has by his pen and words accomplished a feat in revenge worth every energy expended and all the unparalleled exposure to foolishness.

Raila, for his part, sees Miguna as a nuisance he would rather have some clerical staff at his office or ODM Secretariat deal with.

The PM is wise taking that position for responding to Miguna in any way stokes the very ego he desperately hopes is by anyone, especially by any big fish in his book who are better off advised to keep mum as well and watch from a distance as this cloud, too, passes.


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4 responses to “Miguna Miguna Book Launch and The Fallout

  1. Wilfred Otieno

    July 18, 2012 at 3:38 PM

    ..this is the best content for peeling a coward like Miguna..thanks Sam!

  2. samson

    July 21, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    let miguna do his job bravo bravo miguna

  3. Joseph Carilus

    July 27, 2012 at 5:38 AM

    @Samson, which job are you talking about? Are you one of those people who hails someone who claims to have serious dossier that borders on crimes against humanity and serious scandals, yet he does not subject such matters to the criminal justice system? It is tolerable when cheap and illogical sentiments come from the old and unschooled, but when they come from the learned youth, it becomes obvious that Kenya is nearly irredeemable. The learned and the youth are supposed to show the way, yet they are the ones who are falling for shallow illogical fallacies, tribalism and mediocrity.

  4. Ruoro

    August 17, 2012 at 1:56 AM

    Seriously, when did you read this book? All this diatribe sounds like hearsay! I thought as a journalist you are supposed to be fair but from this, it is clear that you are just another ‘bomoa reli’ probably hired by Agwambo to install a halo on his head! How come you did not note or comment about the 100 or so autobiographical pages about Miguna’s early life? If you would take as much time reading the book as you are taking to rant about ‘shoulda coulda woulda’, this blog would probably be a better place for us readers!


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