The Daily Nation Has It Wrong In Its “Analysis” of NEP Prospects for Raila and Others

07 Jul

NEP Kenya Map

The Daily Nation I now refer to as the UK Daily has purported to offer what on its face appears to be an analysis of NEP politics and what the various presidential candidates face there in terms of their prospects for gaining support and votes.

A closer analysis of the piece titled The Battle for North Eastern Voters actually reveals this is an excellent political hack job as usual by the UK Daily.

If one can’t see this is a cleverly written piece to promote UK while knocking down everyone else at various force levels, then you have a lot to learn about Kenyan politics and journalism or more precisely siasa ya kumalizana and journalistic propaganda in favor of a preferred candidate.

No one has done more for the Somali community than the PM.

No one even comes close and certainly none among those vying and even the UK Daily as it peddles this porojo, it couldn’t find anything to say about that fact other than blatantly coming up with made up laughable stuff!

Thus, Kalonzo is said to be the candidate to beat in NEP because he “has demonstrated that he is not allergic to work with people from the region;” is the UK Daily serious?

Could the paper not come up with something better than this, which, if you are not on the floor laughing, know that everyone else is!

Well, they did–almost as an after-thought: forget about this laughable nonsense that no one else other than UK Daily would be so shameless to say, their other reason they give for Kalonzo to be a man to beat in NEP is because he has “tasted poverty like them!!!!”

What utter nonsense one can give as a reason to consider Kalonzo as challenge to Raila’s strong hold of the NEP vote.

If the UK Daily has given laughable reasons to prop up a non-existence serious candidacy of Musyoka to even challenge Raila in NEP, it couldn’t even come up with any reason at all UK could challenge Raila there other than to basically say UK is not his own man there and thus he would have to rely on tribalism and ethnicity by way of counting on Defense Minister Yusuf Haji and the laughable reason that UK supported a Somali parliamentary candidate in a constituency that’s not even in NEP!


Ruto, for his part, UK Daily could not even come up with any reason at all other than the head-scratching reason that URP has “packaged itself as party for pastoralists!

Is UK Daily serious?

Someone better be sacked there for this very poor hack job!

But I give the paper an A+ for cleverly disguising their hack job in the manner they have.

In fact, they are the best in the business if you ask me.

Note also how they have essentially given up on UK being a candidate and now are trying to push him as Mudavadi’s running mate.

What is even more telling is how they have confirmed Mudavadi has no chance anywhere in the country including NEP–they didn’t even try to offer any reason he could possibly challenge, let alone beat Raila in NEP other than to say his best bet is having UK as his running mate!

Now follow this logic: the man who has proven is not his own man needs UK who the paper says is not his own man in NEP to be his running mate?

Only in the warped logic of UK Daily.

The rest of the country knows better or shall by the time the campaigns are over with and the most qualified and best candidate is sworn as our next president.

We all know who that is and you are behind if you have not started practicing how to officially refer to him.

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One response to “The Daily Nation Has It Wrong In Its “Analysis” of NEP Prospects for Raila and Others

  1. Musungu martin

    July 11, 2012 at 12:46 PM

    Raila is popular person and next to throne. He has kenya at heart


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