Terrorism Is Not Synonymous With Being Muslim

05 Jul

Pilgrimage in Mecca

According to the BBC, Muslim groups in Kenya have agreed to form self-defense groups to protect churches against terrorist attacks.

Adan Wachu, head of the Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims, told the BBC the attacks were acts of terrorism.

“There are people out there who are determined to make Kenya another Nigeria,” Mr Wachu, who also chairs the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, told the BBC.

“It’s not going to be allowed to have a sectarian division in this country – whoever wants to do that will of course fail.”

This is a welcome move by the Muslim group and we should all commend the gesture because there has been a concerted view propagated by Muslim extremists that the war on terror is tantamount to war against Muslims, which is obviously false and not true in any way.

Most mainstream Muslims actually abhor the terrorism being carried out in their faith by terrorists who are actually advancing their own barbaric or distorted understanding of the religion.

In response to the recent attacks in Garissa, a Kenyan Muslim sent the following to me and asked that I post in their behalf but not reveal their name or identity:

I was reading about the garissa disaster and thinking who are this people who think they represent my religion?

The height of arrogance to call  this parasites Muslims.

They have brought shame and dishonor on my beloved religion.

Our Prophet(peace be upon him) who preached ISLAM literally meaning PEACE.

The hypocrisy? how dare they!

We must find and destroy these ignorant thugs. How dare they make orphans of people’s children ,a Muslim soldier defending the right of people to worship, that’s my Islam.

I am horrified and disgusted by their actions and we condemn this imported madness.

We must seal our borders, protect our people and protect our children.

Al Shabaab is the ideology  of ignorance; this is what happens when people are not educated because of colossal state failure.

This is the consequences of Somalia’s failure as a nation.

This is what tribalism produced.

We as Muslims have to rise up against this because we suffer the consequences of this ignorance.

We must speak out against this plague remove this parasites from our society.

I, we mourn with you.

You are not alone.

I am sure this person speaks for all Muslims who love peace and unity as a human race and without regard to religion or faith.

In We Must Do More To Combat Terrorism In Kenya, I noted as follows:

All Kenyans, whether Muslims, Christians, Budhists or atheists want to be secure in their homes and within our borders.

To the extent the government takes measures aimed at accomplishing this goal, no one should object even in cases where such laws may be deemed to impinge or curtail certain rights or freedoms.

It’s a small price to pay than having us all living in a state of permanent fear for our lives.

The views of this Muslim as well as the actions by the Supreme Council of Muslims affirm this and it’s therefore my belief all us can come together and find a permanent solution to this menace, beginning with pushing for passage of the anti-terrorism law.

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