The Chief Justice Has Done The Right Thing By Turning Down Invitation To Promote Miguna’s Book

02 Jul

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga

I commend our Chief Justice as I hope we all do for his decision to turn down an invitation from Miguna Miguna to be his guest of honor in the launch of his controversial book.

By turning down the invitation, the Chief Justice is upholding the high standard of honor and integrity he, the Supreme Court and the Judiciary must adhere to at all times in the new Kenya as we embark on the necessary reforms to transform our institutions.

This, indeed, is another step further in that direction and if there is any lesson learned from this brief debate we have had as to whether it’s right or wrong for the CJ to attend the book launch, it is that much as we accord the Chief Justice and other justices and judges the high honor and respect we do, they must also reciprocate by way of providing leadership and jurisprudential decision making deserving of the honor and respect and certainly they must do so without blemish or criticism other than that which is jurisprudential in nature because the latter is and must be a part of a healthy governance system where the rule of law is paramount.

The Daily Nation news report follows on Dr. Mutunga’s decision.

Posted  Monday, July 2  2012 at  21:23

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has declined to be the chief guest at the launch of a controversial book about Miguna Miguna’s time in the coalition government.

Dr Mutunga said Mr Miguna announced that he would be the chief guest before confirmation.

The highly anticipated book is expected to give a ringside account of the politics of the coalition and the goings on in the Prime Minister’s office.

In a statement from his office, the CJ said he could not officiate at the launch because he had not read the book.

Neither seen nor read

“The Chief Justice believes that it would not be prudent for him to confirm that he will officiate at the launch of a book he has neither seen nor read. It is in this regard that he has declined Mr Miguna’s invitation,” said the statement.

Mr Miguna, the PM’s former adviser on coalition matters, is set to launch “Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya” on July 14 at the Inter-Continental Hotel, Nairobi.

Responding to Dr Mutunga’s statement on Monday evening, Mr Miguna said: “He had accepted the invitation. It seems there was too much pressure. I understand and empathise with the CJ. The launch proceeds as planned.’’

The book is published by London-based Gilgamesh Publishing. (READ: US extremist takes up critical book on Raila)

“In his explosive new memoirs, Peeling Back the Mask, Miguna Miguna explains why he rejected the Prime Minister’s subsequent offer of reinstatement and exposes Mr Odinga’s lacklustre leadersship,” Gilgamesh Publishing says.

On Monday, Dr Mutunga’s office said he had written to Mr Miguna turning down the invitation to attend the launch.

“Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has today written to Mr Miguna Miguna to inform him that he is unable to accept the invitation,” said the statement.

He explained that when he received the invitation, he asked for an advance copy of the book before he could decide to accept to be chief guest.

However, Mr Miguna went ahead to announce the CJ’s acceptance without confirmation from the CJ.

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