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Assessing Our Coalition Government

Raila and Kibaki

In the days following the elections of 2007, few thought we could avoid a full-blown civil war, but we did and thank God for that.

The country breathed a collective sigh of relief when now President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga signed the National Accord and Reconciliation Act (NARA) on February 8, 2008.

Following this commitment to paper of the coalition government, we eagerly anticipated and looked forward to the principals President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga, working together to effect ideals envisioned in the coalition agreement itself.

Now that the Court of Appeals has upheld the March 2013 election date and as the coalition government is now fast approaching its extinction by way of operation of law upon holding of the next general elections, it’s a good time to take stock of what the coalition has or has not accomplished.

One significant accomplishment the coalition shall be forever associated with is passage and promulgation of a new constitution for Kenya back in 2010.

Other than passage and promulgation of the new constitution, one would have to seek the aid of a magnifying glass to find what else the coalition government has accomplished that can be characterized as significant.

A preamble to any law or agreement describes its purpose, aims or justification so we can use the preamble to measure whether the law or agreement has lived up-to its intended purpose or justification.

By this measure, the coalition government has fallen short and as will be noted below, there is only one thing left for the coalition government so as not to be dismissed as not having been worth even the ink and paper upon which it was brought to life.

The preamble to NARA states that the “crisis triggered by the 2007 disputed presidential elections has brought to the surface deep-seated and long-standing divisions within Kenyan society” and adds that “if left unaddressed, these divisions threaten the very existence of Kenya as a unified country.”

The deep-seated and long-standing divisions within the Kenyan society remain intact and one can persuasively argue that this has, in fact, gotten worse.

To be sure, the constitution forces the hand of those who believe in tribalism and regionalism by its high threshold for qualification for one to be sworn as president, namely, garnering 50%+1 of the vote in addition to being the victor in a majority of the 47 counties, among other requirements.

Because of this requirement, we have seen breathless efforts by individuals to try and go around this requirement by grouping themselves into tribal alliances, which is, to say the least, tragic for this is precisely the kind of mindset we must get away from if we were to progress as a nation.

Why can’t it be that individuals seeking the presidency are judged and voted for or against only by the content of their character and leadership ability, not what tribe or ethnic group they belong?

Do we really need this tribal mindset of doing things almost half a century since the scoundrels who introduced the vice along with the concept of divide and rule have long since left Kenya and the continent?

One would hope all of us can uniformly and loudly say no, but we know this not to be the case.

We have highly educated people, somewhat educated people and people not educated at all in terms of formal education and even intellectuals themselves who inexplicably are incapable of shaking themselves free of this vice one shudders just to think of the thought itself that this is even possible.

That’s not only pathetic, its a shame.

The preamble says there must be “real power-sharing” between the coalition partners in order “to move the country forward and begin the healing and reconciliation process.”

Neither has happened.

There has neither been real power sharing nor any efforts to start real healing and reconciliation in the country.

From the day the coalition was signed to this day, Kibaki and his side have hogged the most crucial positions of power it’s a miracle and testament to Raila’s abilities that he has managed to cling to some power with which he has done more than expected under the circumstances.

President Kibaki and Prime Minister committed in the preamble to NARA “to work together in good faith as true partners, through constant consultation and willingness to compromise.”

Although Raila has forced Kibaki to consult on a number of critical areas Kibaki did not want or was unwilling to consult, including the appointment of the Chief Justice and more recently constituting the Police Commission, Kibaki has by and large operated outside this requirement and expectation.

The preamble provides that NARA was to “enable Kenya’s political leaders to look beyond partisan considerations with a view to promoting the greater interests of the nation as a whole.”

Kenya has never been more partisan and even though NARA has to some degree promoted a few interests of the nation, these are token in view of what could be promoted given our potential.

Finally but not least, the preamble to NARA provides that the agreement “provides the means to implement a coherent and far-reaching reform agenda, to address the fundamental root causes of recurrent conflict, and to create a better, more secure, more prosperous Kenya for all.”

This has been an elusive dream that one can only hope will finally be realized with the formation of the next government.

True, we have made major strides in this direction primarily by starting to reform the judiciary and putting the executive on notice it’s not business as usual but there is business as usual still going on and if not checked by electing a reform minded president, would revert to the old in no time.

That’s why the next elections are crucial and shall determine what direction the country goes; back to the old, or to the future full of promise.

President Kibaki must ensure that we have an open and transparent elections and Raila as PM must keep a vigilant eye on his partner to make sure there is no mischief afoot or put into action.

Were both to do this, then the coalition would have accomplished one of its fundamental purposes and that’s ensuring our country is not lost.

The onus will be on the next government to carry forth and implement many of the NARA objectives and ideals the current government never reached.

In terms of a grade, a solid D+ for Kibaki, an A for effort for Raila and overall a C+ for the coalition much of that thanks to Raila’s efforts while Mzee is chilling and scheming his succession.


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August 16 In World History

World History

The following is a chronological list of significant events that have occurred in the world on August 16, 1290 through August 16, 2013.

I find the last two and most recent most interesting.

1290 – Charles van Valois weds Margaretha van Anjou
1384 – The Hongwu Emperor of Ming China, Emperor Dong, hears a case of a couple who tore paper money bills while fighting over them—a case considered equal to the act of destroying stamped government documents, which by law necessitated one hundred floggings by a bamboo rod. However, the Hongwu Emperor decided to pardon them, seeing as how their intention was not to tear up the money.
1477 – Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, weds Mary of Burgundy, the heiress to the Duchy of Burgundy in Ghent, Belgium
1513 – Battle at Eguinegatte/Guinegate: Maximilian & Henry VIII beat France
1570 – King Janos Sigismund Zapolyai signs secret treaty with Maximilian II
1625 – Earnest Casimir of Nassau-Dietz appointed viceroy of Drenthe
1691 – Yorktown Va founded
1717 – Prince Eugenius of Savoye occupies Belgrade
1743 – Earliest boxing code of rules formulated in England (Jack Broughton)
1745 – Skirmish at Laggan: Glengarry beats Royal Scots
1748 – “Geldermalsen” sails to East-Indies
1777 – Americans defeat British in Battle of Bennington, Vt
1780 – British decisively defeat Americans in Battle of Camden, SC
1794 – Hungarian revolutionary Ignác Martinovics arrested in Vienna
1797 – Comet C/1797 P1 (Bouvard-Herschel) approaches 0.0879 AUs of Earth
1812 – Gen Hull surrenders Detroit & Michigan territory to England
1819 – Manchester Massacre: English police charge unemployed demonstrators
1829 – Siamese twins Chang & Eng Bunker arrive in Boston to be exhibited
1834 – Charles Darwin climbs Mt Campana in Chile
Naturalist Charles DarwinNaturalist Charles Darwin 1846 – Gioacchino Rossini marries Olympe Pélissier in Paris
1858 – Britain’s Queen Victoria telegraphs President James Buchanan
1861 – Pres Lincoln prohibits Union states from trading with Confederacy
1861 – Skirmishes at Fredericktown/Kirkville, Missouri
1863 – Chickamauga campaign GA
1863 – Emancipation Proclamation signed
1864 – 4th day of battle at Deep Bottom Run Virginia, Federal assault
1864 – Palace for People’s industry official opens in Amsterdam
1865 – Restoration Day in the Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic regains its independence after 4 years of fighting against the Spanish Annexation.
1869 – Battle of Acosta Ñu: A Paraguay battalion made up of children is massacred by the Brazilian Army during the War of the Triple Alliance.
1870 – Fred Goldsmith demonstrates curve ball isn’t an optical illusion
1876 – Opera “Siegfried” premieres in Bayreuth
1882 – British under General Wolseley land in Alexandria
1890 – Alexander Clark, journalist/lawyer, named minister to Liberia
1894 – Indian chiefs from the Sioux & Onondaga tribes met to urge their people to renounce Christianity & return to their old Indian faith
US President James BuchananUS President James Buchanan 1896 – Gold discovered in Klondike, found at Bonanza Creek, Ala
1898 – Edwin Prescott patents roller coaster
1903 – Tigers play a home game in Toledo Ohio, Yanks win 12-8
1904 – NYC begins building Grand Central Station
1905 – Mbunga-rebellion occupy German post Ifakara East-Africa
1906 – -17] 8.6 earthquake destroys Valparaiso Chile, fire kills 20,000
1907 – Abd al-Hafid proclaims himself sultan of Morocco
1913 – Tōhoku Imperial University of Japan (modern day Tōhoku University) admits its first female students.
1914 – German army occupies last fort at Luik, Belgian general Leman caught
1914 – Zapata & Pancho Villa over run Mexico
1914 – World War I: Battle of Cer begins.
1915 – KC’s Alex Main no-hits Buffalo (Federal League), 5-0
1918 – US troops overthrows Archangelsk
1920 – Ray Chapman, of Indians is hit in head by Yanks’ Carl Mays pitch; he dies next day, only major league fatality
1922 – AT&T radio station WBAY becomes WEAF (NYC)
1924 – 38th US Womens Tennis: Helen Wills Moody beats Molla B Mallory (61 63)
1924 – Conference about German recovery payments opens in London
1924 – Dutch-Turkish peace treaty signed
Baseball Great Babe RuthBaseball Great Babe Ruth 1927 – 1st HR hit out of Comiskey Park Chicago (NY Yankee Babe Ruth)
1930 – The first color sound cartoon, called Fiddlesticks, is made by Ub Iwerks.
1934 – US ends occupation of Haiti (been there since 1915)
1934 – US explorer William Beebe descends 3,028′ (923 m) in Bathysphere
1936 – 11th Olympic games closes in Berlin
1940 – 45 German aircrafts shot down over England
1941 – HMS Mercury, Royal Navy Signals School and Combined Signals School opens at Leydene, near Petersfield, Hampshire, England.
1942 – Premier Churchill travels back to Cairo from Moscow
1943 – 1st Long Tom bombs on Italian mainland (from Sicily)
1943 – Bulgarian czar Boris III visits Adolf Hitler
1944 – 2nd Canadian Division occupies Falaise Normandy
1944 – Chartres freed
1944 – Dutch begin diplomatic contact with Vatican in London
1944 – US 15th Army corp reaches Eure, surrounds Dreux
1944 – First flight of the Junkers Ju 287.
1945 – Puyi, the last Chinese emperor and ruler of Manchukuo, was captured by Soviet troops.
1946 – Great Calcutta blood bath – Moslem/Hindu riot (3-4,000 die)
1947 – Ralph Kiner becomes 1st Pirate to hit 3 consecutive HRs
1948 – Arabs blow up Latrun pumping station in Jerusalem
1948 – Israeli pound becomes legal tender
1950 – West Indies complete historic 3-1 series win against England
1953 – KTAL TV channel 6 in Shreveport-Texarkana, LA (NBC) begins
1953 – Shah of Persia & princess Soraya flee to Baghdad & Rome
1954 – “Sports Illustrated” magazine begins publishing
1954 – 200 pilgrims drown in Farahzad Iran rain storm flood
1955 – Fiat Motors orders 1st private atomic reactor
1956 – Adlai E Stevenson nominated as Democratic presidential candidate
1956 – Indians’ Rocky Colavito hits his 1st grand slam, Cleveland 5, Tigers 4
1959 – Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Seattle Golf Open
1959 – USSR introduces installment buying
1960 – Britain grants independence to crown colony of Cyprus
1960 – Joseph Kittinger parachutes from balloon at 31,330 m (84,700′)
1960 – Republic of Congo (Zaire, Dem Rep of Congo) forms
1961 – 250,000 West Berliners demonstrate against East Berlin
1961 – Martin L King protests for black voting right in Miami
Beatles Drummer Ringo StarrBeatles Drummer Ringo Starr 1962 – Ringo Starr replaces Pete Best as Beatle drummer
1963 – Independence is restored to Dominican Republic
1964 – Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Omaha Jaycee Golf Open Invitational
1964 – St Louis Card Curt Flood gets 8 straight hits in a doubleheader
1965 – AFL awards its 1st expansion franchise (Miami Dolphins)
1967 – Cin Red Jim Maloney retires 19 Pirates, then gets injured & leaves
1967 – WFIQ TV channel 36 in Florence, AL (PBS) begins broadcasting
1969 – WATL TV channel 36 in Atlanta, GA begins broadcasting
1969 – Woodstock rock festival begins in NY
1970 – 52nd PGA Championship: Dave Stockton shoots 279 at Southern Hills OK
1970 – Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Cincinnati Golf Open
1972 – 54th PGA Championship: Gary Player shoots a 281 at Oakland Hills Mich
1972 – Morocco King Hassan II’s B727 shot at
1972 – Philip Potter appointed sect-gen of World council of Churches
1972 – USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1974 – Ramones concert debut (NY’s CBGBs)
1975 – “Rodgers & Hart” closes at Helen Hayes Theater NYC after 108 perfs
1975 – Peter Gabriel quits Genesis
1976 – 58th PGA Championship: Dave Stockton shoots a 281 at Congressional MD
1976 – St Louis Cards beat San Diego Chargers 20-10 in Tokyo (NFL expo)
1977 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1977 – Yanks blow 9-4 lead in 9th but beat Chicago 11-10 in bottom of 9th
1980 – Bill Ward quits Black Sabbath
1980 – Cozy Powell quits Rainbow
1980 – Jools Holland quits Squeeze
1981 – Highest score in World Cup soccer match (New Zealand-13, Fiji-0)
1981 – Jan Stephenson wins LPGA Mary Kay Golf Classic
1981 – Mary Terstegge Meagher swims world record 100m butterfly (57.93)
1983 – Paul Simon weds Carrie Fisher
1984 – Andrea Doria’s safe opened
1984 – LA federal jury acquits auto maker John Z DeLorean on cocaine charges
1984 – Largest harness racing purse ($2,161,000-Nihilator wins $1,080,500)
1984 – NASA launches Ampte
1985 – Madonna weds Sean Penn on her 27th birthday
1986 – Sudan rebels shoot a Fokker’s F-27 down, 57 killed
1986 – “Papa Don’t Preach,” goes #1 for 2 weeks
Pop Star MadonnaPop Star Madonna 1986 – Madonna’s “True Blue,” album goes #1 for 5 weeks & her single
1987 – Astrological Harmonic Convergence-Dawn of New Age
1987 – NY Mets beat Chicago Cubs, 23-9
1987 – Northwest Airlines 255 plane crashes in Detroit, 156 die (1 lives)
1987 – Val Skinner wins LPGA MasterCard International Golf Pro-Am
1988 – Butch Reynolds runs world record 400 m (43.29)
1988 – IBM introduces software for artificial intelligence
1988 – Jailed black nationalist Nelson Mandela struck with tuberculosis
1988 – Mayor Koch says he plans to wipe out street-corner windshield washers
1989 – Roger Kingdom of USA sets 110m hurdle record (12.92) in Zurich
1989 – A solar flare from the Sun creates a geomagnetic storm that affects micro chips, leading to a halt of all trading on Toronto’s stock market.
1990 – China PR performs nuclear test at Lop Nor PRC
1990 – Iraq orders 4000 Britons & 2500 Americans in Kuwait to Iraq
1991 – Belgium census is 10,000,963 inhabitants
1991 – Pres Bush declares recession is near an end
Anti-apartheid activist/South African President Nelson MandelaAnti-apartheid activist/South African President Nelson Mandela 1992 – 20th du Maurier Golf Classic: Sherri Steinhaur
1992 – 74th PGA Championship: Nick Price shoots a 278 at Bellerive St Louis
1992 – Moses Kiptanui runs world record 3k (7:28.96)
1993 – The Debian distribution was first announced by Ian Murdock, then a student at Purdue University. Murdock initially called his system the “Debian Linux Release”
1994 – Chandrika Kumaratungo’s party wins Sri Lanka elections
1994 – Shauna Gambill, 17, of California, crowned 12th Miss Teen USA
1997 – For only 2nd time Stanley Cup leaves North America (heads to Russia)
1998 – 80th PGA Championship at Sahalee CC, Seattle WA
1998 – Weetabix Women’s British Golf Open
2003 – U.S. Representative from South Dakota Bill Janklow hits and kills a motorcyclist with his car at a rural intersection near Trent, South Dakota; he will eventually be convicted of manslaughter and will resign from Congress.
2005 – West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 crashes near Machiques, Venezuela, killing the 160 aboard.
2008 – Usain Bolt sets a new 100 metres dash world record of 9.69 seconds at the Beijing 2008 summer olympics.
2011 – Beginning of World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid
2012 – Miguna Miguna fails to return to Kenya from Canada where he fled to hide after unleashing a torrent of abuses, insults, dares and defamation in book form and other means, including verbal and even sign language directed at everyone he has an ax to grind against, starting from Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga on down to his relatives, dead and alive. Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere, who Miguna has trashed too as a “joker” and his team waited at the airport for Miguna per his instructions to accord him the protection he demanded that he says cannot be less than an an armored car and convoy of elite forces to transport him to wherever and accord him around the clock protection.
2013 – Uncontrollable laughter across Kenya and the Kenyan diaspora as people recall the events of the day a year before while others are still crying over same and even worse for them, what ensued a few months later. President Raila Amolo Odinga issues a presidential pardon of Miguna Miguna who is doing time for excessive hyperbole, boisterousness, lying, madness and uncontrolled rage.


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Why Miguna Miguna’s Book Peeling Back The Mask Flopped: A Critical Analysis

Many of us have been predicting that the much hyped book by Miguna Miguna will not in reality come even close to what it has been hyped to be much to the great disappointment of those who have been eagerly awaiting and hoping it does obviously at the expense of one person and the target of the book, Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga.

Miguna touted the book as “volcanic” and many bought the hype that here was someone–a dwarf, to be more precise–who would accomplish that which many a giant before him had failed and that is, to force a cataclysmic fall of Awambo from Kenya’s political scene.

Most of us knew and were confident that would not be the case and it’s obvious we have been and continue to be proven right.

Our skepticism and unwillingness to buy the hype from Miguna and his book is not based on spite or otherwise a disliking of the man but is simply informed by both logic and known facts, especially as they relate to politics in general and Kenya specifically.

Much as tales of a jilted lover are only devoured with some titillating satisfaction by both hers and her lover’s enemies, the contents of a vindictive book by a sacked junior staff or otherwise to the Prime Minister can only be equally devoured with titillation by the PM’s enemies and opponents but nobody else.

In fact, a good case can be made that even the PM’s opponents are not that interested in devouring the book’s content but would not mind at all being the beneficiaries of any harm to befall the PM from it, if any but there is none we can detect thus far other than on the periphery.

There are many reasons why this is the case, namely, why even the PM’s political opponents except for the most avid haters would not care to devour the content in Miguna’s book—lies or otherwise and leading them is the simple reason they are of the view this behavior should not be encouraged all.

Miguna is not the first nor is he going to be the last person to be sacked from an appointed political position and that’s regardless of whether the position is at the Permanent Secretary level or higher as Miguna claims he was or far below as everyone else knows he, in fact, was.

People get sacked from these positions all the time, including ministers but you never see them dashing to the nearest publisher to peddle “tell all” books and this is, in fact, true in every known democracy.

That’s not by accident but a reality of politics, namely, like those in the ranks far below them, even those at the very top, including presidents and prime ministers can and do get sacked.

In the West, which is far more advanced in democratic ideals, when senior government officials differ with their bosses, be it the President, in the case of countries such as the US or the Prime Minister in countries such as the United Kingdom, the norm is for those officials to simply resign.

If the officials differ on policy with their bosses but are not inclined to resign, they are forced to resign or they are simply sacked—sometimes with no apologies.

The bitter ones go on a mission to avenge their sacking, including badmouthing their former bosses often with no success but the smarter ones simply regroup and carry on with life, accepting the sacking as part of life, which it is.

Miguna is obviously of the former type and thus the reason it’s been predictable he cannot succeed in his quest to avenge his sacking by badmouthing and smearing his former boss for those who like him have tried have equally largely failed to “get back” at their former bosses.

Interestingly, Miguna said he invited Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga to be his guest of honor at the book launch, an invitation he claims the Chief Justice accepted.

When this issue came to light before the launch, many of us expressed shock that our Chief Justice would accept to be guest of honor at such a politically charged and controversial event.

To our collective relief, the Chief Justice made it known he would not and, in fact, did not attend the book launch—a very wise move on the Chief Justice’s part for it would have otherwise been a major disaster of constitutional crisis proportions.

Note also who did not attend the book launch: Raila’s chief political opponents—and enemies by definition for the reasons noted above.

Writing a vindictive “tell all” book, which really means “lie about all” book by a miffed or sacked ex-political aide, leave alone “insider” is to be distinguished from a whistle-blower account written or told after the whistle-blower on his or her own leaves an institution.

A whistleblower is a person who, whether having participated in the wrong doing or not, nonetheless is overcome with a consciousness to no longer be a part of the system or organization he knows to be engaged in the wrongdoing without anyone else but him making any effort to stop it.

His or her primary motivation may or may not be utilitarian but it’s almost always the case the public good is served by such exposure and thus the reason many of these whistleblowers are credible even where they don’t have concrete, tangible evidence to back up their claims.

The fact that they come screaming before being booted is sufficient reason to believe they cannot but be driven by good moral conscience to do so.

On the other hand, one who starts shouting and screaming at the top of his lungs and from the nearest mountain tops or mike after being sacked is not and cannot be credible unless they corroborate what they say with indisputable evidence.

When the declared purpose of such “expose” by the author is to “finish” their former boss and other enemies, only the most gullible can or should buy his or her tale besides those who wish ill of the target of such vitriolic and vindictive prose.

Miguna not only started screaming about wrongdoing at the PM’s office after he was sacked, he actually negotiated directly with the PM to have him reinstated to the same office!

Let me make something very clear here:

No one is saying and certainly not yours truly is saying that the PM’s office is perfect or that even the PM himself is perfect.

The question most of us have asked and answered in the affirmative with respect to the PM is, among those vying for the presidency, who is the best qualified to lead our country after Kibaki, taking into account everything we know about them, particularly in relation to the dual, critical issues of combating corruption and ending impunity and the answer for most of us is that person is none other than Raila Odinga.

Some may disagree but that’s the nature of politics as it’s not unanimity in support and views that matters in democratic processes but making a case or even not making a case but having a majority cast a vote in favor of someone or a proposition they favor in an open and transparent ballot.

Every polling that has been taken since even before 2007 to-date clearly shows Raila is the man to beat, even though he was not beaten in 2007.

That was the case when Miguna was working for Raila and actually made the same case; it was the case the day the PM sacked him and remains to be the case even long after he has published his vindictive book.

In other words, there is nothing in Miguna’s book that changes the dynamics of who we have running for the presidency or who among them is best qualified to be our next president.

This is so because what Miguna has done is simply regurgitate what has been alleged before about conduct of some people in the PM’s office, which conduct was investigated and conclusions reached about those individuals that did not find evidence of wrong doing.

Miguna now wants to have everyone believe that his innuendos, embellishments and outright making up facts is far more important, dispositive and outweighs any previous official findings by Price Waterhouse Coopers, the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC), Inspectorate of State Corporations (ISC) and the Efficiency Monitoring Unit (EMU) with respect to any of the things he alleges in his book just because it’s Miguna saying so!


Miguna’s self-elevation to monumental heights of importance in Kenya is definitely without a match in past, current and future generations but even overblown egos must explode at some point and this one has!

The fact is, everyone, especially in politics has and must have an ego otherwise they don’t belong there but everyone also must check their ego at one point or another before it explodes to their detriment much the same way as Miguna’s has.

This is true in Kenya much as it is elsewhere.

The arrogant and tough talking Alexander Haig, former US Secretary of State, found this the hard way after essentially declaring himself president when then President Ronald Reagan was lying in bed near comatose and being treated for gunshot wounds, only to find out his old pal Reagan did not find any of this declaration amusing when he recovered and was told about it.

Reagan simply distanced himself from Haig and ultimately showed him the door and that was the end of this once powerful army general and Reagan confidant and when he died a couple of years ago, hardly anyone remembered who he was.

There is simply no time to go down the list of people whose overblown egos have seen them booted from high and low offices in Kenya but as noted above, every one of them pales in comparison to Miguna.

As if to underscore all of this, Miguna is now upset and whining that Raila is ignoring him besides not suing him!

Let me quote him and what he is saying about this:

My response (for publication) to the story “Raila will not sue Miguna” [Why Raila Will Not Sue Miguna]

a) He has not condemned Outa and others who burnt my effigy and buried my coffin in Nyando, thereby openly encouraging people to hurt or kill me. A responsible leader who upholds the rule of law would have quickly condemned those barbaric acts and distanced himself from them. By not doing so, Raila has now fully associated himself with such acts;

b) He has not responded to the allegations in the book, which are serious and go to the heart of his ability or lack thereof, to lead. The country and the world is still waiting.

c) By authorising FORA, Gitobu Imanyara, Sarah Elderkin, Ngunjiri WAmbugu and Omar Hassan Omar to attempt to assassinate my character by hurling abuse and attempting pseudo and fake psychological analysis on me rather than dealing with the contents and substance of the book, Raila has demonstrated the numerous weaknesses and failures catalogued in my book.

c) If or when Caroli and others commence action against me, as far as I am concerned, that would be Raila doing it. Caroli is not just Raila’s Private Secretary (and money man and silent nominee in various ventures), he is also a self-styled ‘Chief of Staff’. Everything written about Caroli in the book revolves around what he did after Raila was appointed PM and Caroli started working at his office. Consequently, as far as I am concerned, in all intents and purposes, Raila is Caroli and Caroli is Raila as far as my book is concerned.

d) And finally, Paul Mwangi’s opinion comment published in the electronic version of your newspaper cannot be taken to be Raila’s. Paul Mwangi is NOT Raila’s spokesperson; he is supposed to be a ‘legal adviser’. Kenyans have not given Paul Mwangi any legal and constitutional authority to act as Prime Minister. The op-ed piece is Paul Mwangi’s opinion. Therefore, as far as I can see, Raila has not spoken on my book at all. Subterfuge will not do. This is not what is expected of a PM who wants us to compare him to modern leaders in the first world. He has failed in action and practice.

Miguna [unedited] Toronto, Canada, July 26, 2012

A few things can be said in response to this:

First, Raila need not say anything about the protests in Nyando against Miguna anymore more than he publicly needs to say anything about the lies, innuendos and distortions in Miguna’s book about him or others; Miguna is free to publish those at the risk of being exposed to lawsuits much the same as the protestors have the right to protest at the risk of running afoul of the law if their protests cross the line.

Second, Miguna makes an unbelievable admission that his are not facts but “allegations!”


Does anyone need further proof if they have been sitting on the fence not knowing what to make of Miguna’s book and its allegations, not facts?

Lies, innuendos and distortions are individually or collectively nothing but allegations of the worst kind.

The best of them (allegations) are those predicated in good faith belief or knowledge albeit lacking concrete evidence and thus the reason they are referred to as allegations.

Miguna is saying his are nothing but allegations.

Makes no difference whether they are of the worst type or the more benign where he simply has no evidence to back what he is alleging.

The net-outcome is the same: one cannot prove a negative so the onus is on Miguna to table the evidence to back his wild claims or simply shut up.

Demanding that Raila responds to his allegations is not only absurd, it proves yet again what it is we have known and continue to witness in Miguna and that’s someone who’s allowed and continues to allow himself to perpetually and unrelentingly self-destruct notwithstanding his God-given talent and skills.

Third, Raila as any politician at his level has surrogates who speak for him with or without his approval at all times so, when Miguna whines that FORA and others speaking in behalf of Raila somehow demonstrates that Raila has “the numerous weaknesses and failures catalogued in my book,” his saying so goes to prove that Miguna either doesn’t understand how politics works or does and has completely lost it with his single futile mission to politically destroy Raila, which he can’t.

No polling has been done yet post Miguna’s launch of his book but for those in the betting business, their money has to be on Raila remaining the man to beat despite all of this onslaught and noise making from Miguna.

Fourth, Miguna’s claim that Raila is Caroli Omondi and vice versa is too ridiculous and nonsensical to even comment on it other than to say absurdity, too, has its limits and no amount of tortured logic can change that fact.

Finally, whether Paul Mwangi is speaking on behalf of the PM or not or whether he has the constitutional authority to do so or not is irrelevant because the issue he raises and discusses is whether Raila should sue Miguna and the prevailing view among all is that there is no need for Raila to sue and neither is there any need to publicly respond or address you Miguna in anyway.

Too bad if that’s what you had calculated and hoped he would.

Too bad if that was also part of your promotional strategy for the book.

You say you are on vacation instead of peeling the tarmac in every corner of our beloved country promoting your book which I must hasten to say I hope you get good sales like any other writers before you but not as the “volcano” you told us it was to be but simply as any well written piece of literature, fiction or otherwise.

In the end, some of us hope you truly would have learned something about this whole experience.

Some people do learn from past experiences, good or bad.

You need to as well.

Good luck.

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On Vacation and Other Notes

Beach Resort

I am increasingly receiving inquiries why I have gone “missing” on the blogs, including right here at UT and the answer is simply because I am on vacation. Those on Jukwaa know that I am nonetheless contributing there as time allows and do peruse elsewhere as time allows, too, should there be need to comment.

I was laughing but did not comment when I read some desperate “reporting” in one of the fora about Mudavadi and his visit to Kisii. While the boring speeches he gave were boringly reproduced in the “reporting,” the picture portrayed as this being some event worth noting was false.

No wonder the media did not bother to report on the visit because everything I am told it was nothing but a joke and that’s in every stop he made despite paying people to attend who did but in keeping with the true spirit of folk from the area, they would and told him ODM juu anyway much to his embarrassment.

Mudavadi should simply fold his so-called campaign and find better things to do with his time–unless, of course, being elected president is not his objective in which case he should still fold his campaign for even that whatever it is is that is driving him to jump off the cliff (and we have a good idea what it is) would not stop him from landing at the bottom of the rocky ground upon which he shall be politically shredded to lifeless pieces.

Mudavadi holds the dubious distinction as having been the shortest serving Vice President in our country.

He can now add another as one who also fell the furthest and fastest from the height of politics much because of his own choice enticed as he was and driven by the same impulses that led him to holding the first dubious distinction.

It’s said some people never learn.

Count Mudavadi on that list.

I didn’t mean to write Mudavadi’s political obituary today but there you have it; it was coming sooner than later anyway.

BTW, has my prediction that some noises being made by someone and his book were just that–noises that in time fade into the oblivion? I called for people to set to count-down clock for the 15 minutes of fame for this person to lapse and according to mine, those minutes are finished and the primary target of the book remains standing tall and strong as ever.

Can’t really say what a relief because many of us saw and predicted this to be the outcome and I assume the sobbing by those expecting the worst that never became is either underway or that, too, will come to pass.

It’s a nuisance that really never should have been.


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Miguna Miguna Book Launch and The Fallout

Miguna Miguna at his book launch

Many of us concluded immediately after Miguna started talking about his controversial book that it will not be the “earthshaking tome” he promised it to be and neither would it reveal anything of substance about the working of the coalition government as he equally promised.

Miguna simply did not serve long enough or deep enough in government to have had the ability to write such an earthshaking tome.

We instead concluded as we have thus far been proven right that, other than the very mundane and inconsequential tales within it, Miguna’s book is mostly nothing but a collection of lies, exaggerations, innuendo and distortions primarily targeting Raila and a few individuals Miguna believes wronged him while working at the PM’s office as an advisor on coalition affairs.

While peddling these tales, Miguna shamelessly but not uncharacteristically tries to elevate himself to a level of importance he is not.

Someone who has worked with Miguna in the past and knows him very well, Sarah Elderkin, sums it up this way, “Miguna’s lack of political wisdom, which in his case is replaced by the equivalent of bludgeoning people over the heads with an axe, is the reason he became a dangerous loose cannon and a terrible liability to both sides of the coalition arrangement.”

Ms. Elderkin adds that Miguna “arrogated to himself authority he did not have – and this is very evident in his prose. “I did this, I did that, I summoned people to a meeting” – and sometimes “we” did this or that,” leading to the question, who is this “we,” which Ms. Elderkin answers by way of noting Miguna’s behavior “ensured he had no friends in the PM’s office or in other arms of government…He had none of the authority he assumed, nor any of the leadership skills that he pretends in his overblown writing.

Some of us reached the conclusion Miguna’s book launch and aftermath will not be the earthshaking moment Miguna and others were touting not because we had seen an advance copy of the book or manuscript but because Miguna himself is a walking audio book for anyone interested to read or listen to and all one needs is simply to cross paths with the man for about 5 minutes and you will read or listen and know all there is to know about the man.

Indeed, I have yet to meet a single person who has interacted with Miguna in any way and for any length of time that does not say the same thing about him and that is, Miguna is an arrogant, boisterous and extremely condescending character or some variation of it.

I have met his friend and the MC for his book launch, Onyango Oloo but, quite frankly, I don’t recall the discussion coming anywhere near talking about Miguna and if we did, I am fairly certain OO would have used different albeit more favorable adjectives to describe him and such is life.

Not to pile on, Miguna to me has always come across as a man angry at something—even when there is nothing to be angry about.

The best illustration that captures this for me is the school-yard bully who everyone tried to avoid lest they got in trouble with him.

Now, I don’t know for fact that Miguna was one but the net import of how he conducts himself and how others see him is practically the same.

If you think this is an exaggeration or unwarranted attack, think about this and that is, how Miguna presents himself in the book: “I have goods on all of you ODM idiots; starting from you Raila on down about PEV and more; dare me and I’ll get you!”

Now, a school-yard bully does not dare anyone.

His mere presence is enough dare that no one but the bravest or otherwise other bullies themselves actually dare or would want to.

Miguna is operating on the same mindset, except by daring people as he has and continues to, he has shown the school-yard bully has more dare in him (the school-yard bully) than Miguna does.

To hear Miguna talk about his dare, you’ll never immediately know the information he purports to have—and the safer bet is he doesn’t have any—is information that pertains to death, mutilation and rape of innocent Kenyans.

For Miguna to say that he awaits a dare from any of these “idiots” to unleash this information in yet another pile of garbage is disturbing to say the least.

To be sure, most people may be tempted to dismiss this as the outbursts of a deranged person but this, in fact, is a more serious matter because it could as well be the fuel that reignites the passions of hate among those who may hear about it and revert to 2008.

This is particularly the case with those who would so reignited without taking the time to peel back the author and find out this is just nothing but another reckless attempt to get even with his perceived enemies without regard to consequences.

Miguna now says he has already provided this information about PEV to the ICC.

If that’s true, does he not know as a lawyer that the proper venue therefore to address that evidence is not in hotel rooms, bars, lobbies and vindictive books but at the Hague?

If he has not provided this information to the ICC—or any law enforcement for that matter, and he now buoyantly wants to use this information as he claims to finish his enemies with it, does this not tell us all we need to know—not that we didn’t before, about the man, his state of mind and to what level he has degenerated to?

The truth is, when it’s all said and done, Miguna would have proven to have propagated, schemed and executed one of the worst malicious deceptions in our country with his book rivaled only by Ruto’s Mau forest lies and those about the ICC he and Uhuru Kenyatta peddled to their death early this year.

To understand why I am saying this, everyone reading this must remove their partisan hats and let’s simply think through this whole thing as a matter of fact and objectively so.

We can start by agreeing there are at least three areas anyone from the “inside” writing a political or politically motivated book would shed some real light if they indeed, were privy to information heretofore not known to the public but providing it in good faith and these are: corruption, internal workings of the coalition government with a view to demonstrate what’s actually responsible for the stalled development and governance in general.

We can agree that a book that lays out the internal workings of the government or analysis of the various government policy papers with a purpose to identify faults in the governance structure will be of interest only to those in academia and a few political junkies.

No publisher would ordinarily be interested in such a book.

On the other hand, a book detailing corruption with first-hand knowledge and tangible evidence of same would interest most Kenyans if for any reason because even as we have known and continue to believe corruption is still rife in government, very little is ever actually known or even disclosed as to precisely how things go down with these corrupt deals.

The only information that’s thrown out there and regurgitated to the point of meaninglessness is the names of those suspected of the vice and amounts stolen, which keep going up and up to now staggering amounts.

When John Githongo came blasting with guns ablaze, he quickly run out of ammo and was told to take it easy and he has to the point one can bet many have forgotten who he is and what made him famous.

There many people, especially those who get upset stomachs at the thought of having Raila reelected as president, who have been waiting with bated breath to savor Miguna’s book and particularly the much anticipated “nailing” not Kibaki or anyone else for that matter, but Raila and his close aides with demonstrable evidence of corruption.

What Miguna has instead delivered and no one can really disagree with this, is regurgitated old stories and has quite possibly embellished them to make them “juicier” except the juice may be zapped out of the book in court actions and leave us all where we started, save for Miguna who may be a few bucks ahead, give or take how the court cases go.

To say Miguna has miserably failed to deliver on his promise to expose corruption at the PM’s office would be an understatement albeit not necessarily any cause for celebration by anyone—or at least it shouldn’t be by those who care about fighting corruption; it’s just a sad and pathetic state of affairs for one to raise people’s hopes and expectations so high only to disappoint mightily.

There are, of course, those who would buy hook, line and sinker what Miguna has written and take it as gospel truth—never mind virtually all of it that he deems “explosive” is actually innuendos, regurgitated, distorted and many cases good old fashioned lies.

Caroli Omondi, one of the individuals adversely mentioned in the book says he is prepared to sue Miguna and the Daily Nation over allegations made in the book about him and corruption.

Miguna is disappointed, not that Caroli is bringing the suit, but why Raila is not the one bringing suit against him!

In other words, being the high and mighty fish he is, Caroli is some small fish who should be thankful that Miguna merely defamed him and if he wishes to challenge the big man in court over his allegations in the book, then in Miguna’s words, “Bring it on!”

Miguna actually used a different but related phrase which means something entirely different and I will not reprint on this family oriented blog!

This yelling by Miguna to “bring it on” at it were is very telling and if one puts aside everything else that has been said by Miguna and others and even the question of whether there is any substance in this book or not, and simply ask the question why would anyone, let alone a lawyer dare in such a sophomoric manner everyone to sue him, the answer is very revealing.

Daring can be both admirable and condemnable and the latter is often preceded with a level of recklessness worth the condemnation.

It remains of what breed is Miguna’s daring but, common sense would dictate a premonition toward the undesirable kind because it would make more sense if one is on solid footing to let the book speak for itself and if sued, simply defend with truth and facts.

The angry manner in which Miguna is daring everyone to sue him really goes to show what’s been wrong with this book from inception: the book has more to do with Miguna and his travails at the PM’s office than anything he has been portraying it to be.

There is no question Miguna is on an angry mission to finish Raila and a handful of people he deems have wronged him like no other person has ever been wronged—according to him—so he believes doing what he is doing is the best way to exact his vindictive revenge.

In fact, Miguna has over-played his cards.

Someone else smarter and more attuned to the art of personal destruction in the same shoes Miguna is or has been and with the same information Miguna has would have seriously damaged Raila with a book.

Instead, we have had nothing but a “me, me, and I” Miguna circus that still continues to unfold.

Raila is supposed to be the target but the angry and confrontational manner in which Miguna has launched the book, complete with inappropriate, misplaced and vile language against those in ODM Miguna deems are his enemies, especially Raila who much as he may hate him, he owes the office of Prime Minister respect not to refer to Raila in the demeaning manner he has therefore confirming this has nothing to do with wrongdoing by the PM or those around him but total, blind vengeance.

Miguna would be better served by reading and heeding the counsel in the book of Romans 12:19 in which we are all instructed, “Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”says the Lord.

Few can say they have never been wronged; we all have in some way or another been wronged but uncontrolled vindictiveness and revenge is not the way to go against those who have wronged us, especially in a case such as Miguna’s where the wrong was not in substance but process.

There are any number of ways Miguna would have vindicated himself of whatever wrong he believes was visited on him short of creating the circus he has that ultimately will likely do him more harm than good.

But don’t tell that to Miguna who many of us have since the very beginning implored him to take time off to reflect on his life and perhaps return a changed man to make some appreciable difference than he thinks he has.

According to Miguna—and this is why he is unimpressed with akina Caroli suing him—this is a battle of the titans between he and the mbuta himself, aka, Raila Amolo Odinga.

If he can succeed where many actually powerful and mighty have failed, then Miguna will ride the chariots of victory and declare to the world he has by his pen and words accomplished a feat in revenge worth every energy expended and all the unparalleled exposure to foolishness.

Raila, for his part, sees Miguna as a nuisance he would rather have some clerical staff at his office or ODM Secretariat deal with.

The PM is wise taking that position for responding to Miguna in any way stokes the very ego he desperately hopes is by anyone, especially by any big fish in his book who are better off advised to keep mum as well and watch from a distance as this cloud, too, passes.


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Miguna Miguna Disappoints In Book Launch: An Interview With the Controversial Former Raila Aide

Lots of crying in store by disapointed Raila haters and enemies

Lots of crying in store for Raila haters and enemies in likely flop of Miguna book

Sunday, July 15, 2012, Nairobi, Kenya

The much talked about controversial book by Miguna Miguna was launched last night at the Intercontinental Hotel and to say the event was anti-climactic would be the understatement of the year.

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga having declined Miguna’s invitation to be the guest of honor, attendees were treated to a relatively unknown Raila basher from the Lake region going by the screen name “Janeko.”

Asked about his choice of this Janeko to be the guest of honor, Miguna said he was the only one he could find to accept his invitation, everyone else in their right mind having turned him down, including many other Raila bashers who did not want to have the dubious distinction of having presided over the launching of a book that is likely—let’s say not exactly a must read for the likely next president of the Republic of Kenya and Miguna’s target for revenge in the book.

Once the event was gaveled to order, the MC, Jett Koinage urged the audience to “sit tight” and get ready to devour the juiciest stuff about Raila not even in the book from the chief blender himself.

As warm up, various lesser known or hardly known Raila haters and enemies took to the mike to condemn Raila for still being such an ubwogable character in Kenyan politics long after he demolished KANU.

They blamed Raila for everything that’s wrong in the country an average Kenyan in the audience would have been confused in being led to believe Kenyatta had nothing to do with what ails the country; Moi had nothing to do with it; Kibaki has nothing to do with it and the entire political class has had nothing to do with it but only Raila is to be blamed for all that has been wrong in the country since independence!

They would also be very confused how this makes sense sense given the fact that Raila sacrificed his life and paid dearly for his quest for reforms and freedom in the country.

Surely, this cannot be but has it stopped those bent on “stopping” Raila from peddling the lie?

Not at all.

Janeko then took the mike and basically recycled the same old “Raila is evil” mantra without adding anything new to the lie but went on to “guarantee” that Raila is now finished thanks to this “brilliant expose” that everyone else knows to be nothing but mostly gossip and a collection of imaginary tales.

If the attendees at the event were “sitting tight” during the warm up and talk by the guest of honor, they were sitting on the edge of their seats by the time Miguna took the mike to “really spill the beans” or at least spill whatever was left with what little he may have had in the pot, having practically spilled whatever there was ahead of the book launch.

To the dismay of the captive audience at the InterCon, however, Miguna completely failed to deliver anything more “juicier” than he already has by way of smearing Raila when it was his turn to smear.

Instead, Miguna talked about he, himself and him!

The audience collectively yawned and sometimes very severely and restlessly so.

“I am totally disappointed,” wailed Kamale, a well known critic of the PM, at a popular Kenyan forum known as Jukwaa, adding, “I came here fully expecting Miguna to tell us where the skeletons are and all I get is there are skeletons all over the government!”

Equally disappointed is Mwalam Kuu, another Raila critic who was at the verge of tears having traveled all the way from up-country to hear first-hand Miguna tearing Raila down only to find someone talking about himself and how important he is to the country!

The disappointment was palpable and universal.

“I have been biting my nails to the point of bleeding next to my computer in the hopes someone at the event will tweet breaking news about Miguna’s latest juicy gossip,” said David Ochagi, a Raila hater and blogger in the US, “I mean, if this is the best Miguna can do, then *&^% him!”

We caught up with Miguna at the airport this morning as he was headed to self-imposed political exile and sought some answers to questions in people’s minds which he not surprisingly attempted to answer:

Reporter: How did the book launch go last night?

Miguna: Oh, very well; very well, indeed.

Reporter: That’s not the feedback we are getting. Everyone we have talked to who was at the launch says even the drinks offered were stale. They said you merely talked about yourself and others merely recycled same old rants and raves about Raila. Why such a discrepancy?

Miguna: Well, first of all, this book is really about me. I don’t understand why people can’t get such a simple concept. I am describing to you my life experience and in particular what I saw and lived through while in good books with the PM. If I have trashed Raila in the book, then that’s good for me because I must vent my anger with the man for having thrown me under the bus for no reason other than the fact everyone was calling for my head.

Reporter: It is said you were sacked for insubordination and boisterousness. Are you saying the PM had no reason to fire you?

Miguna: Yes. I was too important to be sacked. I sacrificed a lot to get that job the only way Raila would have avoided my vengeful wrath is sacking all those others who wanted me out of there.

Reporter: You are not the first neither are you going to be the last person to be sacked as a political aide; why have you made it appear as if yours is a unique situation that must be treated differently?

Miguna: I have already answered that question.

Reporter: Sorry; my bad. You are too important to be sacked…exactly how so? What makes you more important than those others before you, including even those with much higher positions and status such as permanent secretaries and ministers who have been sacked for any number of reasons, including at the whim of the hiring authority?

Miguna: I don’t have an answer to that so ask your next question.

Reporter: Okay. From what you have made public and what we have been able to glean from perusing the book, you appear to disclose information that may or may not be confidential but one you learned while serving as an officer of the government in therefore violation of the Public Officer Ethics Act; does that bother you at all or are you concerned about the consequences of such violation?

Miguna: [Laughing] No; not at all. I am no longer in government! The punishment for violating that law at worst is being sacked and I have been sacked already!

Reporter: Okay; what about allegations you make about individuals including Raila that turn out to be verifiably false and defamatory; are you concerned about being sued by those who may be harmed by such smears and defamation?

Miguna: No. I am not because I don’t think Raila would lower himself to sue me; besides, most of the stuff I have said about him is what I googled or bar gossip I have heard over the years we have all heard to no end and nothing really new to anyone who even mildly follows these things. As for the Carolis and Orengos and others I have singularly picked out for my vengeful ax, well; let them bring it on. I have taken the time to be clever in how I besmirch them I doubt they can succeed in making a case of defamation against me or my publisher.

Reporter: Are you sure you are not going to regret this level of false confidence?

Miguna: Well; I’ll cross the bridge when I get there. Right now, my mission is to finish Raila politically and if others are finished along with him, then those will merely be collateral damage.

Reporter: And what if you don’t succeed in your mission; what if despite all of this Raila is still reelected as president, would you then deem yourself a failure and having expended so much energy and time in pursuit of a cause that does you more harm than good?

Miguna: Not really. I have collected a good upfront fee for my book and expect some loyalties in the future and even if the book bombs, I have accomplished the most rewarding of all things I could do and that is, avenge my sacking by casting Raila in the most negative manner I could without crossing the line over to outright lying or defamation.

Reporter: But there are outright lies you have told even in the bits of teases that have been “serialized” by the Daily Nation otherwise known as the UK Daily. For example, you have told two different versions of how Raila was introduced to some businessman which name two different people as being the ones who introduced Raila to the man; obviously, even in fiction, if one is true, the other one has to be a lie; which one is which and how many accounts like this do you have in the book?

Miguna: Well, this is the job of the editors. I can’t be responsible for their failure to catch whoppers like that.

Reporter: What about your political future. Many objective observers say you cannot be hired even by Raila haters and enemies because you are basically a walking time-bomb ready to go off anytime you deem wronged; does that bother you?

Miguna: Wacha, wacha, wewe! I know nobody would hire me now that’s why I will go to the people directly and seek their vote as an MP. That’s all I really ever wanted. I am sure they will reward me for my effort to stop Raila from being elected and, besides, Kibaki is retiring and I’ll be competitive there—and who knows, Kibaki himself may endorse me!

Reporter: Wait a minute, are you saying you intend to contest Kibaki’s parliamentary seat?

Miguna: Precisely; I have as much chance of capturing that seat if not more than anywhere else in the country, including my own backyard where I am no more welcome than a skunk at a picnic.

Reporter: Interesting. Now, you are quoted as saying that you “continued to challenge the merchants of impunity, again and again” while at the PM’s office and that you “considered it part of your job to protect public interest” and further that this made you “a derided and feared figure in the corridors of power,” which you claim is the price you were prepared to pay. Several questions about this: First, when was the first time you challenged impunity and specifically against who and how exactly did you do that?

Miguna: Ah…ah I don’t recall the first time but it was after I went to work for the PM.

Reporter: I take that as a non-answer. What about corruption; when was the first time you confronted corruption at the PM’s office, what exactly did you do about it and who were the culprits.

Miguna: Well, I have said that there was this one time I had a meeting with the PM and Caroli and when the PM asked Caroli whether it was true he telephoned the NCPB managing director from his office phone and with that—bam, I confirmed that both Raila and Caroli were privy to the maize scandal.

Reporter: Leaving aside the question of whether being “privy” to a corrupt deal is being a part of it, did you then go to the anti-corruption agency or resign in protest or in any way publicly express your displeasure with this suspicion and confirmation of yours?

Miguna: No. I didn’t see a need to.

Reporter: But you say you considered it part of your job to protect the public interest and yet here you are basically admitting that you were part of a cover-up of major corruption?

Miguna: Well, ahhh…I did confront corruption and I have said many of these things I regret not having done something about it before being sacked.

Reporter: Oh…

Miguna: I have also said I should have known and appreciated, once you start sliding down that moral and legal slippery rope, you can’t apply any brakes until you reach the bottom.

Reporter: So, the “bottom” was your being sacked; had you not been sacked, you’ll still be sliding down that moral and legal slippery rope and happily working and prepared to die for the PM?

Miguna: [Visibly angry] Well, watch it, pal. You back me up to a corner too much I may not have any choice but land a few of this on you [raising his clenched fist]; have you not read what I did to the yingling of an MP by the name Isaac Ruto?

Reporter: Wow! Take it easy. I am just asking questions everyone else wants to know but if this is starting to get into your skin, I suggest we take a break–now!

To be continued.

***The foregoing is a predictive and futuristic reporting and interview that may or may not unfold as predicted.***


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The Daily Nation Has It Wrong In Its “Analysis” of NEP Prospects for Raila and Others

NEP Kenya Map

The Daily Nation I now refer to as the UK Daily has purported to offer what on its face appears to be an analysis of NEP politics and what the various presidential candidates face there in terms of their prospects for gaining support and votes.

A closer analysis of the piece titled The Battle for North Eastern Voters actually reveals this is an excellent political hack job as usual by the UK Daily.

If one can’t see this is a cleverly written piece to promote UK while knocking down everyone else at various force levels, then you have a lot to learn about Kenyan politics and journalism or more precisely siasa ya kumalizana and journalistic propaganda in favor of a preferred candidate.

No one has done more for the Somali community than the PM.

No one even comes close and certainly none among those vying and even the UK Daily as it peddles this porojo, it couldn’t find anything to say about that fact other than blatantly coming up with made up laughable stuff!

Thus, Kalonzo is said to be the candidate to beat in NEP because he “has demonstrated that he is not allergic to work with people from the region;” is the UK Daily serious?

Could the paper not come up with something better than this, which, if you are not on the floor laughing, know that everyone else is!

Well, they did–almost as an after-thought: forget about this laughable nonsense that no one else other than UK Daily would be so shameless to say, their other reason they give for Kalonzo to be a man to beat in NEP is because he has “tasted poverty like them!!!!”

What utter nonsense one can give as a reason to consider Kalonzo as challenge to Raila’s strong hold of the NEP vote.

If the UK Daily has given laughable reasons to prop up a non-existence serious candidacy of Musyoka to even challenge Raila in NEP, it couldn’t even come up with any reason at all UK could challenge Raila there other than to basically say UK is not his own man there and thus he would have to rely on tribalism and ethnicity by way of counting on Defense Minister Yusuf Haji and the laughable reason that UK supported a Somali parliamentary candidate in a constituency that’s not even in NEP!


Ruto, for his part, UK Daily could not even come up with any reason at all other than the head-scratching reason that URP has “packaged itself as party for pastoralists!

Is UK Daily serious?

Someone better be sacked there for this very poor hack job!

But I give the paper an A+ for cleverly disguising their hack job in the manner they have.

In fact, they are the best in the business if you ask me.

Note also how they have essentially given up on UK being a candidate and now are trying to push him as Mudavadi’s running mate.

What is even more telling is how they have confirmed Mudavadi has no chance anywhere in the country including NEP–they didn’t even try to offer any reason he could possibly challenge, let alone beat Raila in NEP other than to say his best bet is having UK as his running mate!

Now follow this logic: the man who has proven is not his own man needs UK who the paper says is not his own man in NEP to be his running mate?

Only in the warped logic of UK Daily.

The rest of the country knows better or shall by the time the campaigns are over with and the most qualified and best candidate is sworn as our next president.

We all know who that is and you are behind if you have not started practicing how to officially refer to him.

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