US Supreme Court Upholds President Obama’s Signature Healthcare Legislation

28 Jun

A supporter touts Obamacare at US Supreme Court

In an historic decision issued just a few minutes ago, the US Supreme Court upheld President Barrack Obama’s key legislative accomplishment and that is the health care law that ensures health coverage for all Americans, especially the poor and elderly who were previously without means to get health coverage.

The number of people who were previously without insurance coverage but will now benefit from this law is estimated to be about 50 million people.

Obama having the law passed in the first place was historic in that all presidents before him had tried to pass similar law but failed.

The Supreme Court decision itself is historic because a conservative Justice appointed by a Republican president (Bush) joined the four liberals of the court to deliver the victorious decision for Obama and Democrats who were all gloomy leading up to the decision day as they were poised to be humiliated with a decision tossing out the law as many were expecting the reliably conservative court to deliver.

Fortunately for Obama, Democrats and most Americans, justice and fairness to all has prevailed in the court upholding this important and signature piece of legislation Obama will be remembered for in infinity.

With this vindication, Obama may now be on a cruise to a second term as POUSA.

Congratulations, Mr. President!

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