The Kibaki Succession Game and Raila; The Unfolding Truth and Other Revelations Part II

08 Jun

In Parallels and Contrasts Between Mitt Romney and Raila Odinga, I mentioned the “anyone but Romney” spot that was variously occupied by individuals who would sooner than later crash and burn only to be replaced by others who did the same thing until the list of possibilities was exhausted, leaving Romney to occupy the spot himself without any further effort to replace him.

This scenario is eerily similar to what’s going on in the KSG.

All opponents, political and personal enemies of Raila have created this same spot for “anyone but Raila” (“ABR”) that initially was occupied by a group that proudly presented itself to the public as the KKK alliance—Kikuyu, Kalenjin and Kamba tribal alliance.

The Kenyan political scene as any other is never short of dumb ideas but the rolling out of this group of tribal leaders as KKK was so dumb, even the masters of Divide and Rule politics came out and openly told them this was a really dumb thing to do.

They heeded and quickly morphed into the so called G7.

Instead of having a grouping of 3 tribes to gang-up against Raila, it was better, the wiser minds concluded, to morph into a grouping of 7 tribes.

History will tell which was more dumber than the other one but what we do know for now, is that the so-called G7 may not exist anymore courtesy of its own unchecked ambitions and the very tribalism it was intended to exploit.

Be that as it may be, at its inception and as discussed in The Kibaki Succession Game and Raila Part I, KSG schemers featured one William Samoei Ruto as its inaugural ABR.

The inauguration was not exactly of State proportions but none other than President Mwai Kibaki himself graced the occasion in Eldoret on January 21, 2011 to announce to the world that Ruto was now the occupier of the freshly minted ABR.

Ruto will also be the first ABR to crash and burn from that spot for the reasons stated in the aforementioned blog.

No different than a spinster who goes into overdrive to find a man to marry quick before kicking or worse—and yes, there can be worse; the KSG schemers went into overdrive to find someone to replace Ruto as ABR.

The search was far and wide, even deep but each time a suitable person was identified, 10 pieces of unwanted baggage were found attached to him they could not shake him loose from.

Then the most brilliant among them—and note the key word here is “them,” put forth an idea: why not just take over ODM?

“How?” a befuddled lesser brilliant mind of the group inquired.

“Simple,” intoned the originator of the idea, “we identify someone within ODM we can marshal support within but from behind the scenes to challenge Raila for the party flag-bearer position and if we play our cards right, we can have our person nominated as ODM candidate only to destroy him in the general elections with our own true choice and leave ODM in tatters.”

“Brilliant!” exclaimed one of the octogenarians in the group, “now; who shall the chosen one be to carry out this dirty trick?” he inquired.

“Mzee; that’s simple,” came the reply from another now awake not so much of an octogenarian but close—adding, “that should be Musalia himself.”

“Why him?” inquired a previously mum veteran politician in the group seemingly dumbfounded and perplexed with where all this came from or was headed.

“Well, let’s see,” came the assuring and even commanding voice of the originator of the idea, “for one, the man is really no man of his own therefore we can mold him to whatever we wish to.”

“Second, besides the votes we can buy outright among ODM delegates to propel him to the top of ODM as its party nominee for president, we can actually easily convince even good supporters of Raila that he is a better bet for the party, given the polarizing nature of Raila’s candidacy.”

“Hmm, I like that,” intoned the now barely awake octogenarian.

“Third, given the party strength in the western part of the country, we only have a chance if we prop up and support either a Luo or Luhya and of all the potential candidates we can consider, none comes close to Musalia and even he, its rolling a dice with our money and faith.”

“What about Euni…ah, Eugine Wamalwa?”

[Laughter in the room]

“Okay, I suppose that means we are left with Musalia as our only option” growled the octogenarian bringing the discussion to an end with instructions to the lead schemers to work-out the rest of the details how to go about the scheme to install Mudavadi as ABR to succeed Ruto.

“Sir, before we close this meeting, may I inquire how do we get Mudavadi to agree to this without knowing we are simply using him only to dumb him later?” inquired one of the rare young minds in the group.

“Again; that’s easy,” the not so much of an octogenarian assured, adding “all it would take is a call from Baba.”

“And how do we get Baba to make the call, he being not part of us?” further inquired the rare young mind in the group.

“Young man; good, sharp questions that show promise you have a future in this dirty politics for those are the things you must ask and answer long before you engage in this game and we have,” came the answer from the originator of the idea, disclosing this idea did not just spring up out of nowhere; he had carefully thought it through this was just the moment to bring it to the fore within the group.

“Nothing will please Baba than to knock Raila out of the presidential run,” bemused the now gleeful originator of the idea, adding, “I know because he and I have had a chat about it and I saw with my own 4 eyes the excitement the idea aroused in him.”

Meanwhile, with his face and smile literally saying, “At your service Sirs; how can I be of use?” when the call came, MM literally said the same thing word by word.

“First, we would like you to challenge and defeat Raila as ODM flag-bearer,” came the answer.

Laughing rather loudly almost to the point of choking, MM nonetheless requested for more time to do “consultations,” which was another way of saying he is indecisive and can’t help it but would need guidance from his sidekicks who are not any better than he is, which explains much of what is going on with KSG even as I pen this blog.

“I know just how to do that,” replied the dull but still smiling high stakes politics newbie, several days later, adding, “I shall seek to replace Raila in the name of ‘internal democracy’ and if you give me enough support (read money), I surely as hell will deliver his political head to you after defeating him and taking over ODM as its leader and flag-bearer.”

The schemers and MM could not contain themselves with excitement of even the thought of MM defeating Raila as ODM flag-bearer.

And with that, the MM Project was consummated and the man installed as the reigning ABR; for how long, stay tuned.

In Part III, I will disclose what I know through my own impeccable sources and analysis as to the current state of the KSG.

Excepts thinking ahead: “Because of the bungling in his fake bid to challenge Raila under the false name of “internal democracy,” the schemers were faced with a dilemma: to drop the idea altogether or salvage it with its concomitant risk of total failure.”

And with that, MM was converted from a pawn to be used in the high stakes game of KSG to, in the minds of the schemers, their only hope to defeat Raila altogether in the general elections.

To say the man is now not only the unchallengeable ABR but also the de facto Vice President of the Republic of Kenya would be feebly stating the case.

Where does that leave Kalonzo Musyoka?

To be continued.

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