Mudavadi Stop Whining About Raila And Tell Us Why You Think You Can Be Our Next President

21 May

It is often said a man’s true characters is revealed during a crisis.

Mudavadi has had not to deal with any crisis we know of but he has revealed all his true character we need not get into a crisis to find out what he is made of or stands for.

More specifically, there are few who would disagree that Mudavadi has already made a compelling case he is an indecisive and very weak leader.

Indeed, only the handful or so ill-informed and misguided individuals Mudavadi has surrounded himself with as advisers and from whom he is receiving an equal measure of ill-advise and misguidance would disagree with this undeniable truth and that is, UON student body has seen better leaders any of whom can and should be better presidential candidate than Mudavadi.

Having proven his indecisiveness and weakness as a leader, Mudavadi is now compounding his worseness by also proving that he is a whiner in chief.

Ever since he finally brought himself around to deciding to defect from ODM, Mudavadi has said nothing about what distinguishes himself as a leader but has almost every occasion he is before a mic instead chosen to whine about Raila.

In other words, Mudavadi now become a bona fide member of the “Raila This, Raila That Choir” most Kenyans are simply tired of their lame refrain on how Raila is this or that without any proof.

In his most recent whining, Mudavadi whined before an embarrassingly small crowd in Tononoka grounds in Mombasa that Raila should give up his presidential ambitions because “he is no longer influential.”

Mudavadi and his minions alleged at the rally without any proof that ODM was sending “goons” to disrupt its rallies.

First of all, this is not just whining; this is full-proof Mudavadi is not ready and probably never will be ready for Prime Time.

Why would anyone bother to send goons to disrupt “rallies” that are not really rallies at all but a gathering of a few onlookers curious to have a look at this man they have heard has refused to learn from his past mistakes and is instead determined to send himself to political oblivion?

Rather than making the childish and embarrassing case that Raila should not vie for the presidency because “he is no longer influential,” which is not true in any case, Mudavadi should instead be making the case or more precisely, he should be explaining why he has never been influential at all despite being born with a silver spoon in his mouth and having risen to positions of power on account of his father’s closeness with Moi yet he has nothing to show for having held those positions.

It is fashionable for Raila opponents to invoke his name endlessly usually by way of lies and distortions to gain some traction in media coverage but no one seriously thinks tearing down or lying about Raila will alone have anyone elected as president.

No one, that is, except Mudavadi and his band of ill-informed and shortsighted advisers who are clearly borrowing this tired and failed tactic from the old anti-Raila playbook and will sooner than later find out they had better have a better game plan lest they are doomed to fail as they must if all they have is singing the refrain Raila This, Raila That.

Raila for his part, is going around the country preaching the message of peace and unity and specifically the message of ending hate and tribalism.

I had the occasion to be at one of the PM’s rallies in Nyeri just the other day and all I heard throughout his speech and those of others who spoke before him were positive messages along these lines that were very well received by the audience.

I did not hear him or those who spoke there whining or tearing others down.

To be sure, my good friend Assistant Minister and likely Governor of Turkana Josephat Nanok did make the valid point that it’s a shame area MPs opted not attend rally, which was, in fact, an official function to launch the Aberdare Trust Fund—a fund intended to build a 200km fence around the Aberdare National Park to protect people food crop from wildlife.

The other function was planting a tree in memory of Dedan Kimathi–something I was surprised nobody has ever bothered to have a memorial for this and other heroes of our independence—more on this later.

Anyway, Nanok, who surprised many when he spoke in fluent and deep Kikuyu, also repeated the message of love and unity and particularly ending tribalism.

Nonok touted the progress the country had achieved with the leadership of the PM working together with the president and all this he said was possible because Raila is a visionary who sees no tribalism but a country he wishes to have united as a one nation.

This is what we want to hear our leaders preaching not whining as Mudavadi and others are about Raila This, Raila That.

Indeed, forget about preaching about love and unity as many of these politicians are simply incapable of articulating this message as Raila does, let these wannabes tell us why they think they are fit to be elected president.

Telling us about Raila This, Raila That is simply not enough.



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