Mudavadi Is A Very Weak and Indecisive Leader Kenya Does Not Need As President

07 May

Even in the weeks leading to launching his run for the presidency, it became readily apparent that Mudavadi is a very weak and indecisive leader.

Readily apparent, that is, to those who don’t know him very well.

Those who know Mudavadi have always known these are undesirable qualities he possesses but as long as he had a strong, decisive leader to follow, he would do just fine in whatever supporting role and this is has been the hallmark of his life.

When Mudavadi was appointed youngest minister in our country at 39, thanks to his late father’s close relationship with Moi, he did not distinguish himself in any way and his service as minister is more remembered about his being implicated in the Goldenberg and cemetery scandals among other shady dealings ODM is now demanding that he comes clean about before thinking about running for president which Chapter Six demands no less.

When Mudavadi was appointed by Moi as Vice President, a position he held for the shortest period of time in our country’s history, he left without any record of achievement there either even though one may give him a break for indeed, he had not served long enough to accomplish anything.

When Mudavadi became our Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government, he continued with his record of non-achievement so much so as noted above Kenyans will remember him for the cemetery scandal he has yet to come clean than anything else.

When Mudavadi became the deputy leader of ODM, did what deputies usually do: nothing worth of noting.

Indeed, rather than work hard to grow and strengthen ODM as any strong leader would, Mudavadi chose to bolt when it came clear to him that he doesn’t have what it takes to replace Raila as the party leader for the same reasons he doesn’t have what it takes to become our next president than Raila does.

The very manner in which Mudavadi bolted ODM exposed him as an indecisive and uncertain leader because it took months for him to make a decision a novice but decisive leader would have made in a matter of days.

Mudavadi claimed in recent days leading to his announcement that he was consulting widely but a strong leader doesn’t go door to door asking voters whether a decision is about to make is good or bad.

A strong leader makes a decision and influences others to follow.

Mudavadi’s indecisiveness on its own is enough reason not to be voted as president because we need a strong, decisive leader to occupy that office lest the likes of Mudavadi will be taken advantage by their cronies who would then run the country down the ground even worse than we have heard before.

Granted, both Kenyatta and Moi were no push-overs when the country was being run down the ground by their cronies and hangers-on but the difference is, in 2012, we need a strong leader who also believes in ending corruption and impunity, with a proven record of doing such and that person is not Mudavadi as he has no proven record of reform and his involvement in the scandals mentioned about taint him and actually disqualify him as president is Chapter Six means anything.

Mudavadi has been going around telling the public that Raila is a “dictator;” well, guess what Mr. DPM: The country needs someone with a doze of dictatorship mentality to fix the mess we have been in than it needs a very week, indecisive leader like you who everyone will push-over to get what they want all of which will be for their narrow, selfish interests and not in the interest of our country.

Mudavadi may compare and be comparable to others running for president but in terms of leadership qualities, he is simply a student who has yet to master the skills from the masters such as Raila.

The reality is, if there was to be a match-up between Raila and Mudavadi, all votes for Mudavadi will be votes by those who vote for him because they hate Raila or simply don’t want him to be president and the rest will be those he will get from the few in the Luhya community buying into this tribal notion that it’s time for their tribe.

None of the votes for Mudavadi would be on account of his leadership skills for he has demonstrated he lacks them and what little he has is not needed in our country at this stage in our history.

This is not an idle charge but as noted above, Mudavadi has demonstrated he is a very weak and indecisive leader we definitely don’t want to see occupying State House because his cronies will take advantage and drive the country even further under the ground in both corruption and impunity, not to say anything about development Mudavadi has not shown any leadership worth noting.

But there is more in support of the fact that Mudavadi is a very weak and indecisive leader and look no further than his clinging to the DPM position despite having clearly become ineligible to hold that office under the law.

Mudavadi’s continued holding that office despite being ineligible to hold it shows that he is one who would do what is in his selfish interest and if that’s contradicted by the law, the law be damned.

Fortunately or unfortunately for him, depending how one see this, Mudavadi is not alone in that category as many a politician are guilty of this as well.

Indeed, other than Raila and maybe one other candidate seriously considering a run for the presidency, all these other contenders have demonstrated when it comes to the rule of law, they prefer to curve themselves an exception such that the rule of law does not apply to them.

It’s called impunity and by clinging to the DPM position despite clearly not being eligible anymore, Mudavadi has earned himself membership in the class of those who have become masters of it.

A leader who respects the rule of law would have done the honorable thing and resigned as DPM rather than clinging to the position until forced out.

In sum, when taking into consideration the indecisiveness Mudavadi has demonstrated and coupled with the fact he has over the years shown to be a very weak leader and when one considers the fact that Mudavadi has been implicated in some of the worst corruption scandals in the country and given now his continued flaunting of the law in refusing to step aside as DPM, Mudavadi has made the case he deserves not a single vote by anyone who is serious about electing a leader who can transform our country.


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6 responses to “Mudavadi Is A Very Weak and Indecisive Leader Kenya Does Not Need As President

  1. kimani waweru

    May 8, 2012 at 7:27 AM

    musalia have simply went back where he belonged. the person to fault right now is dkt.raila amollo odinga for engaging him in the first place. daktari take note, odm is a mass movement of which leadership we entrust you and you should not fish every tom,dick and harry without consulting. it goes without saying most of us were apprehensive of him from the word go.

    • Wilfred

      May 19, 2012 at 3:39 PM

      I long for your next post..what has happened to you?

  2. Wilfred

    May 19, 2012 at 3:41 PM

    ..i long for your next post..when will that be?

  3. Samuel N. Omwenga

    May 20, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    Coming soon…I have been away on travel in motherland and posting has been extremely difficult due to schedule but on way back and shall resume. Thanks for noticing:-)


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