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Dr. Ida Betty Odinga Is Not Your Average Politician’s Wife, Says CNN

Dr. Ida Odinga, mother of grown children, successful businesswoman, champion of women rights in Africa in general and Kenya in particular and wife of the Prime Minister of Kenya, Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga was recently interviewed by CNN about her contributions in these roles and more.

An intro and text of the interview follows below but a re-run of the interview itself can also be seen on CNN and KTN for next several weeks, check your local listings for actual times.

We should all be happy and proud of Dr. Ida Odinga’s contributions and accomplishments in her own right which often go unheralded by our own media but one would hope they will reverse course and start covering accomplishments of ladies like Mama Ida and others rather than focusing on the latest in efforts to “stop” Raila from being reelected as president, which no doubt seems to be the in-thing for much of the media.

In the larger context of things, however, Dr. Ida is just only getting started.

Here we go…

(CNN) — It’s often proclaimed that “behind a strong man there is a strong woman” — and in the case of Kenya’s prime minister and his wife, the saying seems to be true.

Ida Odinga, the wife of Kenyan leader Raila Odinga has been a champion for female rights in Kenya for more than two decades now.

A teacher by profession, Odinga established a women’s voting league in 1991 and became known as the face of defiance during her country’s one-party regime. She is also one of the first women to head a major corporation in the East African nation.

“It’s good to be a wife, but it’s good to be an educated wife. Being a wife, it’s just not a position of subordination — it’s a position of strength,” she says. “And I make him [Raila Odinga] stronger by being strong.”

Odinga opened up to CNN’s Felicia Taylor about the role of women in Kenya and her life as the wife of the country’s prime minister. An edited version of the interview follows.

CNN: What do you enjoy the most in your role as the wife of Kenya’s prime minister?

Ida Odinga: Meeting with the people, particularly meeting with the young women in schools and colleges, I enjoy being with them.

The most rewarding thing that I find is that when I go out in schools and in colleges, and I mentor the girls and I see how they respond to mentorship. I don’t only mentor the girls, I also mentor the girls, their parents and the community and I see the response. I find that really rewarding.

CNN: What do you think is the changing role for women in Kenya now?

Raila Odinga hails wife’s strength

IO: Women are taking up positions of responsibility, particularly in leadership — political leadership, administrative leadership and all sorts of leadership. And that changing role is coming as a result of education.

Ida Odinga’s mind for business

The other thing is that there is also a really large number of young bright women who are not able to pay school fees, who are not able to advance in education. And I look for means and ways to help them so that they can at least get the education.

CNN: You were one of the first women to head a major corporation in East Africa, a liquefied gas cylinder manufacturing company. That doesn’t sound like the easiest business. How did you do this?

IO: The work is different because it is heavy duty work but I do enjoy it, like teaching. In teaching you start with young girls and you take them and in the end they become young women. And you see the development, in the end you see the work, the result of your work. Similarly, when you take raw materials and you cut it and you roll it and you weld it and you do this and in the end you see a beautiful cylinder standing on the other end, it is very rewarding.

When you are satisfied with what you are doing and when you are in charge of what you are doing, you are powerful. And power is the nature of the game. The women must be powerful and they must remain strong.

CNN: Your husband spent most of the 1980s jailed by president Moi’s government. How hard was it on you?

When you are satisfied with what you are doing and when you are in charge of what you are doing, you are powerful.
Ida Odinga

IO: It was very hard on me — at that time I had three children, my eldest was nine years old then I had a five-year-old and a three-year-old. Now I was still a teacher in high school and I loved my job, I did it diligently and I enjoyed doing it. But then there were challenges because for all those years, I became like a political widow without a husband and my children had to go to school, they had to leave and so forth. I was not prepared to take care of the children alone and so this thing came to me as a surprise. But then I had to mature very quickly and know how to balance my life, how to be able to do my job and still bring up the children, single-handledly for those 10 years.

See also Queen of African Radio: African Need a Hand-Up Not Hand-Out

But there’s also something else that made it more difficult — I was always being followed by the police, they were always following me and harassing me. It was never peaceful time. And in the process sometimes I would be arrested and thrown in the cell and remained there for a weekend.

CNN: You’ve said, “you must love yourself before someone else does.” What are you really trying to tell women?

IO: When I say “you must love yourself before someone else does,” that’s self esteem. Now if you love yourself, you want the best for yourself. You take care of your self and then others will see that and come and join you. Don’t wait for someone to tell you how good you are, how strong, even how beautiful you are. You must know yourself that: “I’m beautiful, I’m knowledgeable, I’m strong, I can do it! Join me to help me do it.”

But don’t wait for somebody to tell you because when you wait for people to tell you, then they’ll take advantage of you because they’ll think that they’ve made you. But make them understand that you make yourself. And after you’ve made yourself, then others can come to join you to make you stronger.

CNN: That doesn’t detract from being a fantastic wife, does it? You can be both.

IO: It’s good to be a wife, but it’s good to be an educated wife. Being a wife, it’s just not a position of subordination — it’s a position of strength.

And I’d like to show them the best way to be a wife. You’re a wife, I’m a wife of a prime minister and he loves me to death anyway. And I make him stronger by being strong.


Source: CNN

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Pro-Change and Anti-Tribalism Group Plans Another Meeting In Limuru

By Moses Njagih, Standard, Saturday, May 26 2012 at 22:40 GMT+3

After the dramatic cancellation of the Limuru 2B Gema meeting last month, the organisers are planning to return to Limuru and finally hold their meeting.

The group will on Wednesday be heading to Jumuia Conference Centre in Limuru, where police evicted them under fumes of teargas.

After the aborted meeting disrupted by security officials over claim it was a security threat, the organisers are exuding confidence that this time, they will push through their agenda.

The organisers plan to meet in Limuru only days after Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru, who is viewed as the groups target in some quarters, set in motion his bid for the presidency by launching The National Alliance party.

But Ngunjiri Wambugu, one of the organisers of the Limuru 2B dismisses claims their meeting targets the DPM.

“We want to deliberately move the socio-political conversation from ‘tribe-thinking’ to ‘Kenyan-thinking’ by challenging tribal narratives from within and across several communities,” says Ngunjiri.

He adds: “After the meeting, we will then launch a movement to challenge tribalism propagated by ethnic chieftains”.

Right to assembly

The disruption and cancellation of the first meeting planned for April 18 attracted condemnation, with the organisers perceived to be “leftists” in Central Kenya politics, complaining the move was an affront to their right to assembly.

In what is seen as a move to insulate the planned meeting from possible cancellation, the group has been waging a battle against security officers in court.

Only last week, High Court Judge Isaac Lenaola ordered Police Commissioner Matthew Iteere to provide security for all those who will wish to assemble for the meeting.

But the court also gave strict conditions the organisers will have to meet before they can assemble, with Justice Lenaola saying they must do it in a peaceful manner and have to be unarmed.

Ngunjiri, who is also the Executive Director of Change Associates, says the requirements stipulated by the court had been met during the earlier meeting.

Wambugu says contrary to police claims, they had followed due process and had asked for security for the meeting they had organised only days after the Limuru 2 championed by official Gema leadership, Uhuru and his supporters.

Police notification

“We had met these conditions during our earlier meeting, and will meet them again on Wednesday. The police notifications have been hand-delivered to the OCS Tigoni, as required by the law and acknowledged,” said Ngunjiri.

He added: “We have this time gone a step further and hand-delivered copies of this notification to the OCPD Lari and the DC Kiambu West”.

As was the case in the first meeting, Ngunjiri says the key speaker on Wednesday will be retired Anglican Church Archbishop David Gitari, while other political leaders such as former Kabete MP Paul Muite, former Runyenjes MP Njeru Kathangu and Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara will respond.

Coincidentally, the three fiery political leaders were among key subjects in the crusade for multi-party politics in the early 1990s and the push for a new Constitution.

Ngunjiri says other MPs including Mithika Linturi (Igembe South), Dr Kilemi Mwiria (Tigania West) and former MP Maoka Maore will also attend.

Others will include Rosemary Kariuki-Machua (JM Kariuki’s daughter), Evelyne Kimathi (Dedan Kimathi’s daughter), Zarina Patel (Author & Publisher), Hassan Omar (Former KNCHR Commissioner) and Bob Ndolo of the Bob Ndolo Foundation.

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga, whose supporters disrupted the first meeting where Uhuru was endorsed as Gema’s preferred presidential aspirant, will also attend.

Njenga has been critical of the manner the first meeting was dispersed, saying the group will not be cowed by police action.

Noble agenda

“We have never understood why the meeting had to be cancelled when the agenda was noble,” he recently said.

A Central Kenya MP, who does not subscribe to this group but who argues the meeting should have been allowed, says the cancellation gave credence to claims Uhuru is being protected.

“In some quarters, it has been claimed Uhuru is engaged in a contest for popularity among the youth in Central Kenya with Maina Njenga, which may not be necessarily so given that the two play in completely different leagues,” says the MP.

He added: “The disruption has given credence to the perception that the police are being used in Uhuru’s favour, which may not be the case. It would only be prudent to allow the group to meet.”

Needless to say, this group’s right to assemble under the constitution should not be interfered with again as was shamelessly the case the last time they tried to gather in Limuru.

We are now past the politics of state intimidation and malicious use of state organs to harass and abuse people for the protection and benefit of those in charge of the organs and their masters.

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Uhuru and Ruto Must Now Suspend Their Presidential Ambitions

Were an intelligent being from space to land in Kenya and given rapid fire introduction to politics or political representation in particular, the first question they will ask is why would an individual charged with serious crimes against humanity even be contemplating to run for office?

They will not even need to know what the Constitution says about qualifications for holding public office, let alone vying for the presidency.

God’s naturally given common sense would have to lead them to conclude it makes no sense for someone accused of crimes against humanity to at the same time demand to represent the same people he is accused of having been responsible for the murder, rape and displacement of their loved ones.

Yet, since confirmation of serious charges of crimes against humanity against them earlier this year, Uhuru and Ruto have been behaving as if these charges are a mere nuisance to be brushed aside.

Indeed, right after the confirmation of charges, the duo embarked on extremely reckless and highly charged “prayer rallies” which had nothing to do with prayer but a blatant effort to incite and plant seeds of discord to further divide the country or even stoke violence.

Their actions were condemned by peace loving Kenyans, including the Civil Society one can assume the suspects heard an earful from the ICC they wisely heeded and toned down the rhetoric.

Granted, after confirmation of the charges, the duo and the other remaining suspects lodged an appeal challenging the ICC’s subject matter jurisdiction over the cases against the now Ocampo-4.

One can therefore assume on probably bad legal counsel from their attorneys, the duo were given the advice they should carry on with their political activities as if the confirmation of charges had not occurred simply because of the pending appeal.

Fortunately or unfortunately for the duo, the Appeals Chamber has now unanimously dismissed the appeal, meaning the last hurdle to start trial of the cases against the remaining suspects has been passed.

There is nothing now short of a small miracle will stop the cases from going to trial at the ICC.

This means in simple, practical terms that Uhuru and Ruto must now stop pretending that everything is hanky dory and instead get serious in mounting a defense against these serious charges they face.

It will be the height of arrogance and self-elevation to a level of importance unparalleled in history to demand that the duo should nonetheless be allowed to vie for the presidency notwithstanding these serious charges they each face.

There are those who argue, and these two suspects obviously believe in the same and that is, their being barred from vying is a windfall for Raila and his own presidential ambitions.

That’s nonsense.

Raila’s prospects for being reelected as president actually significantly improve, almost like day and night if the two are allowed to vie and that’s a fact only those who don’t understand Kenyan politics may doubt.

Uhuru and Ruto should out of respect of the PEV victims and the unity of our country simply recognize they are in a bad jam they should not drag the rest of the country into their woes.

That does not mean they are guilty or that they should be banished.

Far from it.

As the leaders they claim to be, the duo should simply focus on defending themselves against these serious charges and let the rest of the country focus on electing new leaders.

If the two are found not guilty, there will be plenty of time ahead to seek whatever office they fancy and with such an acquittal, it may just be a walk to any of the offices they chose to pursue save for the presidency they still must individually make the case they have the leadership qualities needed to occupy that office.

The presidency is not a birthright for anyone.

Neither is it an office one must seek regardless of what the constitution says.

The constitution sets the minimum criteria and qualifications one must have to be eligible to vie for office, which means one can apply a higher standard and disqualify themselves if necessary.

There is no more apt case for such self-disqualification than in this involving Uhuru and Ruto and their quest for the presidency.

Both men must rise above politics and put country first and if they do so, there is only one right decision they must reach consistent with anyone with more than deminimis moral values and that is, removing themselves from among those vying for the presidency.

It will not be the end of the world if they did so and neither will it be the end of them or Kenya.


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VP Fiasco In Minnesota, USA

Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka addressed Kenyans living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and following his speech, my source tells me things got rather very heated. In particular, my source tells me the Q&A session was very heated and the VP was “dodgy” in answering questions to the point people became upset with his slick answers especially on voting rights for diaspora war in Somalia and he was at one point booed very loudly.

The source describes the situation as being “very messy” but the VP managed to calm the temperatures by saying he will push for diaspora vote.

On the illegal County Commissioner appointments by Kibaki, the VP shifted blame to Saitoti then said the “ODM-K person in charge of the committee” will follow up on these appointments which is another way of saying kaeni ivyo ivyo.

According to the source, however, the VP was overwhelmed with the tough questioning and only calmed down after police were called and ejected several people from the venue who were asking or about to ask tough questions of the VP.

More police officers were called after the ejections and according to the source, the venue became more like a war-zone.

I have been around for a long time but do not recall when such heavy police presence was called on Kenyans and I have seen from the best to the worst visit and address Kenyans here in the US.

Simply put, this is a disgrace to call the police on Kenyans whose only desire was to engage their leaders in discourse peacefully and the VP should be ashamed, not that he is capable.


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Elevating Kenyan Politics Beyond Lies, Distortions and Innuendo

For the last one year or so, all serious and not so serious presidential aspirants have had at least one thing in common and that is a crack at falling one mugumo tree in the middle of the field of presidential candidates.

Each one of them has also had one other thing in common with each other and that is inability to fall the mugumo tree despite their individual best effort to do so.

A closer examination of the tree, however, reveals that even though still standing strong, the tree has taken a beating.

The mugumo tree is none other than one Raila Amolo Odinga; a man who seems to always withstand even the most torturous assaults when anyone else in the same shoes would simply buckle and collapse for good without any fighting spirit left to fight on.

Not Raila who in some odd and inexplicable manner seems to strive best under these extreme of circumstances.

When William Samoei Ruto saw an opening early on during the coalition government to bring down Raila by way of spreading lies about the PM in his efforts to save the Mau forest, he went with it full gusto and even some doubters thought he might succeed.

He did not.

That was just a warm-up for Ruto who later would be joined by other ICC suspects in singing the refrain, “let’s not be vague, let’s go to the Hague!”

Except there was one minor problem: unbeknownst to Ruto and company, the Hague was coming after them faster than they could say ICC and thus change in tactic was necessary to now blame Raila for their being sent to the Hague.

Few people took Uhuru and Ruto seriously in their shameless peddling of the lie that Raila was responsible for their being at the Hague when clearly Raila had nothing to do with it and, in fact, they are on record begging to go to the Hague because they at the time taught the Hague was some process in space that would never reach them during their life-times.

They were, of course, wrong.

With a gullible and sycophantic following ready and willing to accept anything Uhuru and Ruto told them, this tactic appeared to work for some time but, given its Raila we are talking about, many of the same followers and the public at large just got tired of the lies, distortions and innuendo to the point it’s now laughable for anyone to try and blame Raila for the duo being tried at the Hague for the serious charges of crimes against humanity.

In other words, the larger public and specifically those who believe in a new Kenya are fatigued by the lies, distortions and innuendo against Raila and are now demanding that these presidential candidates do better.

To be sure, many of these politicians opposed to Raila are counting on the ignorance, illiteracy and tribalism of a segment of the population to still deny Raila the key to State House but a better reading of the public mood is while there may be such voters out there, the vast majority are not and these are the ones to make a difference come election time.

These are the voters who are tired of the lies and being used and for the first time are demanding and want answers to the very basic question those seeking votes all over the world must answer and that is, why should I vote for you and why are you any better than the next candidate.

One can sing all day long and all night long for weeks and eons how bad the other candidate is but the smarter voter would read through that and still demand to know why they should vote for them.

This is the nightmare that Uhuru and Ruto face because neither has really ever articulated, and it’s doubtful they ever will articulate any reason why either is better than Raila when it comes to presidential leadership.

There is, of course, the other nightmare of ICC which between the two one has to toss a coin to determine which is worse, but that’s neither here nor there for now as no decision has been made whether to allow or ban the two from vying for the presidency because of the serious charges of crimes against humanity they face before the ICC.

Meanwhile, having survived the onslaught against him over the recent months and years, Raila appears to have settled on simply preaching a message of peace and unity as well as ending ukabila as the cornerstone of his presidential run.

It’s a smart move that may reward him with the ultimate prize he seeks.


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Mudavadi Stop Whining About Raila And Tell Us Why You Think You Can Be Our Next President

It is often said a man’s true characters is revealed during a crisis.

Mudavadi has had not to deal with any crisis we know of but he has revealed all his true character we need not get into a crisis to find out what he is made of or stands for.

More specifically, there are few who would disagree that Mudavadi has already made a compelling case he is an indecisive and very weak leader.

Indeed, only the handful or so ill-informed and misguided individuals Mudavadi has surrounded himself with as advisers and from whom he is receiving an equal measure of ill-advise and misguidance would disagree with this undeniable truth and that is, UON student body has seen better leaders any of whom can and should be better presidential candidate than Mudavadi.

Having proven his indecisiveness and weakness as a leader, Mudavadi is now compounding his worseness by also proving that he is a whiner in chief.

Ever since he finally brought himself around to deciding to defect from ODM, Mudavadi has said nothing about what distinguishes himself as a leader but has almost every occasion he is before a mic instead chosen to whine about Raila.

In other words, Mudavadi now become a bona fide member of the “Raila This, Raila That Choir” most Kenyans are simply tired of their lame refrain on how Raila is this or that without any proof.

In his most recent whining, Mudavadi whined before an embarrassingly small crowd in Tononoka grounds in Mombasa that Raila should give up his presidential ambitions because “he is no longer influential.”

Mudavadi and his minions alleged at the rally without any proof that ODM was sending “goons” to disrupt its rallies.

First of all, this is not just whining; this is full-proof Mudavadi is not ready and probably never will be ready for Prime Time.

Why would anyone bother to send goons to disrupt “rallies” that are not really rallies at all but a gathering of a few onlookers curious to have a look at this man they have heard has refused to learn from his past mistakes and is instead determined to send himself to political oblivion?

Rather than making the childish and embarrassing case that Raila should not vie for the presidency because “he is no longer influential,” which is not true in any case, Mudavadi should instead be making the case or more precisely, he should be explaining why he has never been influential at all despite being born with a silver spoon in his mouth and having risen to positions of power on account of his father’s closeness with Moi yet he has nothing to show for having held those positions.

It is fashionable for Raila opponents to invoke his name endlessly usually by way of lies and distortions to gain some traction in media coverage but no one seriously thinks tearing down or lying about Raila will alone have anyone elected as president.

No one, that is, except Mudavadi and his band of ill-informed and shortsighted advisers who are clearly borrowing this tired and failed tactic from the old anti-Raila playbook and will sooner than later find out they had better have a better game plan lest they are doomed to fail as they must if all they have is singing the refrain Raila This, Raila That.

Raila for his part, is going around the country preaching the message of peace and unity and specifically the message of ending hate and tribalism.

I had the occasion to be at one of the PM’s rallies in Nyeri just the other day and all I heard throughout his speech and those of others who spoke before him were positive messages along these lines that were very well received by the audience.

I did not hear him or those who spoke there whining or tearing others down.

To be sure, my good friend Assistant Minister and likely Governor of Turkana Josephat Nanok did make the valid point that it’s a shame area MPs opted not attend rally, which was, in fact, an official function to launch the Aberdare Trust Fund—a fund intended to build a 200km fence around the Aberdare National Park to protect people food crop from wildlife.

The other function was planting a tree in memory of Dedan Kimathi–something I was surprised nobody has ever bothered to have a memorial for this and other heroes of our independence—more on this later.

Anyway, Nanok, who surprised many when he spoke in fluent and deep Kikuyu, also repeated the message of love and unity and particularly ending tribalism.

Nonok touted the progress the country had achieved with the leadership of the PM working together with the president and all this he said was possible because Raila is a visionary who sees no tribalism but a country he wishes to have united as a one nation.

This is what we want to hear our leaders preaching not whining as Mudavadi and others are about Raila This, Raila That.

Indeed, forget about preaching about love and unity as many of these politicians are simply incapable of articulating this message as Raila does, let these wannabes tell us why they think they are fit to be elected president.

Telling us about Raila This, Raila That is simply not enough.



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Mudavadi Is A Very Weak and Indecisive Leader Kenya Does Not Need As President

Even in the weeks leading to launching his run for the presidency, it became readily apparent that Mudavadi is a very weak and indecisive leader.

Readily apparent, that is, to those who don’t know him very well.

Those who know Mudavadi have always known these are undesirable qualities he possesses but as long as he had a strong, decisive leader to follow, he would do just fine in whatever supporting role and this is has been the hallmark of his life.

When Mudavadi was appointed youngest minister in our country at 39, thanks to his late father’s close relationship with Moi, he did not distinguish himself in any way and his service as minister is more remembered about his being implicated in the Goldenberg and cemetery scandals among other shady dealings ODM is now demanding that he comes clean about before thinking about running for president which Chapter Six demands no less.

When Mudavadi was appointed by Moi as Vice President, a position he held for the shortest period of time in our country’s history, he left without any record of achievement there either even though one may give him a break for indeed, he had not served long enough to accomplish anything.

When Mudavadi became our Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government, he continued with his record of non-achievement so much so as noted above Kenyans will remember him for the cemetery scandal he has yet to come clean than anything else.

When Mudavadi became the deputy leader of ODM, did what deputies usually do: nothing worth of noting.

Indeed, rather than work hard to grow and strengthen ODM as any strong leader would, Mudavadi chose to bolt when it came clear to him that he doesn’t have what it takes to replace Raila as the party leader for the same reasons he doesn’t have what it takes to become our next president than Raila does.

The very manner in which Mudavadi bolted ODM exposed him as an indecisive and uncertain leader because it took months for him to make a decision a novice but decisive leader would have made in a matter of days.

Mudavadi claimed in recent days leading to his announcement that he was consulting widely but a strong leader doesn’t go door to door asking voters whether a decision is about to make is good or bad.

A strong leader makes a decision and influences others to follow.

Mudavadi’s indecisiveness on its own is enough reason not to be voted as president because we need a strong, decisive leader to occupy that office lest the likes of Mudavadi will be taken advantage by their cronies who would then run the country down the ground even worse than we have heard before.

Granted, both Kenyatta and Moi were no push-overs when the country was being run down the ground by their cronies and hangers-on but the difference is, in 2012, we need a strong leader who also believes in ending corruption and impunity, with a proven record of doing such and that person is not Mudavadi as he has no proven record of reform and his involvement in the scandals mentioned about taint him and actually disqualify him as president is Chapter Six means anything.

Mudavadi has been going around telling the public that Raila is a “dictator;” well, guess what Mr. DPM: The country needs someone with a doze of dictatorship mentality to fix the mess we have been in than it needs a very week, indecisive leader like you who everyone will push-over to get what they want all of which will be for their narrow, selfish interests and not in the interest of our country.

Mudavadi may compare and be comparable to others running for president but in terms of leadership qualities, he is simply a student who has yet to master the skills from the masters such as Raila.

The reality is, if there was to be a match-up between Raila and Mudavadi, all votes for Mudavadi will be votes by those who vote for him because they hate Raila or simply don’t want him to be president and the rest will be those he will get from the few in the Luhya community buying into this tribal notion that it’s time for their tribe.

None of the votes for Mudavadi would be on account of his leadership skills for he has demonstrated he lacks them and what little he has is not needed in our country at this stage in our history.

This is not an idle charge but as noted above, Mudavadi has demonstrated he is a very weak and indecisive leader we definitely don’t want to see occupying State House because his cronies will take advantage and drive the country even further under the ground in both corruption and impunity, not to say anything about development Mudavadi has not shown any leadership worth noting.

But there is more in support of the fact that Mudavadi is a very weak and indecisive leader and look no further than his clinging to the DPM position despite having clearly become ineligible to hold that office under the law.

Mudavadi’s continued holding that office despite being ineligible to hold it shows that he is one who would do what is in his selfish interest and if that’s contradicted by the law, the law be damned.

Fortunately or unfortunately for him, depending how one see this, Mudavadi is not alone in that category as many a politician are guilty of this as well.

Indeed, other than Raila and maybe one other candidate seriously considering a run for the presidency, all these other contenders have demonstrated when it comes to the rule of law, they prefer to curve themselves an exception such that the rule of law does not apply to them.

It’s called impunity and by clinging to the DPM position despite clearly not being eligible anymore, Mudavadi has earned himself membership in the class of those who have become masters of it.

A leader who respects the rule of law would have done the honorable thing and resigned as DPM rather than clinging to the position until forced out.

In sum, when taking into consideration the indecisiveness Mudavadi has demonstrated and coupled with the fact he has over the years shown to be a very weak leader and when one considers the fact that Mudavadi has been implicated in some of the worst corruption scandals in the country and given now his continued flaunting of the law in refusing to step aside as DPM, Mudavadi has made the case he deserves not a single vote by anyone who is serious about electing a leader who can transform our country.


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