The Departure of Former ODM Members Is Neither Unusual Nor Is It A Big Deal

23 Apr

There has been an effort lately to try and label Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga as someone who uses and dumps people at will.

This is an unfair and at its core a false charge.

I recently had occasion to reply to someone who raised the issue elsewhere on these Internets (Bush word) and post the same here for others benefit.

Second, everything you have said about Moi and how he used people is true and I agree with it.

However, we differ when you say, “[I am] unable to see the same qualities of using people for the same reasons of expediency as Moi, in your own man!

Rather than going too philosophical on this, let me just say as a true proposition that everyone uses someone at one point or another in their lives and that includes using each other and it doesn’t matter whether it’s in politics or not.

What matters or makes a difference is to what degree and to what end.

Politicians like Raila use others to achieve political objectives that are both good for their individual political objectives and more importantly, to meet political objectives and goals good for the country and I see nothing wrong with that; its using of people for ill-advised narrow and selfish ends like Moi did that is wrong and must be condemned and shunned.

Third, you charge, “Using the helplessness of those used by Moi to discredit Mudavadi as a weakling is as spiteful as you could get!”

You are simply wrong as I have done no such a thing for the reasons I have noted above.

Since you are obviously wrong about this simple truth, it therefore follows you are also wrong in charging that “This is your worst blog ever and unfortunately exposes your own character.”

My character has been the same and exposed since childhood as anyone who has known me for any length of time can attest and quite frankly as even you can from my writings and participation in these fora.

You say, “[I am] saying that Mudavadi in ODM was only good for the votes he brought, or was likely to bring from his Tribe because numbers matter most, not a man’s ability to perform for Kenyans and his country.

Please read again what I have said not only in this blog but all others and you’ll clearly see and agree I have said no such a thing. As I am sure you know, I have been and remain consistent in saying ukabila will be crushed in 2012 if Raila is reelected as president because his campaign strategy is not based on tribal arithmetic as those of his opponents.

Rather, Raila’s campaign and that of ODM is based on winning votes in all 47 counties, which I have dubbed variously as the 47CCS or 47CC or simply Raila’s 47C.

You say, “There is no more ‘democracy’ in ODM today than there was in Kanu under Moi.Both Party Leaders are users, cripplers and destroyers of anyone near who appear to have a minds of their own.”


I can write a book as to why but I am fairly certain even as you say this, you actually don’t believe it yourself.

You can say the same thing about PNU and I will not disagree but ODM? No way and any objective person would concur.

Is ODM perfect?

No; but it is the only party out there that has instituted internal democratization no other party comes even close.

These are ongoing changes and improvements that will bear fruit as shall be witnessed in the nomination process itself and when its all said and done, the party would have permanently set itself above and beyond all other parties which can only hope to follow suit at some point in the far future but not now when internal democracy is alien to them.

You say, “Pentagon members have proved that they are happier away from the influence and connection with ODM. They have all walked off in various ways….and been told that they are expendable anyway. There must be a very good reason for their deserting.the Party… for not wanting to be associated with ODM. These are the people who want to preserve their own dignity!”

Wrong again.

None of the Pentagon members who have left have left because of preserving their dignity!!!!

Rather, both Ruto and Balala left for reasons that have to do with their own selfish interests and had nothing to do with Raila other than the fact they perceive him to be in the way to their desired destination they are in a hurry to get to, if they ever get there, which is doubtful.

Those threatening to leave will do so for the same reasons and more.

In fact, Maurice Oduor put it best when he said the following the other day in response to Lister Nyaringo posing a genuinely good faith question as to why Pentagon members have left or are leaving ODM:

These Pentagon members leaving are leaving for their own reasons and not because Amolo did anything wrong to them.The Pentagon members are leaving for their own reasons.

Ruto left because he felt that he should have been DPm and not Mudavadi

Balala left because he felt that Amolo did not prevail on the National Delegates Conference to have him elected the Organizing Secretary. The seat went to Ali Hassa Joho, the MP for Kisauni. Amolo left it to the delegates and the delegates decided to choose Joho. Now Balala claims that ODM is not democratic even though he wanted Amolo to use undemocratic means to have him elected Organizing Secretary.

Nyagah left because of the euphoria around Uhuru. He wants to ensure himself a parliamentary seat in the next election and he can only do that in whatever party Uhuru is on.

Mudavadi is leaving for his own selfish reasons because some anti-Raila people have convinced him that he can win and become president. Rumours are that Moi is the brains behind this Mudavadi saga.

Ngilu is a difficult one to understand because Amolo has been her big supporter even during the recent alleged scandals in her ministry.

So, Lister, you can see that all these Pentagon members leaving are leaving for their own reasons and not because Amolo did anything wrong to them.

Fair minded and objective Kenyans will agree to this without any hesitation because it’s true.

In sum, and as you can see and agree, my blog is not “a poor, sour grapes and spiteful blog.

No; not even close, not at all.

It is truth as I see it and nothing but the truth.

Peace, Unity and Truth



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