The Police Stopping The Limuru 2B Meeting Is Impunity Per Se and Abuse of Law Enforcement

18 Apr

The police action of blocking the Limuru 2B meeting which was scheduled today to counter the recent Gema and Kamatusa tribal meetings in which certain divisive declarations were made is a shameless act of citing “security” to thwart efforts by progressive Kenyans who want to show Kenya and the world that we cannot change our country unless we shake and rid ourselves of hate based division and tribalism.

Indeed, grave as it is, it is both comical and an irony that the police would move to stop a peaceful meeting organized by conveners like the Hon. Mithika Linturi and activist Ngunjiri Wambugu when they have been missing or more accurately they have looked the other way as “prayer” rallies upon rallies have been held in the country where any casual observer would have concluded the rallies were more about inciting and dividing the country than what they are purported to be.

The police action in stopping the Limuru 2B meeting says more about the police and where we are in reforms than anything about security.

More specifically, and to be more blunt, those in charge of our country’s security apparatus are clearly showing their hand that they will not hesitate to use state instruments such as our police to both thwart efforts to couner groups such as Gema and Kamatusa as well as to advance and effect their wishes in the succession politics.

This is a flagrant violation of both the letter and spirit of the constitution and Kenyans will not stand for it.

It makes many people’s stomachs turn to see tell tale signs that the lessons of PEV have not been learned and shockingly in the very circles where one would think they would have been the first ones to learn and never try to get us back to those dark days, yet, as if with hearts made of iron and steel, an unbelievable and unparalleled elevation in self-importance and sheer arrogance, these characters entrusted with public trust and power or with uninhibited access to same are busy recklessly laying ground for the very repeat of PEV none of us should ever wish to be the case ever again in our country–or elsewhere for that matter.

Fortunately, Kenyans and by that I mean Kenyans who love our country and stand for peace are more enlightened and more vigilant to allow this to happen.

A clique of power hungry individuals cannot hold a whole nation hostage.

As I am sure the organizers were shocked to find out, both the Gema and Kamatusa gatherings were roundly condemned across the country.

The Gema gathering was condemned immediately upon its conclusion by Kenyans from all walks of life who saw it as an attempt to return Kenya to the old days when an earlier version of the same organization was used as an instrument to marginalize and lock out of power all other communities in Kenya.

Politicians from the region with common sense and a spot in their hearts for the country and its unity such as Gitobu Imanyara, Mithika Linturi and Alex Mburi called out the organizers of the Gema meeting as opportunists who were using the occasion to advance their own narrow political and legal interests and not the interests of the communities they purport to represent and demanded an apology.

Other leaders from the region echoed the same sentiments much to the relief of the rest of the country, which began wondering whether we are regressing back to the old GEMA days again.

The same thing happened with the Kamatusa tribal gathering organized by Ruto in Eldoret.

While Ruto’s sycophants supported the divisive gathering, other leaders from the area dismissed the alliance, saying it was “like a cloud without water,” as the Standard Online reported in its story about the event.

The leaders noted that tribal outfits are “tools only used by dictators” and they could not be more right.

Indeed, judging from how things are progressing in the country, more and more Kenyans are simply being turned off by Uhuru and Ruto’s blatant efforts to divide the country and potentially laying the ground for a repeat of PEV by the manner in which they are basically saying they are entitled to run for president the country or the law be damned.

It is in the wake of these tribal gatherings that Linthuri, Ngunjiri and other progressives organized the Limuru 2B meeting that the powers that be have now scrambled to stop because the message of peace and unity in our country the conveners intended to convey goes counter and actually defeats the powers the be’s narrow and selfish interests of trying to shove down our throats a successor to Kibaki someone they prefer rather than letting Kenyans make the choice on their own via an open and transparent elections we must have.

The war ahead is not one of Raila vs Everyone as has been cast from before; rather, the war is one between the forces of impunity vz Kenyans.

It goes without saying that only Kenyans must win this war and this is not an option.

Simply put, enough of impunity

Peace, Love and Unity


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