My Response To Another Misinformed and/or Ignorant Raila Basher

17 Apr

A few days ago, I responded to a Raila basher and am posting the response here because what this person is misinformed and/or ignorant about is repeated fairly often its good to address it here for others to know and be informed about the facts.

My response to the netter follows:

First, Raila and his “group,” which I assume you mean ODM are not cowards. It is truly sad for anyone to say a man who spent nearly ten years of his life in detention where he endured all manner of torture so that those now calling him names can do so freely without fear of incarceration, among other things, is a coward

Second, you have absolutely no factual basis other than a concoction of your imagination or merely regurgitating what you have heard in saying “when [Raila and ODM] feel that they will be defeated [they bring] issues,” which is an outright lie and factually baseless allegation.

On the other hand, in every democracy known to man, if there is evidence of voter fraud, the aggrieved political party would have to be idiots of the first degree not to raise those issues up before the fraud takes place.

Happens in Kenya, happens in Africa, happens right here in the US, happens everywhere and there is nothing wrong with that.

Third, when you say, “Even before 2007 general elections, they asked for mass action that caused the tribal clashes,” you are merely betraying your ignorance of these issues and facts.

In Response to Another Blogger Regarding Raila’s Electability In 2012, I noted the following:

I have to believe you say this in all sincerity and not just lobbing a baseless charge against Raila. I am also surprised you have either fallen victim of lies, distortions, misinformation and propaganda or you have refused to accept truth as reality. Just so this is absolutely clear for those who have been equally confused and led to believe otherwise, ODM’s call for mass action in the face of flagrantly stolen elections in early January 2008 was not a call for violence; never was and never would it have been. Rather, Raila and ODM initially planned but ultimately did not call for peaceful demonstrations across the country intended to jolt Kibaki and company to reality akin to what we have seen recently in Tunisia and Morocco where the citizenry said enough is enough for being exploited and abused by a government that had no respect or regard for them.

As an aside note, I have often told my friends the story how on one of the days a peaceful demonstration was to take place in early January 08 in Nairobi, a Maasai friend of mine and I went downtown ready to demonstrate, parked our car at Serena, walked across to a sea of GSU along Uhuru Highway and I remember my friend confronting a number of them and questioning why they were even there; I mean one by one down a line but none would say a thing.

My friend and I concluded two things from this brief peaceful encounter: One, having looked at them close face as we did–fearless I may add; I less than my Maasai friend:-)–we noticed even in their riot gear these were young boys and girls, not the hardened soldiers we had expected. Two, you could sense many of them did not want to be there to begin with, something that gave us heart.

But I digress. My point is, Raila only intended to call for mass action for peace. The violence that ensued had nothing to do with his desire to have the nation tell Kibaki he could not deny the will of the people at will.

End quote.

These remain to be the facts no matter how much some of you either don’t know or refuse to accept.

You say, “Raila us just messing himself by ditching his potential pentagon members who really helped him, to where he is now.” Not that you really care but let me share the good news with you and that is Raila has not ditched his “potential pentagon members” and neither does any such a thing exist.

Ruto left a long time ago on his own. Balala was rightly shown the door recently, Mudavadi has yet to leave as he has threatened and even if he does, it will be for reasons that have nothing to do with, but in further making the case for Raila’s leadership ability and Ngilu may as well leave for similar reasons unless she corrects course.

These are normal political happenstances I will soon pen a blog to further elaborate and put things in perspective but I find your whining about it curious especially when it’s so obvious that you don’t care for the success of Raila or ODM but you are not the first person to display that strange dichotomy; we have seen it here and often simply laugh when it manifests itself.

You say, “I don’t see [Raila] going beyond the position he has of Prime Minister.” Fine. Yours is just but one “seeing;” others may beg to differ and say start practicing saying “President Raila Amolo Odinga.

You say, “We know his coward tricks and nobody will no longer take his football politics.” I am sure this does not make sense even to you once you re-read what you have written.

You say, “tell [Raila] to come with a more civilized politics” and all one can tell you is there is no one with more “civilized politics” than one Raila Amolo Odinga and that is speaking from the knowledge of what civilized politics is in political parlance.

I am sure you are now informed and will endeavor in the future to be guided by facts and accurate information instead of allowing yourself to be mislead and misinformed by those who don’t care about facts and having people like you repeating things that don’t even make sense, let alone brazen lies.

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