Mudavadi Must Come Clean About Anti-ODM Meetings With Ruto, Uhuru and Their Men

16 Apr

As I have been blogging, there are many in ODM who believe Deputy Prime Minister and ODM Deputy Party Leader, Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, is keen on rocking the ODM boat for reasons that have nothing to do with”internal democracy” because his much-publicized quest for democratic space within the party is not genuine.

According to reliable sources, Mr. Mudavadi is working in cahoots with Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, Hon. William Ruto and Mr. Jimmy Kibaki to give ODM a bad name, besides trying to “stop” Raila.

The game plan is for them to give Raila and ODM the portrait of a dictatorial outfit, by casting Mudavadi in the role of an oppressed democrat.

In the end, they can use this to justify Mudavadi’s decamping from the party. This is why the DPM has continuously been threatening the party with unspecified consequences and make no mistake about it, it doesn’t matter what Raila or ODM does; they can agree and give Mudavadi everything he wants but he will still leave because the objective is to rock the boat and damage ODM.

The DPM enjoys the confidence of three Members of Parliament who have also been oddly spoiling for a verbal fight. They have taken from him the cue to demonize ODM and to threaten the party with “unspecified consequences.”

The language of his private secretary, Mr. Kibisu Kabatesi also attests to a scheme against the party.

The same source informs us that they are aware that apart from direct meetings with Hon. Ruto, Hon. Uhuru and Mr. Jimmy Kibaki in Gigiri, the four have been using Hon. Lewis Nguyayi, Mr. David Murathe and Mr. Kibisu Kabatesi as conduits for support that Hon. Mudavadi has been using to sow discord in ODM.

These are established channels.

For William Ruto, the point man is Sammy Koech, a well-known broker. Mr. Koech is also a Personal Assistant to Mr. Jimmy Kibaki.

On 20 March 2012, there was an anti ODM meeting in Jimmy Kibaki’s office in Gigiri. In attendance were Mr. Sammy Koech, Jimmy Kibaki, and a representative of Hon. Mudavadi as well as Hon. Kenyatta’s. The main topic was how Mr. Ruto, Mr. Kibaki and Hon. Kenyatta can support Mudavadi to run down ODM. Detailed plans that continue to unfold were laid.

Mr. Kibaki advised that Mudavadi should not quit ODM yet, “If he quits, he will find himself under a tree and his life will be worse than it was in 2002.” He went on to suggest that if Uhuru and Ruto are to go to The Hague, Mudavadi should receive their blessings, because, they said, “He is malleable and nationally acceptable.”

The meeting of 20 March also mooted the idea of “doing a dirty job,” whatever that may mean. They agreed to use someone close to Hon. Mudavadi to do “the dirty job.”

Hon. Mudavadi cannot deny this.

Nor can he deny that the Gigiri meeting on 20 March was informed that he has held several secret meetings with Mzee Moi, where they have discussed how to scuttle ODM.

A further meeting arranged for Tuesday 27 March at 11.00 am did not take place. However, one eventually happened on Friday 30 March. The whole agenda was on the ODM nominations. In particular, the meeting discussed how Hon. Mudavadi should use the issue of ODM presidential nomination to good effect. He should make the party look so bad such that “when he leaves, he will have public sympathy.”

Another meeting took place last week, on 02 April from 6.00 pm to 2.00 am, with Hon. Uhuru, Hon. Njeru Githae, Gen. Karangi and Mr. Paul Ndung’u in attendance.

Hon. Mudavadi has also held a variety of secret meetings with Hon. Ruto at Palacina and Crowne Plaza Hotels in Nairobi, with the agenda of destroying ODM and stopping the Reform Agenda in Kenya.

We call upon Hon. Mudavadi to come clean.

Why is he working with the adversaries of ODM against the party? If he does not believe in the Reform Agenda of ODM, can’t he state so clearly? If he wants to leave the party, is he not within his democratic right and freedom to do so?

Hon, Mudavadi does not have to demonize our party and create artificial excuses or cast himself as a man under siege. He is not a man under siege; to the contrary, he is the one persecuting the party, at the behest of outsiders.

Men and women of conscience and goodwill should know these facts. In its proper name, what Hon. Mudavadi it is called betrayal of the party that gave him a new lease of political life after the debacle of the Uhuru Project in 2002. He may very well be headed the same way he came from.

None of these means Mudavadi cannot reconsider his move and continue the journey to victory with Raila and ODM.

He can.

Yes, he can.

The temptations in politics are sometimes overwhelming and people succumb to them, even when not clearly in their interest.

For Mudavadi to allow himself to be used this way, which every indication is he is, it’s unfortunate, especially given Raila and ODM will likely survive the onslaught and once again emerge victorious at the polls come election day.

Again, it’s in Mudavadi’s self interest to reconsider and stay put in ODM and let he and the party continue working on a formula that is

I talked to a Luhya professional and friend who is friends with Mudavadi and he asked me if I knew who is advising the man and even though I assumed the question was rhetorical, I nonetheless mentioned the names of who I know are.

He dismissed everyone of them as lightweights who have no influence beyond their bomas and surrounding perimeter but not any further in Western.

In this friend’s view, the advice Mudavadi is heeding is coming from Rift Valley and Central and the “home-boys” are simply cheering him on because they smell blood–not exactly my friend’s words, but the gist of what he was saying.

The only thing I kept wondering as I am having this conversation with my friend and listening to his analysis of the pertinent issues, which was right on point after point, was why is this man not advising Mudavadi for he surely could use the wise counsel.

My friend told me Mudavadi is not taking his calls (“the busy he is tending to more important things”) and neither is an aide my friend has direct contact.

Both of these facts tell me something that happens to all of us: when you don’t want to hear the biting truth, you shut off those who will give it to you.

A good thing about those of us in the diaspora, is many of us will tell our politician friends the truth regardless of what it is because for us, its not about our friends per se, but our country we love so dearly.

It is reported that Mudavadi is having “consultative” meetings with professionals and others from Western ahead of his big decision.

Let’s hope they are giving him candid advice which cannot be any different from what my friend and others like him here in the US are saying and that is, Mudavadi’s leaving ODM will be a big mistake he will live to regret.

Indeed, my friend is in disbelief that Mudavadi is doing what he is without regard to what the consequences will be to him individually, or for ODM and Western politics which, according to my friend and others from the region I have talked to, is divided evenly between support for Raila vz his enemies if Mudavadi decamps and that can only be good news for Raila and ODM but bad news for Mudavadi.

My friend also said something which I have not really thought about and makes a lot of sense and that is those propping Mudavadi from RV and Central have no leverage against him of any kind such that, if he were to rebuff them, there is nothing they can do to him.

In one of the blogs on this subject, I alluded to others believing there is more than money and desire to “stop” Raila that is at play for Mudavadi and even mentioned letting sleeping dogs lie and economic blackmail but in hindsight and following what my friend said, I modify that to say it’s all about destroying Raila and ODM, which means its all about money.

It’s a harsh judgment Mudavadi can avoid confirming by doing the right thing and the right thing is simply staying put in ODM and working together with Raila to make the party the juggernaut it shall be anyway; question is, will Mudavadi be in it or out in the cold?

Let’s hope in it for he has no valid reason to leave.


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9 responses to “Mudavadi Must Come Clean About Anti-ODM Meetings With Ruto, Uhuru and Their Men

  1. hillary shimenga kanira

    April 16, 2012 at 10:03 AM

    musalia mudavadi is a lameduck

  2. George

    April 18, 2012 at 1:28 AM

    Y do u hate democracy?, party registration has been done without ammendments to favour one side. Cant u see what this means!? It is simple the O in ODM means odinga.. Secondly mudavadi must leave the party.. And the abuses against westerrn foes are personal since charity lies in your home

  3. Samuel N. Omwenga

    April 18, 2012 at 4:10 AM

    Mudavadi’s quest to challenge Raila for the ODM nomination has nothing to do with “internal demoracy” and neither does his purported seeking of the presidency have anything to do with “giving Kenyans a choice” as he disenginously claims.

    Kindly get that fact or remain in denial but truth is truth as is being born out.

  4. sam

    April 18, 2012 at 8:08 AM

    Ukweli usemwe Odm n raila Mudavadi has no choice but to quit to another party, this is the ultimate choice-The free will

  5. Moses Dayan Ochieng'

    April 18, 2012 at 3:53 PM

    ‘Mudavadi’s name must be in the ballot come the general elections’, is it just about being the president? What about Kenya? What does he stand for? We must start building our political parties! Politicians should stop using parties as vehicles! Personaly i like Mudavadi alot, he should fight within ODM! Plz don’t leave, for the the sake of political maturity in our country! Its only when political parties are institutionalised, Kenya can have issue based politics! That starts with the ongoing registrations and when politicians will realise that its not about me, myself and i, but future institutions for the generations to come! MOSEH DAYAN!

  6. Paul mesuswa-Sudan

    April 20, 2012 at 3:17 PM

    Mudavadi is avictim of oppressed democrat, he has since been under siege by raila’s busher. Hon. Mudavadi wanted fair democracy where people choose the candidate of their choice, why register aparty without amending the clause?.raila feared defeat. Mudavadi, move ahead with you plan will support you.

  7. elizabeth

    May 6, 2012 at 11:28 AM

    mudavadi is lost in the political field,let him come back to his senses and think it is not all about what friends tell u that make you,itz wat u r worth and you can do.itz good to try go and try your best all the best


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