Mzalendo Kibunjia Assertion About Kisiis and Luos In Kisumu Is Alarmist and Uncalled For

11 Apr

In Uhuru and Ruto Are Sowing Seeds of Discord and Laying Ground For Second PEV, I reported on very disturbing turn of events at a rally held by Uhuru and Ruto at 64 Stadium, Eldoret on Friday, January 27, 2012.

The reporting was accurate and raised the alarm the so-called prayer rallies were after-all not what they were billed to be; they were and to the extent they still are nothing but a vehicle of sowing of seeds of discord and worse.

In that blog, I noted the following about the rally:

Several things can be said about this grim turn of events.

First, Kenyans must simply not allow these characters to once again put the country on a path to election violence.

Second, the president must come clean on his stand regarding this clear insinuation that he is an accomplice to this raving up of tribal animosity and hate by two individuals pitting their respective communities against the rest of the country.

Third, it is amazingly shocking Mzalendo Kibunjia and NCIC has been completely mute on this obviously actionable hate speech spewed at 64 Stadium. Unless Kibunjia is already acting on this in some form or fashion behind the scenes, which is doubtful, given the gravity of this matter, someone should shake Kibunjia, wake him up and promptly tell him he is sacked and the whole NCIC dismantled; what is its use if it cannot address this very egregious violation of the law the body is charged with the responsibility to enforce in order to prevent a recurrence of PEV?

Fourth, the Supreme Court should take up the question of whether or not our constitution and laws of Kenya bar any of the ICC suspects from seeking the presidency and the Court should do so with extreme urgency because any delay will accord this characters more time to continue the dangerous path they are on relative to peace and harmony in the country.

Fifth, the mindless dragging of President Barrack Obama’s name into these reckless political schemes cannot be without legal or political implication, let alone the daring of peace loving nations as insinuated in these speeches.

Sixth, the Kenya media must do a better job in exposing what is going on here. When people flagrantly lie that the prime minister is responsible for these suspects to be at the Hague when everyone knows that to be false, the media has the ethical and professional responsibility to point that out.

Seventh, we cannot be where we are today in terms of reform but for the convergence of like minded interests and none other than the CSOs have been key and central in the relentless push for reforms and one from its ranks now sits at the highest court of the land as its head. Do these characters not care about that fact or are they convinced we are still living in the past where law or facts mattered not one bit in the eyes of the masters of impunity?

Finally, but not least, Uhuru and Ruto should step back for a moment and answer the question, is stopping Raila from becoming president worth shedding the blood, let alone death of a single person?

End quote.

Kibunjia suddenly now appears making this basically false assertion about there being tensions between Kisiis and Luos in Kisumu.

The assertion is not only false based on a number of different sources I have talked to, it is alarmist and coming from someone who is charged with the responsibility to maintain calmness and civility in community relations, it is shocking.

As soon as I read the story, I talked to someone who is from and is in touch with folks in Kisumu and the person told me he had talked to his relatives there and they were all surprised about what Kibunjia said.

If this doesn’t cry for an investigation, I don’t know what does.

Forget about what my friend is saying, this is what the Standard Online is reporting:

However Kibunjia’s allegations of rising tension were dismissed by a section of Kisumu residents, terming them alarming.

Nyanza Provincial Criminal Investigations Officer Joseph Magwanja said police had not received any report of tension.

“We are not aware of that, and there is no indication at all in the town. The situation is normal here in Kisumu,” he said.

Jakoyo, who spent two hours at the CID headquarters, denied linking Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Ongeri to the assassination plot, arguing he had only challenged him to clarify some issues.

“Prof Ongeri is trying to invite himself to the whole issue. I don’t remember linking him to the same. All I asked him was to clarify some part of the plot,” he said, and dared the minister to sue him.

He said he asked Ongeri to investigate the alleged involvement of foreign individuals in the plot.

End paper quote.

We really must pray for our country and if there is a time we ever needed statesmen, wise men and women, its dawn is here.


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3 responses to “Mzalendo Kibunjia Assertion About Kisiis and Luos In Kisumu Is Alarmist and Uncalled For

  1. kimani waweru

    April 11, 2012 at 7:07 AM

    how sure are we kibunjia is not part of the plot? First he gives ruto axis free hand in spreading hate and then because the prime ministers ‘tribe’ have refused to be identified with the tribe tag, he is at hand to remind them they are luos and their man is being hunted by the wabagusii. The last time i checked the luo community had commonsense, and unlike where he comes from, they have a passion for good books especially on history. They are also keen listeners to narratives if told by good brains.

  2. Miss Thang

    April 11, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    Raila and his pentagon ODM set the tone on how to incite ethnic hatred… you reap what you sow… he set the tone and was the precedent. Deal with it

  3. John

    April 11, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    True jakoyo wanted ongeri to clarify this nonsense.but why did he not require kajwang to do the same i understand he deals with immgration


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