Political Parties Compliance and Why ODM Should Take A Break From The Headlines

10 Apr

ODM is once again showing how a rejuvenated and burgeoning party democracy should work and how the party will soon be leading in showing the nation how true democracy, African style should and must work–that is assuming Kenyans once again give the party and its leader a nod to lead us to the promised land.

According to the Standard Online, the party just submitted its compliance documents to the Registrar of Parties which all parties are required to file under the Parties Act. Other parties may or may have not submitted their compliance documents but you will never know because the occasion was not headline news.

If you are wondering why ODM’s submission is front-page news, then you are not alone but the headline must have given you a hint.

If you did not notice it, here is what it says: “Mudavadi Shocked As Raila Side Skips Meeting” the hardcopy/digital version made it even more tempting to grab the paper and consume all about it, “Mudavadi Shock.”

In smaller print above the hard-copy/digital version, we are told why Mudavadi is in “shock.”

I like the Standard so I am not complaining about any of this.

Good journalism is good journalism and if that sometimes includes playing along with the yo-yo game of politics—well, so be it!

It’s journalism with an agenda against a single candidate or ideology that is a problem and should never be accepted as part of journalism.

The tricky part is knowing where or when one has crossed the line from one to the other but that’s piece of cake for any keen observer.

Be that as it may be, I am only highlighting how the Standard is covering this story to say it’s a good idea for ODM as a party to now step back and take a breather.

Let’s have other parties in the headlines for the next few weeks.

One must fully realize that’s asking too much but, as they say, you can ask or wish but that doesn’t mean you get an answer or get your wish.

It’s nonetheless a good thing to do, namely, getting ODM off the headlines for the next few weeks.

Getting ODM and specifically the overhyped internal “wrangling” out of the headlines will be good for several reasons:

First, it would allow the key players (and plotters) a good rest before the real marathon begins.

Second, it will allow the party to focus on less exciting and less newsworthy things as party building, which can be easily done by non-aligned within the party and yes there may be a handful of them but you don’t need many.

Third, it will throw off the opposition because right now everyone in the opposition is salivating for some kind of implosion.

Talking about salivating for implosion, the party and particularly its leaders Raila and Mudavadi must ask themselves: do we want an implosion?

If the answer is no, then let them take the time to focus on other things for now, including simply letting the issue cooling in the back-burner.

If the answer is yes, then let whoever wishes that to be the case simply trigger the implosion yesterday and get it over with.

There will be time to pick-up the pieces for the survivors and brave onward to the even major battles ahead.

One would think, however, that neither would wish for an implosion so seeking an amicable and acceptable manner to resolve the nomination process becomes the best thing to do.

Nobody really knows when the elections will be held.

It could be in March next year as the constitutional court ruled but it could also be in December as most Kenyans say they want.

In either case, there is plenty of time for ODM to determine how it shall pick its nominees there is no need to rush and do so now.

The only clock running is the one of making sure the party is in compliance with the Parties Act and by today’s filing, one can assume that is now but a formality left to so confirm by the Registrar.

The rest of what the party needs to do is maximizing its potential and making sure all systems ready to go by the time the whistle blows.

That whistle may not blow for at least several months and thus the suggestion let the party take a breather.

Have the key players and plotters return after a couple of months or so and try to see if they cannot hammer a workable deal regarding this nomination process squabble.

It should be noted only ODM is faced with this democratic question about an open and transparent nomination process.

This phenomenon does not apply to the rest of the parties as they have their nomination playbook from yesteryears where openness or transparency is irrelevant.

That’s why one must wonder why ODM Secretary General was expressing concern that ODM is being measured by a different yardstick than all other parties.

But it must be.

There is no other party like it and having chosen to be the trailblazer in democratization of the country, it must lead all the way and into the future.

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One response to “Political Parties Compliance and Why ODM Should Take A Break From The Headlines

  1. kim waweru

    April 11, 2012 at 4:30 AM

    AM PLOUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS PARTY IF WHAT THE AUTHOR SAYS IS TRUE.”There is no other party like it and having chosen to be the trailblazer in democratization of the country, it must lead all the way and into the future.”


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