Midiwo’s Claim Must Be Taken Seriously

08 Apr

The ODM Chief Whip Hon. Jakoyo Midiwo is not without any number of critics who either trash or don’t care about much of anything he says. Among those close to the PM, the man gets a fair share of name-calling not worth repeating here.

While this may be deemed to be part of politics, there is a time even someone like Midiwo must be taken seriously and one such time is recent saying that there is a plot afoot to eliminate Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Midiwo even offered to make a statement to the OCPD to this effect.

No amount of political sarcasm can or should lead one to saying Midiwo said this for other than the reason he believes in what he said being true.

I have heard people start theorizing, others saying this is a distraction for ongoing ODM internal wrangles, others saying Midiwo is payukaring and so on.

I doubt Midiwo was payukaring and neither is this politicking as usual.

A good source tells me that in recent times, people have been overheard discussing plans to ostensibly ‘kweheria miigua’ (remove thorns) which are said to be those people against certain declarations made by a well known group.

There is a real concern among those so targeted all Kenyans must condemn and remain vigilant against.

Let’s be our brother’s keeper when it comes to this.

These comments are not dissimilar in tone and objective to those made in the 70’s where it was said there being a need to ‘kumunya githuki kimuragoini gitindaga gigigutega’(uprooting a stake stuck to the front of one’s house that keeps tripping you as you go in). This comment is said to have been made shortly before JM Kariuki was murdered.

Indeed, my source postulates it may have been in this climate or winds of whispers and talk along this lines that reached Midiwo and thus his declaration.

It could something even more concrete.

Whatever the case may be, when the stakes are this high and you hear people saying things like this, everyone who loves peace and cares about our country must first take these things seriously and, secondly, be proactive in doing something to prevent us from going down this dark road again.

The least one can do, is to condemn violence in all its forms and reject its continued use in the political arena.

That starts from lowering the temperatures in discussing politics even in these fora to the point we can agree on at least a basic format of debating where no matter how much we disagree, there should never come a time one wishes to reach over and kill another merely because of politics.

We should also simply learn to love one another even as we disagree politically or otherwise.

Some may think this is impossible but it actually is possible.

Above all, let’s just do away with the politics of tribalism fueled by hate and meaningless divisiveness.

If Kenyans of goodwill and those who put our country first put up our guard in this fashion or better, we shall defeat the forces of evil and build the kind of prosperous and peaceful Kenya we shall all be proud of in perpetuity.

Let’s just do that.


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14 responses to “Midiwo’s Claim Must Be Taken Seriously

  1. Nyoko Zaka

    April 8, 2012 at 9:01 PM

  2. Mbũrũ Kamau (@kmburu)

    April 9, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    I’m trying tto think over about Midiwo’s assasination claim, but fail to find a conviction that there is indeed someone out there trying to assasinate the PM.

    This is so because a politician is anybody who can say anything. Never mind, he can even talk of something that does not exist, and convices people to believe in them.
    While it could be that there is a likely plot to silence reformers, Midiwo’s choice of place to make this ‘announcement’, is uncalled for.

    Could it be that he wanted to earn some political mileage for Raila? Would it be in good taste to say that Midiwo, wanted to make himself relevant thus the opportune time would be at the public gathering? What happened to the need of upholding secrets as a public servant?

    Midiwo should have reported the matter to the investigating authority instead of going public with such an allegation, because it touches on the peace of Kenya.

    It’s important that we don’t land ourself again in the past regimes where political assasinations were the order of the day. It’s important we let the law take its due course once and for all instead of specualting. Sobriety should prevail at all times.

  3. Samuel N. Omwenga

    April 9, 2012 at 11:56 AM

    Brother Kamau,

    You have spoken well.

    The only thing I can tell you is never doubt what evil minded person or persons can do.

    The allegations Midiwo has made are serious and should be treated as such.

    He will issue a statement tomorrow to shed some more light.


  4. Steve

    April 10, 2012 at 6:41 AM

    I think it is hate speech when a ‘respected’ blogger like Omwenga bandies Kikuyu language quotes in relation to Midiwo’s deranged rantings.
    How about Midiwo names (not suggests, implies or insunuates) in public and goes to an open court and states what he believes to be the truth?
    Better still, he goes to the police and reports these allegations and publishes his police statement in the papers so that all can read.
    It is time ODM stops using Kikuyu bashing as a way of winning the elections. We know how RAO’s ’42 minus 1′ campaign ended in 2007 and we reject his
    and ODM’s attempts to revive such tactics.


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