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Congratulations To David Karangu and Team For Successful Hosting of PM In Atlanta, Ditto For Folks In Tallahassee, Florida

Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga is now Dr. Raila Amolo Odinga having been honored with an honorary PhD from Florida A & M University where he was commencement speaker for the class of 2012.

The PM was hosted to a dinner organized by Dr. Barrack Abonyo and his team following the graduation ceremonies .

Prior to traveling to Tallahassee, the PM had a busy schedule meeting Kenyans and business leaders in Atlanta.

On his arrival, the PM had a private dinner with Kenyans and friends of Kenya at the Ritz Carrolton led by David Karangu, a successful Kenyan businessman in Atlanta, GA who also hosted the PM and invited guests to a dinner at his palacious home the next day.

Prior to that dinner, the PM had a luncheon hosted by the World Affairs Council of Atlanta at the Ritz Carlton where the PM reminisced about how his father, Jaramogi, was arrested in the same city for attending a civil rights meeting.

Jaramogi, then vice president, was arrested with civil rights leaders including Dr. Martin Luther King by ignorant and racist cops who did not know they had arrested a Vice President of a sovereign nation and when the buffoons discovered, they quickly offered to release him but he insisted they will have to release everyone and not just him, which they did.

Upon arriving for his visit, Dr. Odinga was shown the new international concourse at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and from there, he was taken to meet with former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., mayor of Atlanta and U.S. representative, Ambassador Andrew Young.

“Andy Young as you know is no longer very young,” said the PM, about Mr. Young who recently celebrated his 80th birthday, “but he’s still Andy Young.”

The PM reminded the audience how the late Tom Mboya organized the “Airlift Africa” project with African-American Students Foundation, which brought more than 80 Kenyans to study in U.S. universities.

Mr. Mboya later persuaded then-Sen. John M Kennedy to support the program, which he did and many more Kenyans eventually studied in the U.S. under the program including the current US president’s father Barack Obama, Sr.

In addition to the personal ties to Atlanta, Dr. Odinga spoke about the extensive U.S. aid and assistance in the development of infrastructure, economic development and military aid for security purposes in Kenya.

He reviewed Kenya’s Vision 30 development plan which is the blue-print for Kenya to become an industrialized, middle-income country through advances in its economy, social services and political system.

The PM discussed various opportunities for foreign investment in infrastructure projects involving airports, roads and railways, communications systems, education, green energy and education and highlighted the importance of taking development to the countryside.

The PM also reviewed several of Kenya’s “mega projects,” including the development of a new port on the island of Lamu, a railroad that will join the Atlantic and Indian oceans and several energy projects ranging from expanding solar, wind and geothermal capacities to extensive oil pipelines and oil exploration.

There plans underway, the PM informed the audience, for the government to organize a major conference on the opportunities for foreign investment but it’s undecided whether to hold the conference in Frankfurt, Germany, London, UK, or New York.

After the luncheon, a group of Kenyans met at the Ritz lobby to unwind while the PM was meeting a long line of visitors in his suite much as though he was at his office in Nairobi.

From the Ritz, the PM and invited guests headed to Mr. Karangu’s residence for dinner where upon arrival guests were ushered downstairs for a reception followed by formal dinner at his spacious patio overlooking a beautiful home the owner must be cursing Mr. Karangu daily for huge as his own home is, Mr. Karangu’s towers over it making it look so small but such is life.

Indeed, Mr. Ndirangu’s crib is one to behold and was the subject of much of the talk with everyone who could not but admire the home and especially the décor the couple have done an excellent job putting together both taste and style.

After the dinner, the PM and entourage headed to the Comfort Inn to address Kenyans gathered there to hear him speak.

Although the meeting started a bit late, the hall was packed and the PM did not finish addressing the full-house until long after 11PM and in his speech the PM recapped progress the coalition government has made mirroring what the President had said the day before in his State of the Union address.

H.E. Ambassador Elkanah Odembo who as usual oversees these visits and following protocol, introduced Hon. Onyancha who in turn introduced Hon. Langat Magerer, Assistant Minister for Energy to introduce the PM and did so in brief remarks noting the contributions Kenyans in the diaspora make back home and had the audience laughing by basically saying wakae hivyo hivyo and not go back home.

The PM then gave a rousing speech, starting by noting how Mr. Ndirangu had asked him to visit Kenyans in Atlanta some time ago and he noted he agreed to have his schedule changed so he can accommodate the request.

He then thanked Mr. Ndirangu for his superb hosting, including the dinner which he had the audience laugh by saying he was thinking about what Idi Amin told Her Majesty the Queen of England after hosting him to dinner, “Thank you for the dinner; I have eaten so much I am fed up…I must invite you to come to my country and when you come, I shall revenge to you.”

The audience burst in laughter and the PM resumed to recap again accomplishments of the coalition government and other than the personal anecdotes told in the luncheon earlier, the PM gave a similar speech as outlined above.

On Friday morning, the PM met with a group of leaders from Atlanta, DC and  Minneapolis and from there headed to the airport where he was flown by private jet to Tallahassee for his final leg of the trip.

ODM Secretary General, Prof. Anyang Nyong’o had earlier met with US ODM leaders at a meeting held at Georgia Tech where he updated them about developments on the political front and on the way forward and took feedback from the leaders with more dialogue expected to follow.

In sum, the PM’s trip was a huge success.

On a more personal note, I thank our friend David Karangu for a superb job in leading the hosting of the PM in Atlanta. This was one of the best organized visit of the PM and much credit goes to David and Mark Tindi for making sure the trip was a success as it was, especially in having such a large turn-out of Kenyans on a Thursday evening event. The event shows how much Kenyans in the diaspora are interested in what’s going on in our country and want very much to be a part of it and that’s very commendable.

For his part, the PM has not let anyone down as he is regularly visiting with Kenyans in the diaspora and keeping them updated on progress back home–slow as it may be for his preference but there is progress nonetheless and we thank him as well for his making it possible to have these important meetings with Kenyans in the diaspora.


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The Departure of Former ODM Members Is Neither Unusual Nor Is It A Big Deal

There has been an effort lately to try and label Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga as someone who uses and dumps people at will.

This is an unfair and at its core a false charge.

I recently had occasion to reply to someone who raised the issue elsewhere on these Internets (Bush word) and post the same here for others benefit.

Second, everything you have said about Moi and how he used people is true and I agree with it.

However, we differ when you say, “[I am] unable to see the same qualities of using people for the same reasons of expediency as Moi, in your own man!

Rather than going too philosophical on this, let me just say as a true proposition that everyone uses someone at one point or another in their lives and that includes using each other and it doesn’t matter whether it’s in politics or not.

What matters or makes a difference is to what degree and to what end.

Politicians like Raila use others to achieve political objectives that are both good for their individual political objectives and more importantly, to meet political objectives and goals good for the country and I see nothing wrong with that; its using of people for ill-advised narrow and selfish ends like Moi did that is wrong and must be condemned and shunned.

Third, you charge, “Using the helplessness of those used by Moi to discredit Mudavadi as a weakling is as spiteful as you could get!”

You are simply wrong as I have done no such a thing for the reasons I have noted above.

Since you are obviously wrong about this simple truth, it therefore follows you are also wrong in charging that “This is your worst blog ever and unfortunately exposes your own character.”

My character has been the same and exposed since childhood as anyone who has known me for any length of time can attest and quite frankly as even you can from my writings and participation in these fora.

You say, “[I am] saying that Mudavadi in ODM was only good for the votes he brought, or was likely to bring from his Tribe because numbers matter most, not a man’s ability to perform for Kenyans and his country.

Please read again what I have said not only in this blog but all others and you’ll clearly see and agree I have said no such a thing. As I am sure you know, I have been and remain consistent in saying ukabila will be crushed in 2012 if Raila is reelected as president because his campaign strategy is not based on tribal arithmetic as those of his opponents.

Rather, Raila’s campaign and that of ODM is based on winning votes in all 47 counties, which I have dubbed variously as the 47CCS or 47CC or simply Raila’s 47C.

You say, “There is no more ‘democracy’ in ODM today than there was in Kanu under Moi.Both Party Leaders are users, cripplers and destroyers of anyone near who appear to have a minds of their own.”


I can write a book as to why but I am fairly certain even as you say this, you actually don’t believe it yourself.

You can say the same thing about PNU and I will not disagree but ODM? No way and any objective person would concur.

Is ODM perfect?

No; but it is the only party out there that has instituted internal democratization no other party comes even close.

These are ongoing changes and improvements that will bear fruit as shall be witnessed in the nomination process itself and when its all said and done, the party would have permanently set itself above and beyond all other parties which can only hope to follow suit at some point in the far future but not now when internal democracy is alien to them.

You say, “Pentagon members have proved that they are happier away from the influence and connection with ODM. They have all walked off in various ways….and been told that they are expendable anyway. There must be a very good reason for their deserting.the Party… for not wanting to be associated with ODM. These are the people who want to preserve their own dignity!”

Wrong again.

None of the Pentagon members who have left have left because of preserving their dignity!!!!

Rather, both Ruto and Balala left for reasons that have to do with their own selfish interests and had nothing to do with Raila other than the fact they perceive him to be in the way to their desired destination they are in a hurry to get to, if they ever get there, which is doubtful.

Those threatening to leave will do so for the same reasons and more.

In fact, Maurice Oduor put it best when he said the following the other day in response to Lister Nyaringo posing a genuinely good faith question as to why Pentagon members have left or are leaving ODM:

These Pentagon members leaving are leaving for their own reasons and not because Amolo did anything wrong to them.The Pentagon members are leaving for their own reasons.

Ruto left because he felt that he should have been DPm and not Mudavadi

Balala left because he felt that Amolo did not prevail on the National Delegates Conference to have him elected the Organizing Secretary. The seat went to Ali Hassa Joho, the MP for Kisauni. Amolo left it to the delegates and the delegates decided to choose Joho. Now Balala claims that ODM is not democratic even though he wanted Amolo to use undemocratic means to have him elected Organizing Secretary.

Nyagah left because of the euphoria around Uhuru. He wants to ensure himself a parliamentary seat in the next election and he can only do that in whatever party Uhuru is on.

Mudavadi is leaving for his own selfish reasons because some anti-Raila people have convinced him that he can win and become president. Rumours are that Moi is the brains behind this Mudavadi saga.

Ngilu is a difficult one to understand because Amolo has been her big supporter even during the recent alleged scandals in her ministry.

So, Lister, you can see that all these Pentagon members leaving are leaving for their own reasons and not because Amolo did anything wrong to them.

Fair minded and objective Kenyans will agree to this without any hesitation because it’s true.

In sum, and as you can see and agree, my blog is not “a poor, sour grapes and spiteful blog.

No; not even close, not at all.

It is truth as I see it and nothing but the truth.

Peace, Unity and Truth



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DPM Mudavadi Challenging Raila Has Exposed His Crippling Weakness

A deputy in any leadership hierarchy is like a spare tire in that that just as one expects the spare tire to be ready at all times to replace a punctured one, so too is a deputy in leadership expected to be ready at all times to take over from the individual he or she is deputy if necessary.

Prior to becoming Deputy Prime Minister, Hon.Mudavadi previously served as our country’s Vice President under former President Moi, a position he also holds the dubious record as the shortest serving vice president in Kenya.

Was Mudavadi ready to take over as president, were the need to arise during his short stint as Vice-President?

We’ll never know for sure but can always either speculate or examine what the DPM did as Vice President to have a good idea as to whether he would have been ready and if so, what kind of president he would have become.

On the other hand, we also know even those not ready for the task, some rise to the occasion and you will never know how unprepared they were no matter how long they have been on notice the moment would come while others are incapable of doing so simply because they can’t.

A good case can be made Moi falls in the former category when he not so suddenly found himself president despite all manner of effort and schemes to stop him from succeeding our first president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

However, a more plausible case than otherwise can be made but for one Charles Mugane Njonjo, his presidency may not have survived past the initial 90 days guaranteed by the constitution.

The rest, as it’s said, is history.

As noted below, it’s doubtful Mudavadi could have equally succeeded Moi in the manner Moi succeeded Kenyatta for the same reasons that spell doom for his political career ahead.

First, Mudavadi did not become Vice President on merit and by that I mean in the traditional sense where a party leader picks or the party picks a qualified deputy who becomes a running mate and eventually a vice president, if the duo gets the nod from the people at the ballot.

Instead, Mudavadi was merely handpicked by Moi unarguably without any consideration of leadership ability but a blatant effort to implement the Uhuru Project as the pick was naively calculated to bring the Luhya vote on the UK tribal math column but the strategy backfired miserably.

Second, while there is nothing to speak of in terms of accomplishments as VP during his short stint as one, Mudavadi’s accepting the position so late in the game when the writing was on the wall that the Uhuru project was dead on arrival goes to show an inability to read the mood of the people and therefore lacking in an essential element of effective leadership, leave alone the presidency.

Third, prior to his appointment as VP, Mudavadi served as our country’s youngest minister after succeeding his late father and close friend of Moi, Moses Budamba Mudavadi, as the unopposed MP of Sabatia.

Neither appointment screams of leadership ability and more so another reason one would have to be inclined to believe Mudavadi could not have been ready for prime time back in 2002 had it become necessary.

Fourth, Mudavadi has not done anything readily significant or noticeable to demonstrate that he has emerged from the shadow of his past and that of Moi’s even after his political life was resurrected from the dead by none other than the man he now wants to challenge for both the nomination and presidency, PM Raila Amolo Odinga.

Fifth, any objective observer would have to agree even if one gives Mudavadi the benefit of doubt that his quest to challenge Raila for the ODM nomination has been in good faith and strictly as a matter of internal democratization of the party, the manner in which Mudavadi has gone about pursuing this has exposed him as an indecisive and weak leader which cannot be good for him regardless how this ends.

Indecisiveness and inability to mobilize even your own base are incurable leadership flaws that are neither inherited nor learned; they are just who you are and are never good at the top of any leadership.

All this must have people scratching their heads wondering why did Mudavadi even set out to do this?

When being a project of another makes more sense than any reason one can find, one can only but feel sorry for Mudavadi.

Nobody knows for sure how this will end but, a good bet is Mudavadi is in an unenviable position of being politically doomed regardless of the outcome.


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It Is Not True That Raila Presidency “Dream” Now Farther Than Ever Before As A Standard Editor Contends

The Standard carried an article by an unnamed “Senior Editor, Production and Quality” titled “Raila Presidency Dream Now Farther Than Ever Before.”

Whoever penned this piece is a good writer for sure but he has committed a journalistic feat that would earn him or her an F in journalism 101 class and that is, failure to prove his thesis; a no-no one sees journalists commit on a regular basis but you can understand why; headlines sell.

That the writer is an editor, is more so the reason he should be given a double F for the essay, beautifully written as it is.

He has not told us why Raila “presidency dream [is] now farther than ever before.”

He either doesn’t understand the meaning of the Kilkanny cat poem or he does and has failed to properly apply it further justifying the F for his essay.

He doesn’t tell us how or why Raila is a “loser” in his conceived “battle” between Raila and Mudavadi, which doesn’t exist.

Mudavadi is in a battle with himself.

The writer says Raila has so many enemies, which is true but goes on to say “yet he can afford to open other warfronts” which is an internally inconsistent assertion not worth analyzing further other than to say Raila does not get up one morning and say, “hmmmm, which warfront can I afford to open today?”

His borrowing a page from Raila and use football analogy to assert that Raila as captain of the team cannot lift a trophy because key players have deserted the team in a “huff” is nothing but another reason to award an F on the essay because the analogy is misplaced. A team whose key players have deserted it in a huff can nonetheless lift the trophy if replaced with even better players as Raila and ODM are poised to do following the departure of some of these politicians headed to political irrelevance or oblivion.

Proceeding on this faulty reasoning and misapplication of football analogies, the writer tells us that “a captain perpetually at loggerheads with star players is a liability to the team.” There are several reasons why this is factually and analytically another reason to give this essay an F but let me just put forth one and that is, a handful of players leaving a team with an excellent coach because of selfish reasons and inability to be team-players is no reflection of the coach and neither can the coach be deemed to be a liability for the team under those circumstances not matter how many or how many times such selfish players lacking the spirit of teamwork leave the team.

In fact, it’s better they leave so the coach can replace them with better players who can help the team meet its objective and that is, winning.

While acknowledging Raila’s unquestionable lead in the polls and popularity, the writer nonetheless dismisses the same as only relevant if Raila faces a divided opposition and looking at his crystal ball, concludes that “the stars are not aligned for the premier, [to be reelected as president], contrary to what his minders and hangers on want him to hear” which is another assertion that provides yet another reason to give this essay an F because we don’t elect leaders by alignment of stars but Raila and ODM shall make a compelling case why they should assume power from the top on down and the people, not the stars, or the masters of impunity who naively believe they will again, but the people themselves will decide.

The writer notes the following,“Agwambo requires honest advice of a child or a mad man – like Kamukuywa’s Okhwa Majani – to tell him some home truth. Without twisting the mouth, he should tell him: “Jakom, you’re assassinating yourself politically if you allow your list of enemies to expand every day.”

The counsel is misplaced because it assumes a fact that doesn’t exist.

Awambo does not “allow [his] list of enemies to expand every day.”

Rather, people chose to become his enemies for reasons he has nothing to do with Raila but everything to do with their own selfish and misguided ambitions, which they are entitled to pursue.

The measure of Raila as a leader is not his ability to stop people intent on committing political suicide but one of making sure our country realizes the ideals embodied in our National Anthem, which has eluded us for decades since independence.

That’s been Raila’s focus since entering politics, through his years of fighting and paying dearly for the reforms now underway and to the end of his political career he sees no reason why Kenyans cannot once again give him the nod notwithstanding the breathless efforts by those against his reformist agenda to “stop” him from being reelected again as president as he was but not sworn in 2007.

The writer says to Raila, “You deal your grand ambition a fatal blow if you let a cabal of hometown mafia surround you as the rest of the country deserts you.

This is a true proposition that applies to any politician but begs the question whether its true in the case of Raila.

It is obviously not true as the writer implies that the “rest of the country” has or is deserting Raila because of the “cabal of hometown mafia” but the savvy politician and master strategist he is, Raila obviously must have this in mind as he prepares to mount his campaign and Exhibit A is his recent appointments to the ODM Secretariat with more to come.

The writer further contends to Raila “You cannot dare everyone to a fight and always expect to win the war.”

True but Raila has never dared anyone; people have dared him and lost each time.

Closing on this faulty line of thought, the writer declares, “In politics, you rather have your enemy closer to you rather than always wave a dismissive hand arrogantly when things don’t work your way.”

Raila has said ODM is the party to take us to the future as a country and its vision and ideals are no different than what every Kenyan wants there is no reason anyone should leave the party unless they are driven by ambitions detached from the party’s mission in which case he says fare thee well; it’s been a good journey together while you shared our party’s ideals.

That’s neither dismissive nor arrogant as the writer contends; its a mark of a confident and assured leader in his abilities.

It’s obviously not killing oneself as the writer further contends.


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DPM Musalia Mudavadi Will Be Unwise To Ignore All The Counsel He Is Getting, Including From His Own Backyard

According to Daily Nation, 13 MPs from Western Kenya have advised Deputy Prime minister Musalia Mudavadi not to quit ODM but should instead fight it out with Prime Minister Raila Odinga for the party’s presidential ticket.

Addressing a news conference in Parliament buildings today, the MPs said they had already spoken to Prime Minister and his deputy, and that their counsel, was a call to dialogue.

“We are convinced that moving to any other political party will certainly not be in his best interests or beneficial to the people of Western,” said Cabinet minister Wycliffe Oparanya, who read the joint statement.

“We’re making all efforts to ensure that we stay together.”

This is welcome development.

Most of us have been saying the same thing for days and weeks but apparently all has been falling on deaf ears, given how things have fast progressed or deteriorated, depending on who is doing the evaluation.

However, now that these MPs have reiterated the same counsel, one can only hope Mudavadi finally listens and does the right thing and that is, simply remain put in ODM and fight for the nomination he seeks and accept whatever outcome that comes of the fight much as Raila has said he will.

That’s what democracy is all about not these shenanigans and side-shows that only serve to distract from the pursuing a winning agenda that ODM must pursue and attain.

As Mudavadi weighs all this, what he should not lose sight of is, no matter which way he decides to go, ODM shall move on to victory because the party is not about one man, or one tribe or a combination of tribes but about Kenya and ideals Kenyans have been clamoring for which the party represents and is the only one that can deliver on them.

Mudavadi’s staying put in ODM will simply prevent the party from wasting time and expending unnecessary energy and resources to deal with repairing the minor puncture on one of its wheels for the reaching the destination is just around the corner she can even walk there.

Peace and ODM Unity


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How Much Do Kenyans Really Know About Our History and Why Do Many Hate So Much?

Many times we engage in political discourse assuming everyone is at par with one another regarding their knowledge or understanding of our country’s history in general and political history in particular.

This is actually not the case and helps explain why people are constantly talking past each other, especially in the Kenyan social fora and networks.

Of particular concern, is the ridicule and disrespect many of our heroes and heroines are subjected to by a generation which we can condemn for their disrespecting these heroes and heroines but the reality is those doling the ridicule and disrespect actually have no clue who the people they insult or disrespect are or what their contribution has been in both the first and second liberation of our country.

If they are not old enough to have witnessed the struggles and sacrifices by these heroes and heroines, one would expect they had to have learned about them in our school system for I doubt bad as our education system might be, one cannot surely graduate from it beyond primary school without knowing these basic facts about our country such as who our heroes and heroines are and why they deserve the honor and respect, not the insults and abuse these uninformed individuals hurl at them.

Granted, a vast majority of people merely parrot what they have heard others saying without any critical examination of the information; in fact, without any examination of the validity or truthfulness of the information at all and to hear them authoritatively repeat the nonsense, you’ll be confused to believe they know what they are talking about when they, in fact, don’t have a clue.

When a true reformist and hero of the Second Liberation such as Hon. Gitobu Imanyara is accosted by thugs and ordered at gun point to pledge his allegiance to Uhuru Kenyatta and so reports in our Parliament, one would surely expect event those who for one reason or another don’t like him or even hate him would have to pause and wonder whether there is not something wrong here.

The well respected reformist Imanyara is no coward or pushover neither is he one prone to seek publicity through antics like crying wolf as some have spitefully suggested in these fora.

Anyone who knows him or anything about our country’s history, even if limited only to the Second Liberation would know Imanyara is one of those who was right up there standing against Moi and his regime without fear.

Ditto for heroes like Raila Amolo Odinga and many others who have been the subjects of torture and abuse all because of their desire to have a better Kenya with the freedoms we now enjoy thanks to them but others are thanking them by belittling and trashing their efforts while insulting and saying hateful things precisely because of those freedoms the Railas helped acquire for them, which is both mean and bizarre.

Ironically but true, many of those leading in insulting and trashing of our heroes and heroines in the reform efforts are people who cannot account for even an iota of a thing they have done for our country, let alone any sacrifice they have made but they are quick to laugh and belittle Imanyara’s in the latest example for his letting the public know of a life and death experience he is lucky to be alive to tell us about.

Do these people have no heart? What accounts for the callousness of some of these people? It can’t even be hate for I can’t think of any reason why anyone would hate Imamara to the point they would laugh and belittle what smacks of an assassination attempt on his life!

While the extent of it is not known, there is clearly a growing callousness among Kenyans fueled by politicians who are always stoking tribal animosity and hatred for their own individual benefit yet, those enabling them are not the uneducated masses or those who otherwise are uninformed but, quite shockingly and pathetically so, the enablers are the very educated and enlightened among us.

Why? Why would these people who are educated and informed be hell-bent on enabling tribalists and haters in our country? What perverted satisfaction do they derive from such backwardness and thinking?

It surely cannot be any tangible gain for many stand to gain not a penny when the tribalists succeed in using them to gain power much as the hapless youth often used in political violence don’t gain but the pennies to the shilling they may momentarily gain in their induced barbaric acts in support of those who would exploit them.

But the so-called Kenyan professionals or otherwise educated Kenyans proactively engaged in, or allowing themselves to be used in cheer-leading the haters and dividers; why do they do so?

It makes absolutely no sense and is simply horrifying the fact we have people like this amongst us!

We really, seriously need to pray for our country for if these people do not wake up and smell the coffee, it’s going to be that much difficult to move our country forward to the much anticipated dawn of true peace and prosperity we deserve after all these many wasted years of independence.

The good news is, a vast majority of Kenyans are now more progressive or moving in that direction and reject all this backwardness and willful ignorance which must be shunned by all who care about our beloved country if we are to stand proud to be called the Kenyans we are.

In other words, stand on the side of those who would make our country once again a country to be proud of and a shining star in the continent, if not the world which by definition means shedding tribalism, hate and all other manner of behavior that divides instead of uniting us as Kenyans.


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The Police Stopping The Limuru 2B Meeting Is Impunity Per Se and Abuse of Law Enforcement

The police action of blocking the Limuru 2B meeting which was scheduled today to counter the recent Gema and Kamatusa tribal meetings in which certain divisive declarations were made is a shameless act of citing “security” to thwart efforts by progressive Kenyans who want to show Kenya and the world that we cannot change our country unless we shake and rid ourselves of hate based division and tribalism.

Indeed, grave as it is, it is both comical and an irony that the police would move to stop a peaceful meeting organized by conveners like the Hon. Mithika Linturi and activist Ngunjiri Wambugu when they have been missing or more accurately they have looked the other way as “prayer” rallies upon rallies have been held in the country where any casual observer would have concluded the rallies were more about inciting and dividing the country than what they are purported to be.

The police action in stopping the Limuru 2B meeting says more about the police and where we are in reforms than anything about security.

More specifically, and to be more blunt, those in charge of our country’s security apparatus are clearly showing their hand that they will not hesitate to use state instruments such as our police to both thwart efforts to couner groups such as Gema and Kamatusa as well as to advance and effect their wishes in the succession politics.

This is a flagrant violation of both the letter and spirit of the constitution and Kenyans will not stand for it.

It makes many people’s stomachs turn to see tell tale signs that the lessons of PEV have not been learned and shockingly in the very circles where one would think they would have been the first ones to learn and never try to get us back to those dark days, yet, as if with hearts made of iron and steel, an unbelievable and unparalleled elevation in self-importance and sheer arrogance, these characters entrusted with public trust and power or with uninhibited access to same are busy recklessly laying ground for the very repeat of PEV none of us should ever wish to be the case ever again in our country–or elsewhere for that matter.

Fortunately, Kenyans and by that I mean Kenyans who love our country and stand for peace are more enlightened and more vigilant to allow this to happen.

A clique of power hungry individuals cannot hold a whole nation hostage.

As I am sure the organizers were shocked to find out, both the Gema and Kamatusa gatherings were roundly condemned across the country.

The Gema gathering was condemned immediately upon its conclusion by Kenyans from all walks of life who saw it as an attempt to return Kenya to the old days when an earlier version of the same organization was used as an instrument to marginalize and lock out of power all other communities in Kenya.

Politicians from the region with common sense and a spot in their hearts for the country and its unity such as Gitobu Imanyara, Mithika Linturi and Alex Mburi called out the organizers of the Gema meeting as opportunists who were using the occasion to advance their own narrow political and legal interests and not the interests of the communities they purport to represent and demanded an apology.

Other leaders from the region echoed the same sentiments much to the relief of the rest of the country, which began wondering whether we are regressing back to the old GEMA days again.

The same thing happened with the Kamatusa tribal gathering organized by Ruto in Eldoret.

While Ruto’s sycophants supported the divisive gathering, other leaders from the area dismissed the alliance, saying it was “like a cloud without water,” as the Standard Online reported in its story about the event.

The leaders noted that tribal outfits are “tools only used by dictators” and they could not be more right.

Indeed, judging from how things are progressing in the country, more and more Kenyans are simply being turned off by Uhuru and Ruto’s blatant efforts to divide the country and potentially laying the ground for a repeat of PEV by the manner in which they are basically saying they are entitled to run for president the country or the law be damned.

It is in the wake of these tribal gatherings that Linthuri, Ngunjiri and other progressives organized the Limuru 2B meeting that the powers that be have now scrambled to stop because the message of peace and unity in our country the conveners intended to convey goes counter and actually defeats the powers the be’s narrow and selfish interests of trying to shove down our throats a successor to Kibaki someone they prefer rather than letting Kenyans make the choice on their own via an open and transparent elections we must have.

The war ahead is not one of Raila vs Everyone as has been cast from before; rather, the war is one between the forces of impunity vz Kenyans.

It goes without saying that only Kenyans must win this war and this is not an option.

Simply put, enough of impunity

Peace, Love and Unity


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