Is IEBC Already Compromised?

28 Mar

In IEBC Must Remain Neutral and Why Kibaki Must Reverse Course on Election Date penned just a couple of days ago, I noted the following:

Every Kenyan that cares about our beloved country is of the view or at least believes we saw the worst of the worst in Kivuitu and his now defunct Electoral Commission when it comes to how we elect our leaders, especially the president.

When the new IEBC was constituted and its commissioners sworn, every expectation has been this new body brings with it not only a sense of hope in finally having an election body that oversees elections that are as fair, open and transparent as can be, but one also that separates itself from politics and remains the neutral referee it must be.

By electing Isaack Hassan, a Kenyan of Somali descent to head the body, the decision makers were obviously also conscious of the fact tribalism has been rearing its ugly head in many, if not all of our institutions so someone from Hassan’s community is generally speaking seen to be less vulnerable to tribalistic conduct in carrying out the duties of this important office.

Both of these considerations, namely, the neutrality of the IEBC and absence of tribalistic or otherwise primitive conduct of the affairs of the IEBC are at stake and going by what just happened this week regarding IEBC’s announcement of the election date, a lot is left to be desired.

Our brothers and sisters from the Kenyan Somali community are also on test whether, indeed, they are or can be the neutral arbiters free of tribalism everyone is giving them the benefit of doubt to be or will they beg to differ.

[b]While no one can at this time say the IEBC is compromised or is headed in the direction the old we so much wish to forget took us with Kivuitu, there are tell tales if the body does not re-evaluate and reverse course, it may start drifting in that direction before forced to correct course.[/b]

I went on to discuss one such tell tale being IEBC’s rush to announce the election date even as the case challenging the Constitutional Court’s decision is making its way on appeals to the Supreme Court.

I have now learned from an impeccable source that IEBC had long before announcing the date ordered and had ballots printed for the mock election and stored at a warehouse belonging to someone very well connected and allied with PNU/G7 who may or may not have had a hand in the selection of the company that had the contract to print the ballots.


If this is true as I have no doubt it is; what does it say about our newly minted IEBC?

Even assuming for the sake of argument that the IEBC had the ballots printed in anticipation of the election date being confirmed sooner than later, did it have to get a known PNU/G7 partisan involved in any aspect of the exercise, even as a matter of hands off business transaction such as providing storage for the ballots?

Wouldn’t avoiding the even appearance of impropriety not required that the IEBC stick with neutrality in every respect and if that meant hauling and storing all the ballots at its offices so be it?

If IEBC is, indeed, authorized this transaction, does it not tell us that certain people have not learned any lessons from 2007 and are, in fact, approaching the next elections with the same mentality and that is, we shall get our way mpende msipende?

I think its time Mr. Hassan answered these and many other questions and someone in Parliament better wake up and start demanding answers before its too late.

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One response to “Is IEBC Already Compromised?

  1. Kitok'enterit Meeli

    March 29, 2012 at 9:50 AM

    Thank you, brother, Sam. A stitch in time saves a trip to the store na wahenga walisema “usipo siba ufa ujenga ukuta.” Wa Kenya mpo?! Wake up Kenya, let us avoid a slide to being shameless minions!


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