Should Raila and ODM Work With Kalonzo Musyoka?

24 Mar

I have often said Kalonzo sealed the fate of his political life in Kenya the fateful day he accepted to essentially legitimize the illegally acquired presidency of Mwai Kibaki back in 2007.

Try as he has over the years following the illegitimate swearing as Vice President to regain his previous political shine, everyone agrees he has not been able to shake the traitor label and hardly anyone can trust him, even Kibaki who need not look behind his shoulder for the man is constantly at his side in shameless effort to show the public he is the man when, in fact, he is not.

In A Conversation With Kalonzo Musyoka penned about a year ago, the following exchange takes place:

Reporter:Would you mind to share what your strategy is about succeeding Kibaki?

Musyoka: Sure but only just a little bit. You see, the only three people I see as obstacles to ascending to the presidency are Raila, Ruto and Uhuru. Starting with Raila, I think all I need to do is to consult my Spoiler Book from 07 elections. There were chapters in there I did not use which I think could make my efforts even more successful except this time I will be the sole beneficiary. For example, I intend to campaign in all parts of East and Central provinces in making sure I remind the Kikuyus, Merus and Kambas that Raila cannot be trusted. I will also engineer a campaign to remind Kenyans from other parts of the country that if Raila is elected, their homes and businesses will be taken over by Luos…

Reporter: But Mr. Musyoka, you know none of that is true so why would you be spreading such malicious lies?

Musyoka: Because I don’t think telling the truth will help me with Raila. He is so clean I can’t find anything negative I can exploit in his life to make the case against him so I must make up stuff. I know there are some Luos who say Raila has not done anything for them but I am afraid I am not credible to say anything about not doing anything for anyone. Besides, this kind of thing is said about anyone in leadership so I don’t think it is a good strategy to use against Raila.

Reporter: Okay, I take it your strategy against Raila is to spread lies and smear his name; what about Uhuru and Ruto:

Musyoka: Now; that’s a tough one but I think I have a winning two-prong strategy against either or both of them: First, I would work very hard to make sure I am in a coalition with them. I will negotiate a deal to have me as the presidential candidate on condition I serve one term; Uhuru will be my Vice-President and Ruto will remain in Parliament. In the next circle, I will step down in favor of Uhuru and Ruto will be his Vice-President. I just need to be president for one time so I can say I was president. I like the prestige and power that comes from being president but I don’t see how I get elected legitimately without making this kind of deal.

Reporter: What is your other strategy:

Musyoka: This one is tricky. You see, the best scenario is for me to emerge as presidential candidate with the support of Ruto and Uhuru’s supporters but this strategy calls for me to have all of them to myself. The scenario I described above is the more direct and straightforward but it is designed to maximize tribalism for the three of us. The other strategy is to use tribalism but for my sole benefit. The way it would work is for me to support as I have the Ocampo Six in efforts to defer their cases but to quietly pray as I have that Uhuru and Ruto are both nailed by Ocampo. This way, I can go around the country telling their supporters this is Raila’s fault and that therefore they should elect me to secure their freedom.

Reporter: Do you believe God will answer your prayer given this conniving purpose for it?

Musyoka: Oh yes! Do you not see me in church every Sunday? I believe in the power of prayer. I am a Christian and staunch believer.

Reporter: Mr. Musyoka, but the U.S. Ambassador said in the same WikiLeaks that you are a Christian for convenience only so how is one to take your religious affiliation seriously?

Musyoka: You see, this is your problem not mine. I know pretending to be a Christian has real advantages. I can give you many examples of televangelists who have become filthy rich because their followers believe they are men and women of God and pour money to them when they are in, fact, common thieves. So, I am not concerned about what the US ambassador said about my Christianity.

Reporter: Is there anything else you would like to say Mr. Musyoka:

Musyoka: Well, there is but that will really blow you away I am not sure I want to say it.

Reporter: What is it? Go ahead and say it; will be happy to hear it.

Musyoka: Well, the Vice-President of Kenya is the best job I can have; there is nothing I do other than occasionally fighting to get photo opportunities at various functions and ceremonies. For the most part, I am sitting in my office doodling on my large desk with no evidence of work being done there or otherwise tending to my personal business. I love the job so much I may just strike a deal with Uhuru to support him in exchange for my staying put as Vice-President.

Reporter: Wow, you are really serious for you its not about the country but about you!

Musyoka: Indeed, indeed.

Even though this was a parody, the essence of what I said in it is true to the core.

With this backdrop in mind, I was therefore bemused when a few months ago I heard and ultimately saw as we all did Musyoka aligning himself with the Gx tribal outfit.

But it would not last as Kalonzo was promptly shown the door, wondering why was he let in to begin with; or was he never let in he just walked in without invitation and once in, the rest were embarrassed to tell him to leave until it was clear letting him stay was doing more harm to their schemes than not?

That he went crying to Kibaki who unbelievably attempted to order the Gx to accept him back said more about who Kalonzo has become than the wisdom of Kibaki in doing so.

Be as it may be, it is clear Kalonzo is not welcome in the Gx tribal axis as he doesn’t fit their succession scheme to the extent they know its all about him and the fact that they can’t trust him.

Ironically, if the question is simply who among the presidential contenders can be trusted to try and thwart the ICC cases or who among them can be trusted not to hand over the ICC suspects if they are convicted, Musyoka ranks at the top of that list and specifically at the No.1 spot because he has proven without any doubt when it comes to putting the country’s interests third in relation to his personal interests, which always come first with others interests he makes deals with coming second, there is no one who can claim that spot and by far but Kalonzo Musyoka.

The problem the Gx have with Musyoka even in light of this fact, is that they cannot be assured he can be trusted as much for the same reasons, namely, Kalonzo is always going to do what is in his selfish interest and if that means handing over the ICC suspects to the Hague if convicted, he would do so without even as a thought and point to the Bible saying that’s the right thing to do according to God’s teaching.

Who can question that?

It was therefore no surprise when the tribal outfit Gx showed Kalonzo the door and even with Kibaki’s intervention to have him accepted back, the outfit is clearly determined to keep him out of its scheme.

Word going around now is that Kalonzo wants in with Raila and ODM even though he is denying this in a story carried today by the Standard Online.

This has had me thinking; is it a good or bad thing for Raila and ODM to work with Kalonzo?

Let me recap for those who don’t know my position on Kalonzo.

After meeting him and others in a Kenya delegation in New York back in 2000, I told a friend I was very impressed with Kalonzo and could see him being elected as our president, even though at the time I had my good friend Simon Nyachae ahead of everyone in succeeding Moi.

In Wishing HE President Mwai Kibaki Well As He Prepares To Retire, I noted the following regarding the post election period:

A few days later, I left the country in controlled rage and determined to lobby everyone in Washington for help in getting Kibaki to renounce his swearing in and allow the people’s will to prevail. You could not have asked me to name more than two people I held in more contempt at that time than Kibaki and Kalonzo and between the two, Kalonzo more than Kibaki. (Emphasis added).

I meant that.

I also for a very long time maintained that I loved all Kenyans except for Kalonzo for the same reasons.

After penning an unrelated blog counseling people to forgive others even when the offenders have not apologized or asked for forgiveness, I found myself thinking about my own stance as to Kalonzo and immediately blogged that I had forgiven him for the wrong I believe he committed against our country and therefore can now say I love all Kenyans.

I noted in the same blog forgiving Kalonzo did not mean that I could now vote for him for president and neither should anyone.

My firm believe is Kalonzo forever forfeited the opportunity to be elected as president and this will never change no matter what he does or says.

It is a small price to pay for nearly throwing our country into civil war.

This does not mean that Kalonzo cannot find ways he can remain relevant in Kenyan politics; quite the opposite he can and he should but let him not fool himself that he can be our next elected president.

He can and he should, however, try and align himself with a party or person he can help with whatever following he has to help that person get elected president if anything to keep hope alive that he can still remain relevant politically after the elections.

In this regard, I don’t see anything wrong for him to want to work and help Raila get re-elected as president and neither is there anything wrong for Raila to want to work with him.

Indeed, everything considered, Kalonzo is far better off working with Raila and ODM than anyone else out there and this is true in every respect and variation of options and circumstances.

Conversely and ironically so, every serious presidential contender has pathways to State House that need not involve Kalonzo and if it does, it is not in what he brings to the table but what he doesn’t take away, if at all.

In this sense, Kalonzo working with Raila and ODM may not add much to the latter’s winning formula but it is certain to take the air off the sails of the tribal outfit Gx and that is a net-plus for Raila and ODM with the question being, at what price?

Done well, not at any price as it would be a win-win in working together as such when they win.

The only caveat is, whoever works with Kalonzo must be aware that he brings with him everything I have analyzed above and to handle him accordingly.

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