Notes From Kangema Funeral for the Late Hon. John Michuki

28 Feb

The state funeral for the late Hon. John Michuki today was befitting a man of his stature and contribution to the country.

Many things were said at the funeral which was MC’d by DPM Uhuru Kenyatta but the highlight are as follows:

From the Ministry, Margaret spoke and noted Michuki was the hardest working minister

He loved reading about policy; he will get in office at 7AM and read policy while waiting for 8AM meeting.

One thing she remembers is him saying he did not understand why workshops are held to review a consultant review report of yet another consultant’s report.

Cleaning environment a must for Michuki.

Rivers that cross city give cities value

She said has a university graduate and experience but learned so much from Michuki who mentored her greatly.

Michuki was a family man who loved his wife and children immensely

When one would ask him how his wife is doing, he will have a great smile that said it all.

He said much as people like to delegate, there is one thing you must never delegate and that is your spouse to anyone, even to your children.

His wife was his business.

When it came to prayer, his wife was the leader of the family prayer.

He believed in her prayers and that’s what has kept the family together and given him the drive to do what he did.

Hon. Speaker Marende:

Spoke in behalf of all MPs and managed to introduce by name those who were present—and they were many—without missing a name.

He urged us all to emulate Michuki.

Emphasized that Michuki Loved Kenya and if we all emulated him as much in loving the country, we shall be alright.

Noted that Michuki wanted Kenya to be one nation.

Marende warned that politicians cannot and must not engage in incitement.

No promotion of hatred and division.

Kenya is for us all and let’s keep it that way.

Michuki would prefer that.

Ret’d President Daniel Arap Moi:

Offered his heartfelt sorrow and condolences to Mrs. Michuki.

Said Michuki is someone he has known most part of his public life.

Came to know him as courageous man who performed his duties with rare zeal through and perfection

When Michuki was DC in 1961 DC, Moi was parliamentary secretary for education while Matiba was assistant sec in ministry of education and because of this, all three men worked very closely.

The two were to work even closer as responsibilities grew.

Michuki would go to Treasury and assistant minister and Moi Vice President and later president.

He remained personal friend to death.

When Michuki completed Windsor, he noted road was not lit and posed danger and informed Moi about this and Moi promptly ordered power company to fix the street lights to the hotel, which was done in good time.

Michuki has a sterling record in no just politics but in the private sector where he was outstanding as well.

Michuki’s discipline and management style enabled him to create jobs.

When he was PS in Finance, no cent passed without a paper trail from person to person.

This is what should be done to rid us of corruption.

Moi noted during this time of grief, he prayed to God to give the family energy to bear the loss.

He also noted the program had a hymn in it saying “it is well with my soul” and this speaks all about life and death.

Life is not simple as people think, said Moi.

When at a funeral like this, everyone is here as friends, brothers and sisters.

No one will live forever.

Moi said we shall all go and had people nervously laughing when he noted he will be leaving and so will Kibaki but he hopes they meet in heaven where Michuki has gone ahead of them but will no doubt be joined by them and all of us.

The former president urged people to lean on God.

We may give the family condolences, but God’s counsel is sufficient, Moi noted.

Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga

Met Michuki when he was KCB Director where he helped him with a business loan.

Later entered politics where the PM recited with detail the relationships between 1983 to present.

Recalled flying to London from Norway to meet Michuki and Matiba and on their return to Kenya, Section 2A was repealed.

The PM noted Ford Divided where Michuki went to Asili and he to Ford-Kenya but the men remained working together in the opposition.

In 1997, “Asili ikasusia.”

They then worked together in Narc and joined government together, Michuki in Transport and Raila in Roads and everyone knows what a good job Michuki did at Transport, including the Michuki rules.

The PM then recalled the struggle for the new constitution where differences emerged.

After the referendum, the two worked together.

The PM noted Michuki made his mark at Environment as well.

The PM specifically noted Michuki was behind him as he fought to save Mau.

Muchuki has been leading in efforts to fend off those who would want to move UNEP from Kenya.

There are many countries wanting to remove UNEP but Michuki has been firm in making sure they don’s succeed, the PM noted.

The PM noted Michuki was to head a delegation to Rio in June for the global conference on the environment.

The PM urged Kenyans to plant trees from today through next Tuesday in memory of Michuki.

He said he did just that this morning in his home and at Freedom Corner.

H.E. President Mwai Kibaki:

God be with the family.

Thanked Kenyans for their expression of loss of his friend Michuki.

He was very close to him for “not that long” the President said, clarifying it would have been long if they both lived beyond 100—laughter from the audience.

The president praised Mrs. Michuki for her making sure even as Michuki was working hard outside the home, she, too, was working hard at home to make sure the children were taken care of and did as well as they have done in both education and professional and now married life.

The president noted many people forget about the home as thy pursue success elsewhere.

The president urged everyone with family to take care of them.

The president emphasized and reemphasized the good work Mrs. Michuki did at home as wife to Michuki and mother.

She led family and kept house together which made  Michuki happy.

The president said he is not worried about the family but urged them to help finish the work Michuki started and nearly finished.

“The work left now is small,” the president noted, adding the kids are doing well and will maintain their success because of the foundation Michuki and the mother has laid for them.

The president urged all Kenyans to emulate Michuki and finish what he started.

Without following that, there is no success or progress, he noted.

The president then went on what can be characterized as jabs at various politicians but one this writer believes he meant to target in saying all politicians should be like Michuki who never changed his mind “ovyo ovyo.”

The president said one thing Michuki believed was set a goal and never sway from focusing on it no matter what.

“No changing changing because you met with so and so,” said Kibaki, adding “stay firm as Michuki.”

Vote of thanks by son:

Thanks to God

Thanks co-celebrants, led by the Bishop Maria Wainaina

Thanks to clergy who gave tribute

Thanks to State: The President for his friendship and support, Head of Civil Service for funeral arrangements, Ret’d President Moi for his words of wisdom, the PM, his wife Mama Ida for words of encouragement, VP, I forget why, medical care staff, Dr. Njenga, Dr. Githega, and UK doctors as well as others, including all mourners.


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