Miguna Has Sunk To The Lowest In Associating With the Extreme Racist Corsi To Publish His Raila Smear Book

27 Feb

Many of us have been saying for a long time that Miguna has no beans to spill notwithstanding his effort to mislead people to believing that he does.

What we didn’t know is that he would stoop this low as to associate himself with the extreme racist Corsi to publish the book and no one can disagree, including Miguna himself, that it can’t get lower than this.

We also know of many “tell all” or “bombshell books” that have been written by people who have fallen out with their political mentors and/or bosses but to their credit, much of what they say is factual “insider” information heretofore unknown publicly–albeit with a spin to make the subject look bad–and that’s not a bad thing from a public policy perspective.

Miguna on the other hand, is bent on telling made up personal tales only his imagination will be his limit and that may have an audience for those interested in such salacious false tales but any serious person would have or should have no moment for it.

The book will have no public policy value.


Here is another way to look at this: If any of Raila’s closest advisors and friends were to have a falling out with him, NONE will run to publish a book to malign Raila and this is because they are seasoned politicians to know one must maintain their level of respectability and publishing such maligning tales may in the short term give them satisfaction and monetary gain but will forever destroy their credibility and reduce them to nothing but people with an ax to grind.

What Miguna is doing is what all us should condemn regardless of political affiliation because it serves no purpose other than Miguna simply utilizing the lowest of forms to exact revenge against Raila for firing him.

Please note the book will not have any appreciable difference in the elections because those would would base their voting decision on the book were never going to vote for Raila, anyway.

Put money on the book no seeing the bookshelves in Kenya before the elections nonetheless.


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2 responses to “Miguna Has Sunk To The Lowest In Associating With the Extreme Racist Corsi To Publish His Raila Smear Book

  1. maurice katibi

    February 27, 2012 at 10:00 PM

    we know him as like empty drums that makes alot of noisy ,miguna its your high time to back home and look after your goats

  2. Antohny

    March 10, 2012 at 6:47 AM

    Where is miguna’s integrity and maturity? After all what does he want to achieve?
    Mr. Miguna, get it from me that you are wasting your time and money doing things that wouldn’t benefit you. You are creating more haters than you already have and rest assured that you can’t change kenyan’s decision by spoiling someone’s name. Look for other productive things to do and think out of envy.


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