What Republicans In The United States and Uhuru/Ruto Have In Common

19 Feb

Republicans almost to a man and woman over the age of 18 are obsessed with one and only one thing in 2012: to defeat President Barrack Obama in his bid for reelection but ask each individually reasons why, they will parrot what their leading loudmouths and opinion shapers are saying with few exceptions and definitely without any depth of understanding or knowledge of the nonsense they offer as reasons:

Obama has “destroyed” the economy.

Obama “hates” America

Obama is “brainwashed by Rev. Wright’s teaching,” which is offered as one of the reasons he “hates” America.

Obama is a socialist who wants to convert America to “European style socialist state” mara to “Greece.”

Obama is an “apologist” who “goes around bowing to Muslim countries” and “apologizing for American sins.”

Obama is a Muslim who is “waging a war on Christianity.”

Obama has “no leadership skills beyond community organizing.”

Obama is not an American but a Kenyan therefore was illegally elected as only US born citizens are eligible to be elected president.

Obama “wants to control everyone’s lives by telling them what to do, how and when” mara Obama “wants a big government controlling all aspects of people’s lives.”

Obama is the “Food-Stamp president”—which is code for Obama takes and gives black people money to buy groceries.

Common sense will tell you one cannot be all these things, let alone any of them and survive as president for even one day.

Yet, Republicans led by their Right Wing media have been peddling these lies day in and day out some of the unwary and uninitiated have come actually come to believe some of these as being fact, when it’s all lies.

Every single one of them.

Fortunately for Obama, even as these Republicans are pulsating and can’t wait to vote against Obama, they are engulfed in one of the worst primary nomination such that whoever emerges as their flag-bearer will be so wounded as to be any effective at all campaigning against Raila with the end result being the opposite of what was feared even in deep Democratic circles and that is imminent defeat of Obama at the general election; the fortunes have turned thanks in part with the dogged obsession with denying Obama victory and forgetting little details as nominating a person who can, in fact, defeat him.

Uhuru and Ruto have borrowed from the same Republican Playbook and will likely face the same defeat at the polls for you simply can’t be against a person; you also must be for something and none of these individuals determined to “stop” Raila has articulated a single reason why they are against a Raila presidency or if they have inarticulately mumbled something, it has not and cannot make sense why either or any of them is better than Raila in doing whatever that is.

At least Raila has proven he can do what he says he wishes to do if Kenyans give him the nod and he is, in fact, sworn this time around as president.

Yet, like their Republican mentors here in the US, Uhuru and Ruto are taking Kenyan politics to the height of lies, hypocrisy, distortions and innuendo unlike anything we have seen in the country.

First, it was Ruto going solo in his crusade against Raila and the Mau Forest lies not a single person believes anymore, which may in history mark the turning point for Ruto’s continued downward spiral politically and Raila’s continued upswing in his prospects for reelection as president.

See Who Is William Ruto Part VI; The Succession Game And Why The Scheme To Topple Raila Failed.

Second, Uhuru and Ruto have now joined hands in their desperate lies that Raila is responsible for their woes with ICC in efforts to confuse and mislead “their people,” not the duo’s conduct the ICC Chief Prosecutor has alleged and now stand confirmed by the Pre-Trial Chamber, which they must answer and convincingly so to avoid conviction and long jail times.

Third, a group of equally shameless politicians, led by many MPs who really don’t care about truth or facts, is helping these two spread the lies and distortions in the guise of offering “prayers.”

God is a very forgiving and urges us all to pray and seek forgiveness at all times and He will readily forgive.

However, even He must on occasion LOL wondering if people have not taken the concept of impunity too far by believing they can make a mockery of this noble notion and directive from Him with impunity.

It would be wise if these characters sought true redemption for their actions and seek true God’s intervention in their lives so they can act and do things in accordance to His will, not pretend to seek his protection while at the same time laying the foundation for hate and division He would not allow again for the prayers of true believers with good intentions who are the majority will always be answered over those offered with ill-motive in the minority.

Here is one little fact these two seem to either know and pretend they don’t know or genuinely don’t know in which case they would need a prayer:

Neither needs a prayer for what they face at the Hague; they just need good lawyers with a solid defense for what they stand accused.

They don’t need God for that because He is stepping back on this one as he always does in similar circumstances until people seek true redemption and forgiveness.


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2 responses to “What Republicans In The United States and Uhuru/Ruto Have In Common

  1. Nathan

    February 19, 2012 at 8:04 PM

    Samuel N Omwenga; you cannot represent GOD with your judgement. God is ALMIGHTY and none in flesh on this world can accommodate the HIGHNESS in HIS JUDGEMENTS. Sorry Omwenga to judge RUTO/UHURU. Huo ni ubinadamu tu wa siasa. First Corinthians 2:14-16. Remind yourself that politic is a dirty game and cannot be combined with our ALMIGHTY CREATOR. Shame on you mentioning our CREATOR within politics.

  2. Ben KOgendi Mireri

    April 24, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    Nathan even thieves pray to God before they go to steal. Does it mean that God answer their if they do succeed.
    God has brought down people who mock him, who has oppressed his people. I think omwenga is advicing them to see forgiviveness and make amends promote. how can you pray for 10 minutes and insult your neighbour opponent for 1 hour. God’s Law is simple and summerised as love one another as you love yourself. Let God decide between the accused and the victims, the isralites and Pharaos


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