Uhuru and Ruto Must Stop Dreaming And Face Reality; They Cannot Contimue Acting As If The Rule Of Law Means Nothing To Them

16 Feb

According to the Nairobi Star, Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and MP for Eldoret North, William Ruto are now threatening to move a censure motion against Minister for Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs, Mutula Kilonzo because of his view that the two should be barred from vying for the presidency following confirmation of the serious charges of crimes against humanity against them now pending before the International Criminal Court.

These two have come from chest-thumbing, to being reckless just a couple of weeks ago–and thank God they have toned down the dangerous rhetoric–and now back to ridiculous chest-thumbing and self-elevation to being some untouchables the country cannot have elections without them on the ballot.

Can someone shake these two characters and tell them they are dreaming?

Now they want to move a motion in Parliament to censure a minister for not only expressing his views as any Kenyan is entitled to but expressing views that fall squarely within his portfolio!

Indeed, were the courts not addressing this issue, Mutula would have been well within his ministerial prerogative to introduce and move a bill to enact precisely what he is saying and that would not be grounds to initiate a censure motion unless these characters are being advised by their shamba boys who never saw the inside of a classroom on parliamentary motions and procedures!

Or did they not either as a matter of reality and thus their acting this way?

Did they cruise through years of education without learning a thing, including the very basic education is supposed to provide and that is ability to discern when one is about to do or say something really dumb or stupid?

Even assuming that to have been the case, surely life’s experience or even being members of Parliament must have made it possible for either to know their assertions here about censuring Mutula is nothing but the height of stupidity and ignorance when it comes to knowing or understanding what censure motions are intended to accomplish.

There is no question these two are desperate and have even at times acted recklessly relative to the serious charges they face but are they also now this dumb and desperate or are they declaring war on the country?

Someone better talk some more sense to these characters before it’s too late.

Here is more from the same story:

Yesterday, the ODM came to Mutula’s defence and said they would lobby MPs to defeat the proposed censure motion. ODM secretary general Anyang’ Nyong’o condemned “renewed efforts by some desperate politicians” to remove Mutula from office through a censure motion “so that they can undermine the constitution at will”.

Nyong’o said the planned censure motion against the minister is “a blatant abuse of Parliament’s authority over the executive to achieve highly partisan, self-serving and vengeful goal.” “These politicians have stooped very low indeed to target a minister whose position on the issues under discussion are among the most resonant with Kenyans today,” Nyong’o said.

He said Mutula’s record at the ministry has been consistent “from the very beginning on these issues”. He said Mutula was giving his views based on the understanding of the law and described him as “one of the most independent voices in the Cabinet”. “The fact that he has taken a position different from that of his party leader on the ICC issue and the fact that he himself is not a candidate for the presidency demands that all pay the fullest attention to his interpretation of constitutional principles as a minister and as senior counsel,” Nyong’o said.

He said that while the ODM had in the past had disagreements with Mutula, “these were never personal nor did they ever lead to the vindictive plots we are now witnessing.” Nyong’o appealed to the reformers within the PNU coalition to restrain their colleagues who are behind the Mutula plot “and other attempts to divide Kenyans.” Roads assistant minister Lee Kinyanjui on Monday said he and a group of “like-minded MPs” were strategising to get the outspoken minister kicked out of his Cabinet docket.

Meanwhile, Kangundo MP Johnstone Muthama yesterday accused the Daily Nation of putting words in his mouth and threatened to sue the newspaper. Muthama denied reports that he told the crowd in Machakos rally on Sunday that Kalonzo stands to benefit politically from ICC cases against Uhuru and Ruto if they lose their appeal to have the charges dropped. “What I said on Sunday is a slogan I have used even before I joined Parliament,” he said.

Peace, Unity and Watch Out For Desperate Politics



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2 responses to “Uhuru and Ruto Must Stop Dreaming And Face Reality; They Cannot Contimue Acting As If The Rule Of Law Means Nothing To Them

  1. oloitok

    March 8, 2012 at 4:56 AM

    here we go.The top agenda in kenya is always politcs instead of development strategies.God help us

  2. Antohny

    March 13, 2012 at 5:46 PM

    I strongly hate Uhuru, Ruto, Charles Keter, Joshua Kutuny, Isac Ruto, Lee kinyanjui and Ferdinad Waititu. Among this i hate Joshua kutuny, Ruto and Isac ruto most. Did this guys realy guys go to school? Am worried of the kind of people they represent as Mps. Can someone in ICC come for Ruto and Uhuru. We are tired of the noise they make here. Funny enough they always have audience to entertain. Joshua kutuny, nakuhurumia sana. I was told that an empty debe makes most noise.


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