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Notes From Kangema Funeral for the Late Hon. John Michuki

The state funeral for the late Hon. John Michuki today was befitting a man of his stature and contribution to the country.

Many things were said at the funeral which was MC’d by DPM Uhuru Kenyatta but the highlight are as follows:

From the Ministry, Margaret spoke and noted Michuki was the hardest working minister

He loved reading about policy; he will get in office at 7AM and read policy while waiting for 8AM meeting.

One thing she remembers is him saying he did not understand why workshops are held to review a consultant review report of yet another consultant’s report.

Cleaning environment a must for Michuki.

Rivers that cross city give cities value

She said has a university graduate and experience but learned so much from Michuki who mentored her greatly.

Michuki was a family man who loved his wife and children immensely

When one would ask him how his wife is doing, he will have a great smile that said it all.

He said much as people like to delegate, there is one thing you must never delegate and that is your spouse to anyone, even to your children.

His wife was his business.

When it came to prayer, his wife was the leader of the family prayer.

He believed in her prayers and that’s what has kept the family together and given him the drive to do what he did.

Hon. Speaker Marende:

Spoke in behalf of all MPs and managed to introduce by name those who were present—and they were many—without missing a name.

He urged us all to emulate Michuki.

Emphasized that Michuki Loved Kenya and if we all emulated him as much in loving the country, we shall be alright.

Noted that Michuki wanted Kenya to be one nation.

Marende warned that politicians cannot and must not engage in incitement.

No promotion of hatred and division.

Kenya is for us all and let’s keep it that way.

Michuki would prefer that.

Ret’d President Daniel Arap Moi:

Offered his heartfelt sorrow and condolences to Mrs. Michuki.

Said Michuki is someone he has known most part of his public life.

Came to know him as courageous man who performed his duties with rare zeal through and perfection

When Michuki was DC in 1961 DC, Moi was parliamentary secretary for education while Matiba was assistant sec in ministry of education and because of this, all three men worked very closely.

The two were to work even closer as responsibilities grew.

Michuki would go to Treasury and assistant minister and Moi Vice President and later president.

He remained personal friend to death.

When Michuki completed Windsor, he noted road was not lit and posed danger and informed Moi about this and Moi promptly ordered power company to fix the street lights to the hotel, which was done in good time.

Michuki has a sterling record in no just politics but in the private sector where he was outstanding as well.

Michuki’s discipline and management style enabled him to create jobs.

When he was PS in Finance, no cent passed without a paper trail from person to person.

This is what should be done to rid us of corruption.

Moi noted during this time of grief, he prayed to God to give the family energy to bear the loss.

He also noted the program had a hymn in it saying “it is well with my soul” and this speaks all about life and death.

Life is not simple as people think, said Moi.

When at a funeral like this, everyone is here as friends, brothers and sisters.

No one will live forever.

Moi said we shall all go and had people nervously laughing when he noted he will be leaving and so will Kibaki but he hopes they meet in heaven where Michuki has gone ahead of them but will no doubt be joined by them and all of us.

The former president urged people to lean on God.

We may give the family condolences, but God’s counsel is sufficient, Moi noted.

Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga

Met Michuki when he was KCB Director where he helped him with a business loan.

Later entered politics where the PM recited with detail the relationships between 1983 to present.

Recalled flying to London from Norway to meet Michuki and Matiba and on their return to Kenya, Section 2A was repealed.

The PM noted Ford Divided where Michuki went to Asili and he to Ford-Kenya but the men remained working together in the opposition.

In 1997, “Asili ikasusia.”

They then worked together in Narc and joined government together, Michuki in Transport and Raila in Roads and everyone knows what a good job Michuki did at Transport, including the Michuki rules.

The PM then recalled the struggle for the new constitution where differences emerged.

After the referendum, the two worked together.

The PM noted Michuki made his mark at Environment as well.

The PM specifically noted Michuki was behind him as he fought to save Mau.

Muchuki has been leading in efforts to fend off those who would want to move UNEP from Kenya.

There are many countries wanting to remove UNEP but Michuki has been firm in making sure they don’s succeed, the PM noted.

The PM noted Michuki was to head a delegation to Rio in June for the global conference on the environment.

The PM urged Kenyans to plant trees from today through next Tuesday in memory of Michuki.

He said he did just that this morning in his home and at Freedom Corner.

H.E. President Mwai Kibaki:

God be with the family.

Thanked Kenyans for their expression of loss of his friend Michuki.

He was very close to him for “not that long” the President said, clarifying it would have been long if they both lived beyond 100—laughter from the audience.

The president praised Mrs. Michuki for her making sure even as Michuki was working hard outside the home, she, too, was working hard at home to make sure the children were taken care of and did as well as they have done in both education and professional and now married life.

The president noted many people forget about the home as thy pursue success elsewhere.

The president urged everyone with family to take care of them.

The president emphasized and reemphasized the good work Mrs. Michuki did at home as wife to Michuki and mother.

She led family and kept house together which made  Michuki happy.

The president said he is not worried about the family but urged them to help finish the work Michuki started and nearly finished.

“The work left now is small,” the president noted, adding the kids are doing well and will maintain their success because of the foundation Michuki and the mother has laid for them.

The president urged all Kenyans to emulate Michuki and finish what he started.

Without following that, there is no success or progress, he noted.

The president then went on what can be characterized as jabs at various politicians but one this writer believes he meant to target in saying all politicians should be like Michuki who never changed his mind “ovyo ovyo.”

The president said one thing Michuki believed was set a goal and never sway from focusing on it no matter what.

“No changing changing because you met with so and so,” said Kibaki, adding “stay firm as Michuki.”

Vote of thanks by son:

Thanks to God

Thanks co-celebrants, led by the Bishop Maria Wainaina

Thanks to clergy who gave tribute

Thanks to State: The President for his friendship and support, Head of Civil Service for funeral arrangements, Ret’d President Moi for his words of wisdom, the PM, his wife Mama Ida for words of encouragement, VP, I forget why, medical care staff, Dr. Njenga, Dr. Githega, and UK doctors as well as others, including all mourners.


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Miguna Has Sunk To The Lowest In Associating With the Extreme Racist Corsi To Publish His Raila Smear Book

Many of us have been saying for a long time that Miguna has no beans to spill notwithstanding his effort to mislead people to believing that he does.

What we didn’t know is that he would stoop this low as to associate himself with the extreme racist Corsi to publish the book and no one can disagree, including Miguna himself, that it can’t get lower than this.

We also know of many “tell all” or “bombshell books” that have been written by people who have fallen out with their political mentors and/or bosses but to their credit, much of what they say is factual “insider” information heretofore unknown publicly–albeit with a spin to make the subject look bad–and that’s not a bad thing from a public policy perspective.

Miguna on the other hand, is bent on telling made up personal tales only his imagination will be his limit and that may have an audience for those interested in such salacious false tales but any serious person would have or should have no moment for it.

The book will have no public policy value.


Here is another way to look at this: If any of Raila’s closest advisors and friends were to have a falling out with him, NONE will run to publish a book to malign Raila and this is because they are seasoned politicians to know one must maintain their level of respectability and publishing such maligning tales may in the short term give them satisfaction and monetary gain but will forever destroy their credibility and reduce them to nothing but people with an ax to grind.

What Miguna is doing is what all us should condemn regardless of political affiliation because it serves no purpose other than Miguna simply utilizing the lowest of forms to exact revenge against Raila for firing him.

Please note the book will not have any appreciable difference in the elections because those would would base their voting decision on the book were never going to vote for Raila, anyway.

Put money on the book no seeing the bookshelves in Kenya before the elections nonetheless.


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All Else Having Failed Thus Far, Its Time Someone Occupies The Whole of Somalia

According to the Standard Online, President Kibaki has lauded the efforts of United Nations Security Council towards strengthening the operations of the African Union Mission in Somalia.

“Kenya welcomes the United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 2036 of 2012 that has reviewed the AMISOM future operations in Somalia, as recommended by the African Union,” said President Kibaki.

The President, however, noted that the resolution does not provide for a maritime component, which is critical to the eventual success of the campaign in Somalia, as well as the fight against piracy and international terrorism.

Speaking Thursday during the London Conference on Somalia at Lancaster House, London, President Kibaki said that a new and more dangerous theatre for terrorist action had emerged in Somalia following the involvement of Al Qaeda elements in the Al Shabaab insurgency.

To further enhance security in Somalia, President Kibaki underscored the need for the development of a Somali national security force.

Meanwhile, the BBC, reports that other world leaders attending the conference have urged Somalis to seize an “unprecedented opportunity” to rebuild their nation, at a gathering in London on the war-torn nation’s future.

UK Prime Minister noted ending threats of terrorism and piracy were in everyone’s interests, while Hillary Clinton said plans to elect leaders and adopt a constitution before August were “ambitious,” adding the mandate of the UN-backed interim government would not be extended any longer.

Representatives from many Somali factions are attending the London conference, but the Islamist group which controls much of the center and south of the country was not invited.

Somalia is the world’s worst failed state but PM Cameron and others believe it needs a “second chance”.

There have already been more than 15 attempts to end more than 20 years of fighting in Somalia

Mr Cameron told the gathered world leaders, who included Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi and UN chief Ban Ki-moon, that the world would pay a high price if it ignored the plight of Somalia.

“In a country where there is so little hope, where there is chaos and violence and terrorism, pirates are disrupting vital trade routes and kidnapping tourists,” he said.

During his speech, Somalia’s President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed called for an end to the arms embargo, saying: “We’re looking for security. We’re scared of tomorrow.”

Yoweri Museveni, the leader of Uganda – which has provided the bulk of troops for African Union (AU) forces in Somalia – told the gathering African solutions to African problems worked best.

On Wednesday, the UN Security Council approved a resolution increasing the number of AU troops in Somalia by 5,000 to more than 17,000. Council members also agreed to extra funding for the mission and to extend its mandate.

The UK says its increased focus on the country is justified as the activities of militant groups and pirates operating off the coast of Somalia pose a direct threat to British interests in the region and to both regional and global security.

Naval ships from the UK and other countries around the world have been sent to patrol the Indian Ocean off the Somali coast to deter pirate attacks.

They have foiled a number of kidnapping attempts in recent months but attacks continue – and have been staged further from the shore.

The UK has also said it cannot rule out sending more military advisers to boost its small team currently assisting Ugandan forces part of the AU mission.

Kenya has also sent troops into Somalia to tackle al-Shabab, blaming the group for a number of kidnappings on its territory last year. Its forces will now be absorbed into the AU force following the UN resolution.

All this is good and well but the solution may just be simply occupying Somalia.

The two countries with the most at stake on this issue, Kenya and Ethiopia should simply move in and occupy the country, backed with the entire AU and, if necessary, the UN.

They should rule the nation until the locals either come back to their senses and agree to once again become a one nation, curve it up to two or three countries or forever occupy it, if they don’t get serious in pursuing and reaching either of the two options.

These half-hearted or weak at best efforts are simply delaying the inevitable and that is, someone occupying the country which has proven over and over it does not deserve to be considered a sovereign nation.

The warloads who have made it impossible to establish a government system in Somalia should be simply rounded up and forced to either accept a nationally imposed government by the occupying forces or they simply must be incarcerated.

The world cannot just sit by and watch or take these endless ineffective approaches to a problem that cannot be allowed to go on forever and getting worse along the way.

No band of people, small or large, lethal or otherwise should be allowed to rain terror on the innocent and hold hostage a whole region, indeed, the whole world when we have seen decisive actions taken in other places to root out worse enemies.

There simply reaches a time the sovereignty of a nation must give way to what is more practical for its own good and for the sake of the rest of the world and there can’t be a better example of that than Somalia.

Again, occupying the country does not mean doing so infinitely but only as necessary to restore peace and security within and without it.

Granted, there are logistical and political considerations that may not be easy to execute beyond the theoretical but, given the gravity of the situation and the urgency of it, this should be accomplished with relative ease so long as the end objectives and means are well thought out and made clear from the outset by those with nothing but the clean intentions to meet those objectives.

Who Is In Control of What In Somalia

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Remembering Hon. John Michuki

Standard Online

I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Hon. Michuki. In a comment posted on Standard Online, I noted the following: “Now passes on a man who embodied all that is great in public service and the ingenuity of leadership for the benefit of a nation without putting ego or self first. The Bible tells us all have sinned but in the passing of this great man, let’s remember him for the great things he did in life and contributions to our country’s continued struggle to find home to itself. May he rest in peace.”

As we remember him, I recall the last time I saw him was in New York last year and sitting next to him at a dinner involving others as well and after glancing at the menu briefly, he looked at me, grinning and asked that I suggest what he should have.

Now, here is this Mzee giving me this heavy responsibility but I happily obliged albeit nervously so, wondering if he would take one bite and send me scrambling to fetch him nyama choma.

Fortunately, he liked it and as we left after that long dinner, he invited me to visit him when next in Nairobi. Unfortunately, that did not materialize as he was out of the country when I next came to Nairobi but was planning to do so the next time; a meeting which sadly now will not be.

As I have seen someone say elsewhere on the Internet, he will be remembered for many good and bad things but I will always remember him for the good things.

My heartfelt condolences to his family and again may he RIP.


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Prime Minister Raila Odinga Is Right In Withdrawing Support for Anti-Graft Nominees

In President Kibaki Is About To Flip Us All The Middle Finger Again posted last November, I noted the following:

The two [candidates for nomination to chair the Anti-Corruption Commission “EACC”] are said to be former Law Society of Kenya chairman who also served in the KACC Advisory Board, Erick Okong’o Omogeni, and Mumo Matemu who is a former commissioner at the Kenya Revenue Authority and chaired the Task Force on dual citizenship.

According to the [Standard Online], Kibaki wants Prof Matemu to take over EACC, while the PM prefers Mr Omogeni to head the body.

During the vetting process, Omogeni scored the highest at 81.7 points, followed by Matemu with 78.4 points.

Mogeni should therefore in my view be appointed as chairman of the body if merit means anything.

I cannot see any overriding interest to overlook the fact that Mogeni came up on top after shortlisting and interview other than Kibaki yet again trying to muscle his way into getting something he should not good only for his personal and narrow political interests not in the national interest.

Indeed, I find it interesting when the Standard says that �sources familiar with the standoff say the two leaders would compromise by way of one being allowed to pick the chairman and the other the deputy.�

That�s not a compromise unless Kibaki relents and lets Raila have his choice; having it the other way around would not be a compromise but yet again another flip of the finger at all of us by Kibaki as he did with the appointment of Prof. Githu Muigai as our AG. See my blog The Meaning of Kibaki�s Appointment of Githu Muigai As Attorney General for more about how Kibaki flipped us the middle finger then.

Let’s hope not.

End quote.

According to today’s Standard Online, the PM has now written to President Kibaki, withdrawing his support for the nominations previously submitted by the Executive for EACC, the new anti-graft body but rejected by the Parliamentary committee handling the matter.

Neither Parliament nor the Executive did anything after the committee rejected the nominations and now the PM wants the nominees withdrawn and a new list sent to Parliament upon consultation between the principles.

This is a good move consistent with the constitution and the right thing for the president to do, is simply withdraw the nominations and seek fresh consultation with the PM and submit a new list agreeable to both sides.

The arguments being advanced by those intent on maintaining status quo in reforms are bogus and must be rejected.

Hon. Kiraitu Murungi, for example, is quoted by the Standard as saying the PM’s move is “water under the bridge” because the nominees were “automatically confirmed” because Parliament did not approve the list within 21 days.

There is tortured logic and then there are things that do not make sense at all neither of which are places one should anchor any argument, especially one that goes to an important question whether a body that is charged with the responsibility to root out corruption in the country should be headed by an individual or individuals with impeccable credentials and integrity.

Indeed, even lawyers who have neither facts nor law on their side must surely try not to say nonsense for the sake of saying something!

Yet, this is what Murungi has done, namely, said nonsense in defense of something the president is better off heeding the PM’s counsel without making a fuss and redo this process for the sake of constituting a body we all as Kenyans must have faith in to do the important task ahead of it.

When the likes of Isaac Ruto parrot what Murungi is saying without thinking as usual, we must pray for our current Parliament for who knows how many of them we have ready to so blindly vote on anything and regardless of how anti-reform or counter-intuitive and against progress it is.

Peace, Unity and God Help Us From Some of These MPs


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What Republicans In The United States and Uhuru/Ruto Have In Common

Republicans almost to a man and woman over the age of 18 are obsessed with one and only one thing in 2012: to defeat President Barrack Obama in his bid for reelection but ask each individually reasons why, they will parrot what their leading loudmouths and opinion shapers are saying with few exceptions and definitely without any depth of understanding or knowledge of the nonsense they offer as reasons:

Obama has “destroyed” the economy.

Obama “hates” America

Obama is “brainwashed by Rev. Wright’s teaching,” which is offered as one of the reasons he “hates” America.

Obama is a socialist who wants to convert America to “European style socialist state” mara to “Greece.”

Obama is an “apologist” who “goes around bowing to Muslim countries” and “apologizing for American sins.”

Obama is a Muslim who is “waging a war on Christianity.”

Obama has “no leadership skills beyond community organizing.”

Obama is not an American but a Kenyan therefore was illegally elected as only US born citizens are eligible to be elected president.

Obama “wants to control everyone’s lives by telling them what to do, how and when” mara Obama “wants a big government controlling all aspects of people’s lives.”

Obama is the “Food-Stamp president”—which is code for Obama takes and gives black people money to buy groceries.

Common sense will tell you one cannot be all these things, let alone any of them and survive as president for even one day.

Yet, Republicans led by their Right Wing media have been peddling these lies day in and day out some of the unwary and uninitiated have come actually come to believe some of these as being fact, when it’s all lies.

Every single one of them.

Fortunately for Obama, even as these Republicans are pulsating and can’t wait to vote against Obama, they are engulfed in one of the worst primary nomination such that whoever emerges as their flag-bearer will be so wounded as to be any effective at all campaigning against Raila with the end result being the opposite of what was feared even in deep Democratic circles and that is imminent defeat of Obama at the general election; the fortunes have turned thanks in part with the dogged obsession with denying Obama victory and forgetting little details as nominating a person who can, in fact, defeat him.

Uhuru and Ruto have borrowed from the same Republican Playbook and will likely face the same defeat at the polls for you simply can’t be against a person; you also must be for something and none of these individuals determined to “stop” Raila has articulated a single reason why they are against a Raila presidency or if they have inarticulately mumbled something, it has not and cannot make sense why either or any of them is better than Raila in doing whatever that is.

At least Raila has proven he can do what he says he wishes to do if Kenyans give him the nod and he is, in fact, sworn this time around as president.

Yet, like their Republican mentors here in the US, Uhuru and Ruto are taking Kenyan politics to the height of lies, hypocrisy, distortions and innuendo unlike anything we have seen in the country.

First, it was Ruto going solo in his crusade against Raila and the Mau Forest lies not a single person believes anymore, which may in history mark the turning point for Ruto’s continued downward spiral politically and Raila’s continued upswing in his prospects for reelection as president.

See Who Is William Ruto Part VI; The Succession Game And Why The Scheme To Topple Raila Failed.

Second, Uhuru and Ruto have now joined hands in their desperate lies that Raila is responsible for their woes with ICC in efforts to confuse and mislead “their people,” not the duo’s conduct the ICC Chief Prosecutor has alleged and now stand confirmed by the Pre-Trial Chamber, which they must answer and convincingly so to avoid conviction and long jail times.

Third, a group of equally shameless politicians, led by many MPs who really don’t care about truth or facts, is helping these two spread the lies and distortions in the guise of offering “prayers.”

God is a very forgiving and urges us all to pray and seek forgiveness at all times and He will readily forgive.

However, even He must on occasion LOL wondering if people have not taken the concept of impunity too far by believing they can make a mockery of this noble notion and directive from Him with impunity.

It would be wise if these characters sought true redemption for their actions and seek true God’s intervention in their lives so they can act and do things in accordance to His will, not pretend to seek his protection while at the same time laying the foundation for hate and division He would not allow again for the prayers of true believers with good intentions who are the majority will always be answered over those offered with ill-motive in the minority.

Here is one little fact these two seem to either know and pretend they don’t know or genuinely don’t know in which case they would need a prayer:

Neither needs a prayer for what they face at the Hague; they just need good lawyers with a solid defense for what they stand accused.

They don’t need God for that because He is stepping back on this one as he always does in similar circumstances until people seek true redemption and forgiveness.


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An Open Letter To Hon. Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi, Deputy Prime Minister, E.G.H., M.P.

An Open Letter To Hon. Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi, Deputy Prime Minister, E.G.H., M.P.

Dear  Hon. Mudavadi:

Needless to say, your political journey has been and continues to be very interesting, to say the least.

You served as one of our country’s youngest ministers back in 1989, having succeeded your late father as M.P. for Sabatia and you have now made your way to serving as our Deputy Prime Minister.

You also to this day remain the holder of the dubious title of “Shortest Serving Vice President” in our country.

Indeed, many had politically written you off, following the 2002 elections in which the country loudly said no to you and then KANU presidential candidate and now fellow Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta.

To be fair and in hindsight, that was more about ending the Moi regime than a reflection of you individually beyond your decision to accept the VP running mate position—something many a politician of the day would have done, anyway.

To your wisdom and wise counsel, however, you regrouped in time and aligned yourself with the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) where having received 391 votes to Raila’s 2,656 for party nomination, Raila made you his running mate for the 2007 elections.

The rest, as they say, is history but a few things need to be noted:

First, you have served the country well as one of our two Deputy Prime Ministers.

Indeed, a convincing case can be made you have served more effectively and accomplished more as DPM than your colleague Uhuru Kenyatta.

Second, unlike many in your situation, you have not carried yourself as one who believes holding public office is an entitlement by virtue of family background.

Instead, you have curved yourself a path to political and business success not necessarily all owing to the fact you were born to privilege but in spite of it.

No one can say, however, that your rise to where you are has not been due to that very fact of your family background.

That you have been the beneficiary of a privileged family background is true but there is nothing wrong with that and neither is it something not to be proud of as many others born to same or similar background have either wasted away or otherwise not accomplished much in life.

Third, you are once again placed in a situation where you must draw upon the same wisdom and counsel as you did back in 2005 when you decided to warm up-to and join ODM albeit with one major distinction:

The decision you must make now is far more delicate and complicated at the same time than the one you had to make back in 2005 which few would disagree was the only wise decision you could have made at that time were you to have any chance of reviving yourself politically.

The decision you must make now is whether or not to aggressively seek ODM nomination and therefore the presidency of our country.

The prevailing wisdom between and among most ODM members and supporters, is that you should not challenge Raila for ODM nomination.

You have stated a desire to do the opposite, namely, to challenge Raila for the nomination and have couched your desire to do this under a need to have “internal democracy” within ODM.

Some who are opposed to your quest to challenge Raila fear you are either compromised by Raila’s and ODM enemies or that you are being misled to believing you can win the presidency when, in fact, your chances of winning the presidency are far much less than Raila’s, given any objective analysis of the current political climate and dynamics.

To be sure, the one reason that is being cited by those egging you on to challenge Raila for the ODM nomination, and therefore the presidency, is that you are the more electable of the two, given the plight Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto face.

For your part, you have said—and one must take you for your word—that all you seek, is simply to offer a choice to ODM members in who should be the party’s flag-bearer and proceed to seek the presidency on that basis, if given the nod.

However, this begs the question, why?

When one talks of democracy, this requirement is satisfied in the ODM nomination process because when you and Raila presented yourselves for nomination in 2007, the party spoke and Raila was chosen Party Leader and you were by virtue of having garnered the next highest votes, made the Deputy Party Leader.

These are life-time elections unless one so elected acts or does not act in a manner not befitting one holding those positions or otherwise becomes a liability for the party such that removing him or her or seeking a fresh mandate is desirable.

Neither you nor Party Leader Raila Odinga has acted or failed to act in a manner not befitting your positions therefore seeking a new mandate from party members is neither desirable nor warranted.

It is a fallacy of the worst kind to argue that not seeking a fresh mandate under these circumstances is inconsistent or contrary to the ideals of democracy.

Far from it and all one needs to do, is to survey other countries and one would readily find that party leaders are rarely challenged and the only time there is any serious contention as to nomination for party flag-bearer, is when there is no incumbency.

In all other times, there may be challenges here and there but they are often token or from the extreme end of the party’s ideological spectrum—a wing which is never satisfied unless the party nominates one of their own and therefore ensuring handy defeat in the general elections where such extreme candidates never win.

There is a reason this is the case, namely, why party leaders are rarely challenged and that is, party unity, cohesion and continuity.

A party is well served in galvanizing its resources and focusing on its real opponents and that is those who seek to diminish or defeat them at every turn and every resource or energy expended fighting useless fights within the party distracts from this mission and is almost always counterproductive no matter how noble the fight may be.

It is also poignant that, in politics, when you see your political opponent—and we are here talking from the perspective of the party—cheering you or egging you to undertake any particular action or not to, know fully well that is always never in the interest of your party but is always in favor of their party or interests.

Some of those gleefully cheering you on to challenge Raila for the nomination are Raila’s political enemies and opponents and the last thing they want to see is you being elected president either!

This fact alone should give you pause.

Unless, of course, you believe that you have a shot at dethroning Raila in ODM and doing a double to vanquish those scheming daily to defeat him—and you by extension—in which case the question you must ask yourself and answer wisely is, at what expense?

There are those within ODM who genuinely but perhaps naively believe that you should challenge Raila if anything to say you are your own man.

You would be wise to tell them first, you are your own man and have proven so many times over and, it’s not your manhood but nationhood at stake.

A protracted albeit even mild battle for ODM nomination would irreversibly harm ODM and doubly so when the net-gain in terms of effort alone will be negligible.

It would also potentially weaken ODM and therefore potentially produce a victory for anti-Railaists and ODM opponents who there is little doubt what they stand for and that is, nothing but “stopping” Raila, status quo and reversal of progress we have made as a country in reforms.

Your challenging Raila must therefore be seen from this prism.

In other words, your challenging Raila but ultimately not garnering enough votes to topple him as Party Leader would not have made ODM more democratic than it is and even if you were to somehow succeed in doing so, your success will only be deemed a net-gain in democracy only if the process is deemed not having been interfered with from the outside by Raila’s enemies—something one cannot rule out under these circumstances, in which case it will be less democratic and therefore more problematic for ODM and therefore the country going forward.

In light of all of these considerations, I in behalf of many others who have great respect for you and your wisdom, urge you to do the right thing and that is, simply focus on having Team ODM once again triumph at the polls in 2012 and leave the quest for the presidency for another time.

If you must challenge Raila, then do so in a manner that does not damage the party and its prospects for 2012, which is not an easy thing to do for any number of reasons not the least of which is mischief with or without your tacit approval and thus the reason it makes more sense not to even bother and instead focus on party unity and popularization.

With ODM’s success at the polls and Raila being re-elected as president, the pathway to your presidency is that more certain and deservedly so.



Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.


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