Mama Ida Clarifies Her Position on ICC Trials

30 Jan

According to impeccable sources, the story about Mama Ida reported in the news is correct but it’s not the whole story. As is often the case in media reporting, Mama Ida gave a lengthy interview but only bits of it were cut and pasted in the story first appearing in Daily Nation.

The story, for example, did not emphasize the fact that even though publicly aired, Mama Ida’s message was primarily intended for Members of Parliament because she believes the August House failed Kenyans in not passing the law intended to try all PEV suspects in Kenya.

Mrs. Odinga, however, believes Parliament should still pass this law that may or may not include those cases currently pending at the Hague with her concern being perpetrators of PEV who are not at the Hague should also face justice at home.

The source says Mrs. Odinga also believes Parliament has many willing to do the right thing but only those who were compromised before derailed the process to establish a local tribunal for reasons they now regret.

Mrs. Odinga believes Parliament can act in a non-partisan spirit to pass the law for local tribunal which, in her view, is the only way closure can be had on PEV.

Regarding her shared sympathy as a mother, Mrs. Odinga made it clear that was with all mothers and wives of the ICC suspects and not necessarily the suspects themselves she says the law should be allowed to run its course.

The PM’s wife is emphatic that she made it clear during the interview that she needless to say feels the pain and anguish of the PEV victims and reminds people that she was the very first person to visit PEV victims in the aftermath of the violence to console them when there were no politicians doing so at the time.

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