Uhuru and Ruto Should Stop Acting As If Confirmation of Charges Against Them Is Without Meaning or Consequence

29 Jan

It is this kind of arrogance that has seen the likes of Qaddafi hounded out of office.

Rather than calling rallies to laugh at PEV victims for ICC charges being confirmed against them and rather than thumbing their nose at the very people they purport to seek office to represent as president, Uhuru and Ruto are better served to humble themselves to the fact they face very serious criminal charges and try and figure a way to defend against those charges.

If they think holding rallies advances their cause in that respect, they are sadly mistaken.

ICC will remain unimpressed with how many rallies or how large a following these two have in Kenya.

In fact, one can even venture to speculate if the ICC were inclined not to convict these two for the reasons previously discussed elsewhere on this blog, including in Open Letter To President, Pre-Trial Division, International Criminal Court, both will be convicted just to show them who rules between men with large egos they think can trump justice and the rule of law.

They may laugh now and high-five each other but the PEV victims and the people of Kenya may laugh last.

Were they to humble themselves and pursue a less in your face tactics to sway public opinion along tribal lines, they may in some way find their prospects looking brighter than the grim reality they face at the Hague.

The world is changing fast as to how much impunity can be tolerated and Kenya is no exception.

Nobody is saying these suspects are guilty as charged, certainly not this blogger but there is a line we must all draw as a country and these two individuals seem to have already crossed to the line where they are now basically taunting Kenyans to dare remove them from office.

They should be removed from office on that daring alone as it is in contravention of Chapter 6 of the constitution, and that is in addition to the Chapter being violated already by Uhuru Kenyatta’s continued serving as DPM.

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Posted by on January 29, 2012 in Law, Politics


One response to “Uhuru and Ruto Should Stop Acting As If Confirmation of Charges Against Them Is Without Meaning or Consequence

  1. Nathan

    January 30, 2012 at 2:19 PM

    Judges must be above politics. My Judgement is all Kenyans pure traitors. Some kenyans are in tents 4 years now. Matajiri,Makabaila na makabaili wote viongozi na waongozwao wanawasema ruto,uhuru na wennzao na waadhirika wa 2007 wako hemani miaka 4. Kibaki, Raila, Moi, Uhuru, Muthaura, Ruto, Musyoka, Karua na wengineo wana mashamba makubwa makubwa wakijiita Wakiristo, Wairlamu na ni wasaliti wa wakenya wenzao. Kwani watazikwa na mashamba hayo?Wengine Wote kenya kama mimi na Samuel N. Omwenga tu mashabiki tukiwasema kina uhuru na wala hatuchangii kuwaondoa hemani waadhirika wa 2007. Brother S. N. Omwenga, how can kenyans assume that they are not TRAITORS!!!??? Kibaki and Raila were the cause to violence of 2007 through the herritege from Moi aliyefuata nyayo za marehemu Kenyatta na ndio sababu hawashugulikii kama vile Kenyatta hakushugulikia familia ya Dedani Kimathi. Tuko wapi wakenya?!! Heri ningekuwa chini ya mwavuli wa marehemu Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. Amukeni ndugu zangu wakenya ni wimbo wa taifa letu na hatujaaaamka.


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