The Year 2012 Is Upon Us; Let’s Be Civil As We Debate and May The Best Candidate for President Win

06 Jan

The year 2012 is upon us and as I blogged the other day, This Is It For Raila, UK and Ruto, much of what we have been analyzing, hypothesizing, guess-working, imagining, making up, or otherwise wishing for which will no doubt continue unabated to the day we deep our fingers in that ink at any of the polling stations we’ll vote for those who will to validate same, will be proven right or wrong that day.

Between now and then, we must all pledge to operate and debate in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.

I realize I may be preaching to the choir for many of you but it’s important that we preach the message of peace and unity even as we vigorously debate the issues of the day.

I am always saddened when I see clear incidences of hate and tribalism gushing out of every fora I know on these Internets (George Bush’s word) and hope and pray that God gives those cursed with the disease to break free of it this year that promises to bring so much change and hope for our country.

It is the only way we can proceed and go into greater heights of peace and prosperity.

I know ICC looms over everyone’s head for one reason or another as we approach yet again another election circle but, if there is one thing I know and have been preaching loudly, it is we cannot and shall not allow ourselves to see even a remote repeat of 2007.

I am separately penning a blog I had hoped to during the holidays to further expound on the view I hold those looking for ICC to bring closure to PEV are mistaken and instead, I believe closure must come from within us all regardless of the ICC outcome.

Kenya is blessed with all kinds of resources, including some of the best brains any country can have.

Yet, to see the kind of triviality and primitive reasoning one witnesses between and among her educated lot, especially these Internets (GB’s word) which is supposed to be the bastion of intellectualism, creativity and discourse, is inexcusable and should quite frankly be made a capital offense for what it does is no different than killing a person in as far as its success smothers or suffocates intellectual debate to death.

The good thing is, there are fewer of those who would otherwise not engage in productive debate.

I have seen many good debaters and contributors in the various Kenyan for a I am happy to read their contributions and actually enjoy doing so.

Even those I don’t agree with, I am always willing to read their posts to get their points of view.

I need not describe the lot none of us can possibly enjoy or be happy reading and even though we individually no doubt have people we cannot stand to read what they write, we collectively must agree we have those who sully the debate with their ad hominem attacks and other irrelevancies that must be shunned accordingly.

I know its wishful thinking to think we can clean these fora of insults or even less so on the ground but there are extremes we cannot and must not tolerate.  As I always say, there are more ways than one to skin a cat; if you think someone is an idiot or saying idiotic things, show us why or how than calling them such.

Ditto for disagreeing with others.

Let’s be tolerant of opposing views and above all, let’s not hate or project hate on others merely because we disagree with positions they have taken on any issue or who they support for president.

For those who read my blogs, you’ll know I have blogged of something I witnessed at Wilson Airport sometime last year when a number of presidential candidates converged at the Airport from their various rallies.

Having insulted each all day long, there they were laughing away at everything when their supporters are up here on the Internets (GB’s word) looking for ways to take each out not for a drink, but to kill!

We can do better and that is simply focusing on issues that matter and let’s debate them–and yes, including these politicians themselves but to accuse people of being “idol worshipers” merely because they strongly support their candidate is thinking small.

I’ll rather one offers reasons pro and con about any leader and let’s discuss those as we enlighten and educate each other about these leaders and may the best one win in the end.

I also know and am fully aware bloggers such as yours truly are targets of hate and vitriol either projected to us by those who hate the man we support for president, or simply on account of who we are and how effective we are in what we do.

That’s fine.

As I have told my friends privately who worry about the abuses I take, I know what I am doing and don’t mind do so because it’s not simply for my supporting Raila but also because of my love for our beloved country.

Indeed, one reader made the following comment, which sums it all for me: ““For those of us in the [fora] from outside legal profession, we enjoy the day to day interpretation of the happenings through Sam’s legal mind. His fervent contribution in building Kenya as a nation through the writings can only come from one who loves greatly his country of birth. Not that I agree with him all the time, hell no. But, i must say i read all his postings. Bravo Sam for these- writings. Keep it up!” Ajus Cirilus, Kenya posted in Progressive Kenyans, (PK).

As I told Ajus on the thread he made that comment, this is what makes me burn the proverbial midnight oil and do what I do despite some of the nonsense and ad hominem attacks I have to deal with.

We all in one way or another must do what we can to make Kenya a better country and for me, this is just one way besides whatever else I have done in the past, or will do in the future.

Talking about “idol worshipers” and other choice labels for supporters of one famous candidate, I must refresh my blog giving new meaning to these words and expressions for 2012 only, Words That Have New Meaning In 2012 Only for I have seen a couple of new ones to add.

In sum, all am urging is, God has made it possible for us all to see this New Year 2012.

I believe it’s also going to be an historic year for our country because the president we elect and other leaders must take us in the direction we should have been from decades ago but, as Mulili said in that famous quote butchering the Queen’s Language in Betrayal in the City, “Better Never Than Late!”

He, of course, meant, “Better Late Than Never.”

That’s true in everything we have not individually done in the past; if it can be done, this is the year to do it; just do it!

We have never elected a president in an open and transparent manner, other than arguably in 2002 relative to past years.

The year 2012 is the year that must be upped 10 times over and may the new president have even half the goodwill and resolve by all Kenyans to rally behind him as we saw in that electrifying election year.

I know it will happen and with probably more euphoria but we each have a role to make it happen and that starts from engaging in civil discourse while being realistic and not being naive as to what change really means.

To do so, we must step back and look at what positions we are taking and answer the question how are those positions helpful in moving our country forward as one people and not as disjointed individuals or tribes.

I am confident if we answer that question, and pledge as I have urged above, we’ll be halfway there.

To be there completely, we must all at least pledge to keep the promises I urge in blog also published in the Standard Online.

Peace, Unity and May the Best Candidate Win In 2012

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