What Lies Ahead for Miguna; Not Exactly Enviable Either Way

29 Dec

The Prime Minister’s office says Miguna Miguna has been cleared to return to work, following the conclusion of disciplinary proceedings against him.

As I noted elsewhere on this blog, the reinstatement of Miguna is further evidence of our continued resolve as a country to embrace fully the rule of law and the PM must be commended for leading us in this direction as he continues to do.

In other words, the reinstatement is not only a good thing for Miguna in as far as his personal situation is concerned, it is also a victory for due process.

It is not clear whether Miguna will return to the PM’s office, however, but whether he returns or not, this episode involving his suspension and subsequent events is intriguing for a number of reasons.

No one was more surprised with the now apparent return of Miguna to the PM’s office than many of the PM’s supporters themselves who had said good riddance when Miguna was suspended and were only awaiting for the PM to finalize the booting.

They have now found out in politics, things are not always that crystal clear as to what the right or wrong move is.

On the other hand, the PM’s enemies and foes are befuddled and confused and don’t know what to make of this move.

Meanwhile, Miguna finds himself in the strange position of now being the potential enemy of those who only recently fell in love with him after hating him for some time simply because he went ballistic with their No. 1 enemy while he may rekindle the friendship lost with many of his old friends who ditched the friendship and even hated him for doing the same thing that made him the darling of Raila’s opponents.

Is it the case of keep your friends close and your enemies even closer?

One from either side of these groups may ask, but I doubt it.

Miguna is sufficiently damaged, mostly from self-inflicted wounds for the PM to be concerned one way or another about whether he is or is not on his side so one cannot say that this is keeping an enemy even closer and for several reasons.

First, even though he has made it known that he has a book in the making which he ostensibly plans to publish in the heat of the campaign and many see this as the reason the PM decided to reinstate Miguna, one cannot say this in by itself could be a compelling reason to return Miguna to the PM’s office.

This is because few will disagree if there is damage Miguna would have done to the PM, he has already done it.

All one has to do, is to watch the K24 interviews with Jeff Koinange and see in each episode, Miguna was not holding back anything he knew; in fact, one can also argue he was neither holding back anything he could manufacture to make the PM look as bad as he could be.

Having done that, one can therefore assume Miguna has let out of his system whatever worse he knew or could concoct about the PM and that therefore any book he may publish is either going to be a repetition of the same or one laced with new “revealing” information which can only be revealing to the extent it could not be imagined at the time of the interviews and since.

Second, even if one were to assume Miguna returns to the PM’s office, he is equally without ammunition the way he was or would have been were he to be reinstated under different circumstances, namely, where he had not emptied the clip on the PM before being reinstated and therefore it could be said he would still be effective as an advisor and therein lies his dilemma:

Will Miguna now start denouncing as untrue everything he said about Raila from the day he was suspended until the day he returns to work or is he going to maintain it was all true?

If the former, namely, it was all not true what he said about Raila, what does that tell you about him and, more importantly, his future prospects as a trusted advisor?

If the latter, namely, if he says all he said was true, why is he going back to work for the same person and, assuming he has a good explanation, what does that say about him and more importantly, where does that leave him with respect to his future prospects as a trusted advisor at the PM’s office?

All these are questions whose answer point to Miguna both being of little value at the PM’s office, at least not anywhere near where he would have been otherwise and equally so to the opposition.

Third, one may make the case it would be more prudent for Miguna not return to the PM’s office and make money attacking Raila and even from his yet to be published book, but that would be unprincipled for Miguna who has otherwise been known to be, all other criticisms and accusations aside, a very principled man.

Opting to make money at the expense of Raila would be akin to a pastor leaving the Church to peddle pornography.

Let’s hope not.


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3 responses to “What Lies Ahead for Miguna; Not Exactly Enviable Either Way

  1. pato

    December 30, 2011 at 6:40 AM

    Look at Justice Ibrahims judgement he did describe the man to the leter, i wish i could post that judgment people will not be looking for words.

  2. Samuel N. Omwenga

    January 1, 2012 at 9:41 PM


    I’ll try and append it here time allowing.


  3. not miguna miguna's

    July 19, 2012 at 9:25 AM

    They should not talk any more of miguna miguna’s coz everybody can do the same


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