Miguna Miguna’s Reinstatement Is Further Evidence of Kenya’s Embracing Rule of Law

28 Dec

Strictly, as a matter of the concept of rule of law, Miguna Miguna’s reinstatement as reported in the news, is something we all should be happy about.

Beyond that, ans especially as a matter of politics, the reinstatement has more to it than meets the eye and I am working on a blog to flush most of that out.

In the meantime, I suppose the question I posed in Is Miguna Miguna the Newt Gingrich of Kenya? has been answered, even though I still hold the view I suggested he would be a much needed addition in Parliament unlike the PM’s office where his role will certainly not be as the highlight of what it was in the past, if anything, because he may be reinstated but the enemies he made there are still there and I doubt they are rolling the red carpet for him.

One would obviously assume whatever role he is cast now, he must and cannot proceed as if the last few months have been erased from people’s minds.

I’ll tactfully and carefully dance around all the sharks ready to take me down with any false move I may be as unfortunate to make.

It’s “Yes, Sir, No, Maam” until the waters clear of the sharks.

Otherwise, the curtains must roll for Act III and the final scene which may be the most anticlimactic of all.

The question of the hour is, we know MM is returning to at least the PM’s office where he no doubt has the sharks I have alluded to above; what about out here and elsewhere? Is MM returning to the unprecedented state of being hated again by his former hater-cum-converts to admirers and now friends but immediately preceding enemies?

Who needs Pepto Bismol with MM’s reinstatement?

I bet neither.

He has neutralized himself as he has given fodder to both camps no matter what he does.

In other words, this is more about containment than victory for whatever he went against wise counsel to keep mum and resurface at the appropriate time.

On the other hand, this is what makes politics an exciting game for political junkies like your truly.

To be continued.

Peace, Unity and Happy Miguna Is Reinstated



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2 responses to “Miguna Miguna’s Reinstatement Is Further Evidence of Kenya’s Embracing Rule of Law

  1. Henry Kizito

    January 1, 2012 at 4:24 AM

    I think not. The attempt to return Miguna was possibly a botched political move. He has since refused the offer,throwing huge matope on the PM. Bigger issue: going by how the Miguna fiasco was handled, should Kenyans worry about their posible next president? Is RAO a good manager or not? Would love to be educated on this one.


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