Ruto’s Continued Clinging To ODM IS Disingenuous and Highly Dishonest

22 Dec

I posted the following comment at another forum several of my readers there have asked me to post it here for easy reference so here we go:


I agree with you Ruto’s refusal to resign from ODM and seek fresh mandate from Eldoret North voters is utter dishonesty of the highest order.

The problem is not that Ruto cannot be re-elected as MP, he can, even though he will have a stiff challenge.

That’s not his problem; the problem and the reason he has not left is, all ODM MPs allied to him will be equally forced to resign and more than half of them will not see the inside of Parliament again other than perhaps securing work as aides and even then they may not even qualify to be considered.

Yet, you see him chest-thumbing on how great and influential he is in RV.

He is not.

It’ll be a miracle if he delivers even more than 50% of his own constituency, let alone the entire region where at best he may deliver 40% and the rest remains loyal to ODM, give or take 5 or so for other losing candidates.

That’s all Raila needs to win in a landslide and on the first ballot.

Peace, Unity and Ruto Will Be Politically Irrelevant Soon If He Does Not Rethink.


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