Is PNU Still Alive?

06 Dec

PNU is an interesting phenomena in Kenya.

Although PNU has been registered and exists as a political party in Kenya, its existence and identifiable as a political entity is closely tied with Kibaki as it is the vehicle Kibaki used to lose the elections in 2007 and brought the the 3 letters to great political infamy when he refused to concede defeat and muscled his way back to State House forcing the actual winner to accept defeat or see dust.

PNU in that context became the symbol of corruption and impunity no one wants to be associated with, even the masters of corruption and impunity who have since scattered and recoiled to their original parties before PNU the vehicle was assembled or are busy finding other outfits upon which to park or resurrect their political lives ahead of 2012.

Because PNU the party and the vehicle are closely linked with Kibaki, many believe this entity and phenomena will cease to exist as a viable entity but likely will remain forever ingratiated in most Kenyans minds as the party that brought us PEV and Kibaki’s second term as president even though it was not a party at the time but a mere vehicle the latter used to remain in power.

Interestingly, PNU in its short live did much and arguably did more damage to the national psyche and body politics than KANU did in all of its boyhood and young adult age.

Through in KANU’s misdeeds in old and dying ages, nothing will ever compare even as its children and grandchildren are running around trying to pretend KANU is not a relative.

Fortunately, KANU’s playbook is too well known to deceive us again or so you’ll think but we as the reinvigorated and new Kenyan democracy are on the look-out and ready to beat down whenever and wherever attempts are made to deploy tactics from the playbook.

As for PNU, its playbook, especially post 07 election was such a disaster succeed as it may have been in clinging on to power I doubt there is any sane person out there who thinks there is anything in it that would ever work in Kenya ever again so it’s good riddance for the good of the country exist as it may on paper as a party.

It is for this reason ODM remains the single largest and most organized party in the country and whose prospects look good ahead of 2012 if it continues on the path of reform and reorganization top down much as the country must in recognition of the advent of the new politics in our country.

We, however, also need a vibrant opposition in the country and therein lies a conundrum and some would argue a headache for Raila’s opponents than the other way around: Who wants to seat out for 5 years as the leader of the opposition without any political clout given they’ll also be shut-out of Parliament, the traditional parking lot for those thrust in that role?

One can argue in the unlikely event Raila were to lose, he would still likely remain a force to reckon in the country given his sphere of influence both within and outside the corridors of power but nothing of the sort can be said about any of his opponents.

In other words, he is in a win-win situation.

Peace, Unity and Progress


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