Words That Have New Meaning for 2011 & 2012 Only

05 Dec

Sycophant: A person who gets the ire of others for strongly and passionately supporting a cause or individual running for elective office.

Sycophancy: Having to do with, or related to influential people.

Syco: A person who indiscriminately and without any basis to do so other than merely reading a post or comment by a sycophant refers to the latter as “sycophant” without knowing the word has a new meaning in 2011 because they are mostly driven by hate, jealousy or unbridled anger to so label others and not on the basis of the truthfulness or correctness of what they say or do or lack thereof.

Idol: A leader or person who remains popular with the populace despite an onslaught of character assassination and smearing by his or her enemies, opponents and other distractors.

Idol Worship: Liking, preferring or supporting an “Idol” for his or her leadership qualities.

Reform: An effort to change things such that the proponent individually benefits to the exclusion of others in getting credit for the change or transformation brought about by such efforts regardless of the fact others are more responsible for the changes and transformation.

Reformist: An individual who seeks “Reform.”

True Reformist: A reformer in the original sense and meaning of “reform,” including those who seek “beneficial change.”

Change: The end object for reformists.

Beneficial Change: Change that benefits all people not just the individuals purporting to bring it about or who actually bring it about.

Reform Agenda: An agenda pursued by a “Reformist.”

True Reform Agenda: An agenda pursued by a True Reformist.

True Reformist with Beneficial Agenda: Raila Amolo Odinga and many others not seeking the presidency.

Corruption: Any transaction, action or non-action involving a government agency or official.

Raila: An “idol”

Raila Supporters: “Idol Worshippers.”

Raila Hater: Sycos whose main target of hate is Raila and/or his supporters

Raila Opponents: A minority of Kenyans who prefer someone else less qualified than Raila for president or otherwise have have no good reason not to support Raila for president or have internalized reasons that are inappropriate (read tribalism) but are not classifiable as Sycos.

PEV: A propaganda tool preferred by Raila Haters in their quest to “stop” him from ascending to the presidency.

PEV Suspects: A group of people accused of having orchestrated and being the most responsible for the commission of post-election violence in Kenya in 2008.

ICC: Irritating Criminal Court in the minds of PEV Suspects and their supporters.

PEV Suspect Supporters: Sycos and Raila Opponents but in different combinations as between and among them, depending on the individual PEV Suspect.

Ocampo: ICC old noose.

Bensouda: ICC new noose.

The Hague: A city in Europe no PEV Suspect ever wants to voluntarily visit or be seen in.

These words may or may not revert to their original meaning and use in Kenya after the 2012 elections and if the latter, only because they will have yet another new meaning as follows:

To be published the day after elections are certified.

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