My Select Comments and Posts In Other Blogs, November 2011

27 Nov

The following are some of my comments and posts elsewhere I am migrating here for archival purposes.  Some of you may have already seen them so disregard accordingly and thanks for your readership.

You have used the maxim “simple minds discuss people, great minds discuss ideas” but I am afraid you don’t know or understand the meaning of that maxim.

When you are discussing the leadership qualities of a person contending for public office, his or her personality is an issue which is appropriate and, indeed, essential to discuss.

When you are engaged in mere debate, the personality of the debater is not an issue and is therefore irrelevant to discuss and those who opt to discuss the personal issues about the debater instead of the issue he or she discusses are the ones with small minds because they are incapable or unwilling to discuss the issues he or she raises.

Sarcastically to a known anti-Railaist claiming that those of us who ardently support Raila will “commit suicide” if he is not elected..

Thanks for your intelligent and indispensable contribution in this debate.

Just so I answer your question, the lives of some of us will always be better than yours regardless of who is president.

That’s a fact and is based entirely on the fact successful and completed people do not talk as you do about others as the way you have here.

To someone saying Raila has no chance in former Central

Brother X,

I have many friends from the area and even recently wrote about a visit to Kandara and other places nearby and met and made new friends from the area. I am happy to say change has already come in the area.

The backward from there or anywhere else in the country will be left behind unless they learn and change.

They, and by that I mean, the permanent but shrinking minority of haters, tribalists and other backward stuck minority, have a choice: join with the rest of Kenya or remain wallowing in that mindset which can only beget more unhappiness and misery.

To a known Raila hater claiming Raila’s supporters are his “worst enemy” and calling us names, including the stupid claim that just because I blog a lot does not mean I am intelligent…

Don’t worry about how Raila who you hate and do not wish to see became our president is marketed; worry about the candidate you wish to become president is marketed, if you have any.

I have repeatedly counseled people like you that the use of filth language such as “asslicking” and other matusi does not advance whatever point you are trying to make except among those who think like you in which case it makes no difference to the rest of us.

I do not blog to prove to you or anyone that I am intelligent.

To someone claiming that none of the current politicians should be elected president…

How many of those married would say they would rather have married their high school sweethearts or other person along the way than the nightmare they are stuck with now but are happy nonetheless?

Are they not better off than being married to their high school sweethearts and others they met along who could be twice the nightmare?

Some of these things you must take and put them in their proper context.

It’s not perfection we are looking for but someone who can take us to the next level and that person is Raila among the current crop of politicians vying for that office.

Again, if an outsider pops out of nowhere and takes the presidency in a fair and transparent election, he or she will make history and I’ll be right up there among those celebrating their victory and doing what I can to make their presidency a success.

To someone regarding debate on issues

We are all individually good judges of what is beneath us and what is not but there is always a consensus on what is beneath us all as a group on one side or other and one must always want to be above fray and that’s where I dwell.

This is what I was trying to say on the other thread you sought clarification and I offer it here because of how you ended your post, namely, declaring this thread discourse is “way below what i believe constitutes issue basd discussions.”

That statement is partially true with respect to some comments that have been made on this thread but overall, you and others have engaged in meaningful, above fray discourse, which is commendable.

I otherwise agree with most of what you have said here with some modification, except when you jab Raila saying, “like dismissing even his closest friends from positions of power when need be” or when you say that somehow Raila is not the person we are describing to be; he is.

To someone regarding reasons I gave in my dropping “Love” from my signature, to “Peace, Unity and Progress (previously Peace, Love and Unity)

I agree that love itself is enough to accomplish all of this but my experience and really part of the reason I have decided to exclude expressly stating “love” is because I have over time come to conclude some people are so full of hate, the very mention of love makes them unease akin to mentioning drug interdiction to an addict: It’s something they know works but don’t want to hear about it.

The better approach is to show them by example and in numbers how love is better than hate and we each can do that in our own ways, including how we reach out to the haters among us.

I personally would like to have a sit-down chat with any of my haters and really try to understand why they hate me and I am 100% certain its them who would find out there is not a single valid reason to hate anyone.

God teaches us to love one another no matter our transgressions.

I am happy to say I hate no one and not even those who hate me for who I am!

To a known Raila hater saying I should read a book than “wasting” time blogging

How and where I spend my time is none of your business so keep the counsel to yourself.

I know some of you hate Raila so much it’s spilling to those of us who support him but some of us are impervious to the hate directed at us and are in fact, driven even more by it to do what we do so that the likes of you don’t have your way in perpetuating hate and division in our beloved country.

Instead of harboring this much hate of others, however, I humbly and as sincerely as I can strongly encourage you to find ways to rid yourself of the hate and join the rest of us in finding solutions to move our country forward and if that includes supporting an opposing candidate, fine, do so with cogent reasons as I do for mine and let the people decide.

It’s never too late to do that but come after 2012 elections, the haters will be a permanently shunned and shrinking minority.

Re Ochuodho post on NVK-M mobilizing diaspora

It will be fascinating to see how people who don’t see eye to eye on at home suddenly become bosom buddies in the Diaspora. My sense is Kenyans on both ends reflect each other for the most part but Diasporans are for the larger part unlikely to buy into the nonsense of old politics of trickery, deceit and other camouflaged KANU tactics at the core of some of these groups masquerading around as agents of change when they, in fact, are not anything even close but are merely in search of power to the extent they can nibble at the ages or more precisely, in search of ways to prevent one man from ascending to the presidency or at least derive some benefit from having tried to do so. Watashindwa.

To someone creating and disposing red herrings instead of acknowledging the truths I blogged about Raila..

Just the other day, a reporter from the show 60 minutes asked former Speaker of the House and now minority leader Nancy Pelosi whether she (and other congressional leaders, including current speaker) benefited from buying stock based on non-public information. The speaker said this was not true but even before she finished explaining, the reporter was on to questions #2 and 3 to which Ms. Pelosi retorted all of those questions would be true if he assumed the premise of his question to be true, which she and Bohner insist is not and there are objective reasons to believe them.

You are doing the same thing here, namely, you are creating red herrings and going on to make good arguments in support of your red herrings except that’s not the issue in Basic Truth No. 10 about Raila; in other words, your arguments are based on a premise that does not exist.

Indeed, you have progressed from red herrings to now a slippery slope type of argument in saying there are more wanjikos, moraas and sangs who have suffered or are suffering more than Raila and this is in addition to your wholly made up premise that has nothing to do with Truth No. 10 and that is, you want to make sure that Raila “does not get in the boat thinking he’s both captain, crew and passenger at the same time”[sic] when he obviously not done such a thing and neither would he given his Truths Nos 5, 9 & 14.

In order to succeed in proving the truthfulness of Truth No. 10, you will have to tell us who among those running for president has physically and psychologically suffered more for the sake of our country than Raila.

Everything else is irrelevant as to this truth.

If you are incapable of seeing the glaring differences in leadership style and core principles between Raila and Kibaki, then I am afraid you’ll have to wait until after he is sworn as president to do so.

To someone–a lawyer–I took to task for his assertion that Raila is a “professed messiah” and in response to someone who echoed my sentiments, he made the preposterous proposition that intellectual dishonesty (which I had accused him of) is a virtue. I called him on this obvious blunder but, rather than admitting the blunder, he tried to defend the proposition and this was my final response to him…

MLF Ochieng-Nyamogo,

I can see you are still digging; can someone reach down and grab the hoe before he digs himself further to no end?

While they are coming to your rescue, I edify.

Yes, a professor must profess of their own sentiments and believes and no I don’t need to consult a dictionary for something that basic we all should have learned in basic English.

In other words, one cannot be a professor of another; you are either a professor of your own sentiments and believes or you are not.

Now, if you consult a dictionary you advise that I do, you will note the following definition of “professor” term you are now introducing in this exchange to save you but it’s sinking you instead:


  1. a teacher of the highest academic rank in a college or university, who has been awarded the title Professor  in a particular branch of learning; a full professor: a professor of Spanish literature.
  2. any teacher who has the rank of professor, associate professor,  or assistant professor.
  3. a teacher.
  4. an instructor in some art or skilled sport: a professor of singing; a professor of boxing.
  5. a person who professes  his or her sentiments, beliefs, etc.

If you now wish to say that you meant that Maurice is a “professor” in the fifth meaning sense, which is very rarely used as such, then you still have a hole to dig yourself out of because I am unaware of any time Maurice “professed” Raila to be a messiah in that sense.

When did he do that? Kindly cut and past here such “profession” if we must now go with your third option meaning and usage of “professed.”

If you do that, I would reluctantly give you that you did not cynically refer to Raila as a “professed” messiah in the sense he himself has done so when we all know he has not.

I doubt Maurice has not done so either but I am waiting for your proof.

BTW, you know what rejoinder awaits that unlikely proof, do you not?

To someone complementing me..

Thanks brother Anyumba,

I like your analogy.

For every trashing out there, there are thousands of sober, reflective and objective minds who see the truth for what it is.

Unfortunately, much as I would love to focus only on where the PM stands on issues, the distractions from the trashing army is simply overwhelming but no one should ever tire telling the truth.

I of course, agree with you completely let the other side post here who they support and why and let the people compare and contrast rather than solely and exclusively ranting and railing everyday how Raila is bad.

No one is that bad except those who they support and are embarrassed or afraid to publicly support them.

I don’t buy the excuse they are undecided or that they are waiting for someone to emerge from the bushes to head our country come 2012.

Our next president is going to be one of the known candidates who have already declared or expressed their interest.

Pick one and tell us why he or she is better than Raila.

Otherwise, accept the reality Raila is the man.

Continuing to tell us how bad he is, is not going to change that.

To those in denial

There are people when it comes to Raila see only evil, hear only evil and would believe anything bad said about him but nothing good said about the man; if you tell them Raila is singly responsible for the drought suffered in Kenya or global warming for that matter, they will believe; if you tell them Raila is the person most credited for ending the Moi regime, they will not believe; if you tell them Raila needs to eat and eats food like all of us; they will not believe; if you tell them Raila is a god, they believe but pretend to ascribe that as being a god to others; if you tell them but for Raila, we would not have the new constitution, they will not believe; if you tell them Raila is responsible for having flat tires to borrow from another netter posting here, they will believe, and so on but you get my drift.

Among these are the Ruto supporters you refer to.

To someone regarding Diaspora voting..

I am against both ideas: No Diaspora Constituency and no fielding of a Diaspora presidential candidate for the following reasons:

First, there is no effective or even practical means of electing the person.

Second, Diaspora needs vary from country to country and region to region and most of them really can only be addressed locally.

Third, any Diaspora person is free to go home and contest for whatever seat they deep fit to contest, including the presidency.

Diaspora need a voice in Parliament, yes but that voice is whoever their MP is.

What Diaspora need to focus more on is having a government that is responsive to the needs of our brothers and sisters at home as well as one that provides incentives for us to invest with confidence in our motherland.

To be continued.

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