My Response To A Netter And His Misconceptions About Raila And Being Wrong on Tuju

19 Nov

I am not Luo but let me speak for them because in my country, there is no Luo, Kisii, Kikuyu etc when it comes to matters of national interest.

First, there is no need to pray that Tuju be given a shot; he was and missed it wide. If you are praying for Tuju to have a second chance, then this should start from him and him alone by going back to the people who rejected him on his re-election bid and make good. One cannot make a persuasive case or even one at all of being a national leader if he is incapable of convincing his own people that he is worthy the honor of being their leader.

As a political analyst, I would say the best way to do this, is not pulling up in an entourage of buses and other vehicles  and thumbing your nose infront of the very people you have annoyed to the point of rejection of your leadership and beyond; rather, I would start by small entreaties with the same people and then work your way up.

Second, these analogies of RAO to Messiah are old and really should be retired by now. The same references have been made by Obama haters because they can’t stand the fact he is such a charismatic and popular person. It is neither Raila’s wish nor Obama’s wish to be referred to as a messiah and neither has done or said anything to even give that impression; ditto for their supporters: Just because these leaders have passionate supporters does not mean they are on that account messiahs but it does obviously mean they are not your average Joe!

In other words, do not elevate someone to superhuman just because they are popular or are admired, even adored.

It is possible within the realm of humanity for that to happen.

No on in history has crossed in that respect to the level of messiah, except the Messiah himself so people should really put a lid to this nonsensical references.

As I have previously noted and on numerous times, being extremely popular and liked is, in fact, a good thing not a vice to be condemned I have never quite understood the logic of those who believe otherwise.

Third, I of course agree with you and have earlier posted my comment that the rock pelting of Tuju should be condemned by all of us.

However, when you say, “If this is the way they are acting towards another Luo we will also pass the same message,” this is extremely unfortunate thinking or reasoning; you cannot take the conduct of a few and ascribe it to a whole community, or its leaders for that matter, unless the community or leader or leaders condone the act.

Indeed, this is at the very core of tribalism, namely, judging people not by their individual abilities and character traits  on the basis of what tribe from which they hail or are associated with.

Wrong, wrong, wrong and totally unacceptable.

We must learn to separate individual from the community and the community must learn to separate and rid itself of individuals who would lead them astray or otherwise in the direction which brings or aids in the further enhancement of division, rather than building the unity of our people as a nation.

Again, one does not do this by an in your face approach mpende msipende but through a systemic approach that minimizes further tensions and hostilities while effecting peaceful rapproachement and Tuju going to the very spot he at the very minimum insulted a whole community and essentially repeating the insult by saying, “yes, I said I am ashamed to be part of you but I am here to tell you why I am better than Raila to be your president” is not wise, not even prudent objectively analyzed.

That does not mean he deserves the rock pelting; not at all.

It simply means people who wish to be known as leaders should know better than take that approach.

Again, there are many ways to skin a cat.

Finally but not leas, your assertion that Raila should be confined to campaigning in Luoland is obviously wrong for it’s based on the false premise I have analyzed above, and that is, you cannot ascribe the conduct of a few bad apples on an entire community or its leader or leaders unless the community or leader or leaders condone the conduct.

Neither the Luos nor Raila condones the rock-pelting of Tuju therefore your argument fails on that simple fact.

Peace, Love and Unity


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